The Unsung Hero

My love is shards of shattered glass.

They cut me as the nightmares pass

Through my embittered, burning brain.

Suppressed demons of memory rise…

My sanity fractures again.


The taste of darkness in my mouth

My cold eyes, thrown in sharp relief;

The recollections of the lies--

To keep you from drawing too near.

I need my drugs to ease the grief.


The needle stabs my inmost parts

A signifier, a small death

Of my unfeeling, broken heart.

The agony in every breath

Is caused by you, and you alone.

Your love breaks my façade of stone.


The blue-rimmed beauty of the moon

The deadly serenades of Night—

Th’unearthly radiance of your eyes—

The feel of Passion—yet unnamed

The beating of my wild heart

A burning passion, hot, untamed:

There is no way to set this right…




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