The Twelve Days of Spander




It was strange to be back in England. He wandered the streets he had known as a boy, pointing out the park that Nanny had taken him to every morning, the place where his school had once stood. Of course, his public school wasn’t in London, but he had learned that it was still open, though girls were allowed to attend now.


They were sitting in his park now, the gloomy English afternoons allowing Spike to venture out with his love. They sat quietly, a brown head resting on Spike’s leather covered shoulder.


It was sitting like that that Spike heard the nearly forgotten “turr, turr.”  His blue eyes scanned the skies until he found them, a pair of turtledoves nesting in a nearby tree.


He remembered hearing in his youth that turtles doves mated for life. Spike smiled down at Xander and truly understood for the first time why one would wish to.




Xander would never get over the feeling of being filled so perfectly. Every thrust, every twist of those pale hips made his whole body shudder. He forced his eye open. What he saw threw him over the edge into orgasm.  Spike looked down at him with such love, as Xander had never known. And blood tears. Xander knew even in his sated state that he had seen them. He also knew that he heard Spike whisper, “Never gonna let you go, luv.”


That’s when Xander realized what he had to do.




Xander was thrilled to find that Willow’s computer-vibe had rubbed off on the Watcher’s Council.  With Spike off playing a game of kitten poker with several of Clem’s cousins, Xander had the afternoon to search the database for what he needed. It proved to be easier than he expected.


“Vampire & Mating” into the search engine brought him a digital copy of the translation of the diary of a 12th Century consort. The spell they had used was a simple one. The entry stating that the spell was rarely used because most vampires cared little for the soul of their lovers, many it seemed only cared for a pretty face.


A spell to be made, sex to be had, blood to be drank, words to be spoken. That was all it would take and Xander could be with Spike for as close to forever as anyone could want.




Spike couldn’t believe that Xander wanted to do this, that he too wanted forever. Spike had stared open mouthed at his boy for a full 5 minutes and then hustled Xander off to get the necessary ingredients.


Spike now stood waiting to do his part of the spell. Each of them had to put 3 drops of blood on the feather of a turtledove, which would be dropped into the bubbling mixture to simmer.


Spike smiled. They would each drink some of the potion and forever would begin an hour from now.




Xander could feel the electricity of the magic wrapping itself about he & Spike. He wouldn’t allow himself to lose his mind the way he normally did when he and Spike made love. He needed to be aware enough to speak the words. He needed to be aware enough to bite.


Spike’s cock filled him so fully, fingers caressed him so sweetly, eyes shown so lovingly, lips kissed so purely. Forever, Xander thought, I’m going to have this forever.


They both knew when the moment came. The room seemed to glow. Words spilled from their mouths without effort and then they each bit hard.


It was a supernova, an explosion of love and life and sex and magic.




Spike had been part of rituals before. He’d called the corners & asked favors of the gods, but this was like nothing he had ever been a part of. This was beyond anything else. This was completely true.


He felt a knot tighten around his heart, could almost see the magical rope that tied himself to Xander. He leaned down to kiss his unconscious lover. That is when he noticed it. There on Xander’s chest was the image of a turtledove. Spike looked to see a matching one on his own chest. He kissed this image resting over Xander’s heart, snuggled his love close, and joined Xander in sleep.







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