Top ten ways to tell if you’ve been
reading too much H/W slash

by Jem's Bird

10. You beg your partner to wear a deerstalker – and nothing else.


9. You immediately dump your new boyfriend after he asks you if Jeremy Brett was the tall blond one in Monty Python.


8. You know precisely how to remove a watch-chain from a waistcoat, and you have never owned either.


7. You have your boss convinced that is where you get your office supplies online.


6. Ditto for Slash Cotillion (you even managed to come up with a line about slashing prices, and have claimed that the site name is a misprint for “Cost-illion”).


5. You think that Nigel Bruce should be burned in effigy every January 6th.


4. You actually laughed at #5.


3. You have carpal tunnel … in one hand.


2. You call your lover “John” or “Sherlock” during an intimate moment.


1. You’ve been thinking to yourself: “too much H/W slash? There’s no such thing as too much H/W slash!!!”




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