Spander ~ The Joy of Giving

Happy Christmas, Spike
by Miss B


            The sun was setting on Sunnydale, and it was the time of year where there were lights constantly blinking. There was no hope to sneak through the shadows, but these lights were strange. These lights were friendly. But not when they’re blinding you from all the good, appropriate gifts for a certain brown-haired air-head. The only stores that were dimly lit enough to look in the windows and see stuff often had inappropriate costumes about the upcoming holiday. (Much as he wanted to give Xander one of them, he’d be dusted in a second.)

            He walked into Wal-Mart, the only place that was open this late and that wasn’t an erotic fantasy stores. The blond vampire meandered about, not actually knowing what he was looking for. Stupid Wal-Mart. He never could stand this place. So he turned around and departed from the only aisle he had an acquaintance with, the liquor aisle.

            He walked up and down the long, dark streets of Downtown Sunnydale and found tiny internet café on the corner of Main and Rose. He slowly opened the door and walked in. It smelled amazing in there, he always liked the smell of coffee.

            “Can I help you?” a tall, muscled barista called from behind the counter.

            “Erm… Just wanted to get on a computer,” Spike answered, “And can I get a double shot of espresso?” The barista started the machines and 2 minutes later had a cup of Joe on the counter by the register.

            “How long will you be on the internet?” The barista drummed his fingers on the counter.

            “I’ll only be a couple hours,” Spike tried to keep his snooty tone out. He really didn’t like this barista. Of course, he didn’t like much of anybody.

            “That’ll be $40.00, 30 for the internet and 5 for the drink. Plus tax,” the barista practically sneered. Spike grimaced and dug around in his pockets and tossed the money on the counter. He went over to a computer, warily clicking on the icon for the internet. That barista was watching him. And he had the overly spiked hair and looming brow of his grand-sire, which made him dislike this barista even more.

            The very first site he went to was, he could find practically anything there. He put “nerd” in the search engine and got several hits. None appealed to him, but Xander was a weird one, so he went on for like 10 pages until he decided to narrow it down even more.

            He dug around in his brain, trying to remember what shows Xander always rambled on and on about, but he had been too busy studying and fawning for Xander to really pay attention. One really stuck out in his mind, something called “Fire Fly”. He typed it up after the inserted “nerd”, and got something interesting. A full body costume of the character Captain Mal. Spike had no idea who this person was, but all he knew is that it would make Xander happy, not to mention really huggy. Which was an idea that he liked.

            He moved the mouse over to the “Buy It” button, but he gagged on his espresso when he saw the price. “300.00?!” he screamed in his head “$300?! Is it really worth it? He might not like it!!” Spike bit his lip and almost cried when he clicked the button. But even as a small part inside him withered, a new part was dancing around with joy.

            He simply addressed it to Xander’s house, and put “From Shorty” on the personalized message box. He stood up and left the café, practically feeling the blow that Mr. Moneybags just delivered to his ribs. He only had two days to wait.

            The next two days went by uneventfully, for he didn’t have to courage or money to go out and do anything.  So he just sat around his crypt and moped.

            The morning before Christmas Eve, a slight knocking resounded throughout the crypt and Spike lazily called, “Come in.” He was hoping against hope that it was Xander, but seriously, when did things go right for Spike?

            “Hey, Spike?” the all-too-familiar and all-too-welcome voice called from behind the door. “I, um, I saw what you got me…. And I love it!” Xander closed the door behind him, so as not to dust his vampiric friend. Spike could feel a smile coming on, but he caught it in time.  Spike also noticed in his ritual ogling-of-the-Xander, that Xander was wearing the costume! He was just about to smile, but he felt strong, carpenter’s arms wrap him in a hug.

            “What in the bleeding he--?!” Spike began before being kissed. He paused and noticed that Xander had a piece of mistletoe in one hand that he had moved to hold above the pair.


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