A Spander Christmas Stocking

Xander's Gift - Part One
Rhonda C aka Saifai



Xander never questioned it, this unnatural attraction he had for Spike (though admittedly not in the traditional sense).  With as much as he battled the beasties of the underworld on a daily basis, it never occurred to him to question that he fell in love with a vampire.  He figured it to be rather fitting for someone who's always been a beacon for the dark.  He's always had a knack for unintentionally opening his heart to those who fail to meet the standards of "mostly human".  No, the abnormal desire he felt for Spike was that of his submission.

You could say it started out on a day like any other, if of course it was a day on the Hellmouth.  As requested by a majority vote, he brought Spike home and tied him to a chair.  He supposes he did it under the guise of preventing his escape.  Granted, it was a foolhardy notion considering Spike's considerable strength.  Knowing what this vampire had been through, he couldn't bring himself to further restrain an already wounded creature rendered relatively harmless through the vile acts of the Initiative.

Xander didn't get much sleep the first week.  The restrained vampire didn't see a reason to let his captor sleep.  He threw fits worthy of a hissing and spitting kitten, proclaiming for all the indignities being kept hostage by a human. The bound, and now gagged, Spike used his stare as a weapon.  After only a night of having the vampire try to burn a hole in his head with his eyes alone, he blindfolded him as well.

Their nights became a routine.  Spike would head straight for his chair upon entering the basement.  He would sit still while Xander slowly and methodically bound his roommate.  Xander would fall into bed, content knowing that his vampire was safe for the night. 

It wouldn't be until much later he would realize how he had thought of Spike.  As his.

The first night it became something more for them was when he caught Spike stealing from him.  It shouldn't have bothered him so much, but it did.  It wasn't as if Spike hadn't stole things before, but this time it was different.  This time it was because he was leaving.  It scared him for reasons he couldn't explain.

"That's my radio!"

Xander marched over to him and tried to take it out of his hands.  Spike kept a tight hold on the radio, but turned serious eyes to Xander.  The hard look in Spike's eyes as he looked at Xander took his breath away.  They stared quietly at one another for long moments, before finally Xander let go.  He took in a shaky breath and stepped back.  Spike cocked his head to one side studying him a moment, then carefully set the radio back down.

He worked silently gathering up the rest of his belongings.  He walked to the door, but turned back just as his hand was on the door knob.  He watched him a moment, but finally shook his head and walked out without another word.

It hurt to see him go, but there wasn't anything he was willing to do to change his mind. His vampire needed space.  He would have to find another way to make him see.  One day, he would find a way.

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