The One Time Watson Says No

“I wonder if you would do me the very great kindness of considering the possibility of waking up.” Holmes’s words cut through the sleep-induced fog in Watson’s brain. They were the exact same words Holmes used to wake him at dawn that morning but the tone of voice was much different.

When Holmes first uttered the sentence, he was calm and insistent. He had the key to the case of the missing Neville St Clair and would lose no time in testing it. He insisted on heading back to London immediately despite the fact that Watson only had two hours sleep.

Holmes voice was still insistent the second time but it was not calm. It was strained and cracked by a physical need that only his best friend could remedy. “Please, John,” he whispered huskily into Watson’s ear, his hot breath caressing Watson’s neck.

Watson was vaguely aware of Holmes spooned behind him and Holmes’s arm wrapped securely around his waist. He felt the evidence of Holmes’s arousal but he was so tired that his own body gave no reaction. He didn’t bother to open his eyes and murmured, “No.”

Holmes lightly kissed the warm skin in front of him, trying to coax a reaction. “I have a great need of you tonight. Would you deny me?”

Watson sighed wearily. “Yes. And if you insist on pressing the matter, I shall insist that you sleep in your own bed tonight.”

Holmes grunted in frustration, but gave in. He would never dream of forcing himself onto Watson when Watson wasn’t in the mood and his own bed was too empty when he was forced to sleep in it alone. He found it difficult to sleep without his dear one beside him. “Very well. I shall behave.”

Watson pictured Holmes’s pout and smiled before drifting off again completely.




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