Spander ~ The Joy of Giving

Hearts In Winter
by Dennis
Notes ~ Please read the warnings



"It might help if you paid attention here Spike, because I'm choosing to ignore you," Xander said glaring at the vampire out of his one good eye. The fact that he'd survived the attack by Caleb was a miracle for which he'd thanked the fates, and then Spike had died in the battle against the first. Then years later he'd popped up again and it had taken years longer after he'd actually bothered to tell anyone that he was still alive.


Spike sighed, as he leaned against the open door, watching the man glare at him, not yet having been invited across the threshold of Xander's new house.


"I told you pet, there was a lot of crap going on and for your sake I didn't want anyone knowing about how I felt about you. I nearly lost my mind when that bastard popped your eye. Yeah, I was with slutty before then, but that's because I was settling for what I could have, rather than what I truly wanted."


Xander just shook his head sadly at that. "One last time Spike, pay attention, I'm ignoring you." With that Xander walked over and started to close the door, only to let out a startled eep, when Spike managed to grab a hold of his shirt and pull him partially out of the entryway.


Leaning down, Spike pressed his lips over Xander's taking advantage of the surprise and startlement to slip his tongue inwards and taste Xander's own unique blend of flavors. The hint of coffee, the sweetness of chocolate and that one tiny taste that was uniquely and all Xander.


Letting go of his grip on Xander's shirt when his boy started to struggle and pull away he smiled at the look of shock and interest on the boys face. "Like I said before pet, I wasn't about to risk loosing one of the few good things in my life. Angel....well all those years ago when he gave you to me, I didn't appreciate it at the time. Later after the mess with the Initiative, I started to realize what there really was, and now....well let's just say that I'm not willing to take no for an answer."


Xander just stood there, idly licking his lips, as he slowly let Spike's words roll through his head and heart. His mind was arguing, 'but he's a vampire you idiot, and a male vampire at that,' while his heart soared and sang at the thought of someone truly caring for and about him...


"Pet....Xander...." Spike said softly not wanting to make the wrong move, with everything at stake here.


"I....I...." Xander said hesitantly still arguing with himself. "I hope I'm not going to regret this....come in Spike."


Spike smiled his whole expression lighting up at those hesitant words. "Thanks love, it is a bit cold out here and I'd hate to see you catch something...other than me that is."


Xander shook his head ever so slightly at the corny line, even as he let out a tiny laugh. "Yeah well, just because I'm letting you in the house, doesn't mean you're getting in my bed, my pants or anything else. I'm not that big of a fool."


Spike just smirked and winked at that. "Of course you're not....or else we wouldn't be having this conversation pet...."


Xander let out a low growl at that, "Keep it up and I can send you flying back out that door just as easily as you came in Spike."


"Fine, I won't call you pet, if you dislike it that much Xander. I'll just stick with your name," Spike offered still smirking. "Though I do have to admit you've certainly filled out quite well over the years since I last saw you."


Xander just smiled and nodded at the back handed compliment.


"So just what do you want Spike, and I'd appreciate an honest answer, or you'll find out that the consequences of lying to me are very unpleasant."


"To put it simply, you," Spike offered shrugging once, before sitting down on the couch watching Xander and paying careful attention to his body language. "I've realized how much I've missed what I could have had, what I really wanted and decided to take a chance before it's too late."


"I'll be blunt Spike, I'm not the same person I was back in Sunnydale. Yeah, I'm in charge of a fairly large region with Slayers, Watchers and other support staff reporting in to me. I still spend time in the field, handling local issues, as I picked this area specifically because it's so low of a threat area and so very peaceful for the most part. But that doesn't mean that I can't or won't handle threats as they arise or appear," Xander said bluntly. "I'm also not the foolish youth that I was back then either. I will not be used, abused or taken advantage of. I'm comfortable in my own sexuality and I don't need another person to be happy. So if, and that's one hell of a large if, we get together it's going to be on my terms or not at all Spike. I've learned a lot better from what I went through with Cordy and Anya, as well as the crap that Buffy and Willow and the rest put me through. So you might want to think about that before you get all that comfortable."


Spike cocked his head and watched as Xander stood there, letting the subtle scents that the boy was radiating fill his senses as he considered his words. "I understand and I can respect that. I learned the same lessons myself in the past, but when I do give's completely and I don't take games kindly at all."


Xander just chuckled at that. "I think you'll find that the 'games' that I like, would definitely be to your tastes Spike....of course it all depends on how much you can handle....I'm not anywhere near the innocent I used to be."


Spike just let out a low chuckle at that, sensing the challenge that was implicit in the boy’s words. "Oh we'll see about that Xander....after all I still remember how you used to enjoy tying me up when the Watcher made you keep me in your place."


Xander just smirked at that and nodded, letting his gaze trail oh so slowly and pointedly over Spike's lean body. "That's the least of what I enjoy anymore Spike."




Glancing over his handiwork, Xander smiled. There on the spare bed that he used when he was 'entertaining' lay Spike, sprawled out on his back, spread eagle. Specialty ropes restraining him at wrists and ankles, while a delicate tracery of blood red silk rope formed an intricate tracery over his chest, arms, stomach and down his legs, serving less to bind, then to show off his body in an artful pose. The silk blindfold that covered his eyes meant that Spike was forced to rely on his other senses, and allowed the illusion of helplessness to be fostered.


Although Spike would have been thrashing quite a bit if he knew the truth about the ropes which had been specially crafted and enchanted not to break at all, unless a counter spell was invoked.


Taking a minute Xander smiled as he took in the candles carefully placed in easy reaching distance to either side of the bed, their gentle scent helping to set the mood, while they were also placed to be easily grasped and used in play as well. The hot wax, would leave temporary marks upon the pale flesh of the vampire, but wouldn't permanently injure him. The bottle of lube sat on the one night stand as well, and upon the other resided a number of interesting toys as well.


"I'm sure you can't imagine how many times I considered this Spike, but now....well fantasy is about to become reality, and I think you'll find that I'm very inventive," Xander said softly, watching as his soon to be lover stiffened the tiniest amount before relaxing once more. "I did promise you that you'll get to come....and I will keep that promise, but it's going to be a long time coming."


Moving over to the bed, Xander sat down beside Spike, his weight barely causing the mattress to shift at all. Leaning over, he gently traced the swell of Spike's lips oh so gently with the tip of one finger, smiling as the lips parted and a tongue darted out to lick at his finger.


Xander let out a soft chuckle at that. "Nice start pet, but I'm still the one who's in charge here. But it's nice to know that you're so eager."


Lifting his finger ever so slightly, he let it trail down the pale column of Spike's throat, letting the finger rest for a moment at the base of the throat. Leaning in ever closer, Xander pressed his lips ever so gently to Spikes, letting them linger there while his pet let out a tiny moan of need, feeling the chill lips pressed against his own warm ones.


Finally parting his lips ever so slightly Xander let his tongue slip out to idly trace the outline of Spike's lips, before sucking his lover's lower lip into his own mouth and biting down harshly, to draw a startled gasp from Spike.


Holding on to the lip for a few seconds longer, Xander finally let go of it, slowly pulling back, even as Spike pressed his head upwards as best he was able to try and resume the kiss once more.


Reaching up with his fingers, Xander pressed gently down, forcing Spike's head back against the pillows once more. "Naughty, naughty Spike. I told you, if we're doing this I'm in charge here."




Laying a single finger over Spike's lips, Xander cut off the protest before it could get started. "Not one word Spike. I made the rules very clear for you. No Talking and you may only call me Sir or Master....either accept the rules, and follow them, or say so now and walk away. I'm not offering any second chances."


Spike silently swallowed at that, the chill tone of Xander's voice and his scent making it very clear that he was absolutely serious about this.


Taking a breath, Spike let out a soft sigh and answered in a defeated tone. "Yes Master, I'll follow the rules....this time around."


Xander just shook his head in idle amusement at Spike's determination to run the show, even as a submissive this time around. "Maybe....or maybe you'll have to earn that privilege."


Spike just let out a small snort at that, prompting Xander to chuckle. "Uh huh, keep it up and it's going to be a very long time before I let you come, and believe me, I do know how to make it last forever....or I could always hook you up to the pump and milk you dry and leave you begging for it to end..."


Spike shivered ever so slightly at that, recalling the one time he'd seen a Succubus used to 'punish' a member of a Vampire Court, not only had his essence been drained away slowly at the end of it, but he'd been reduced to a sobbing, begging mess as he'd been forced to repeatedly orgasm over and over with no rest between rounds. Even vampire stamina had its limits.


"Please....master....." Spike said softly shivering still.


"Shhhh, I'm here for you and that would only be if you were to be truly horrible, now just lay back and let me enjoy the beauty that you are, I'm going to enjoy this chance to explore your lovely body at my leisure, to make you beg for me to fuck you senseless....and you will beg Spike, I promise you that."


Reaching over to the night stand, Xander snagged the cock ring and cage with his free hand and smiled as he felt its tiny weight in his hand. The classical 'Gates of Hell', well this would leave Spike would be the time he was done. After all the longer you were denied release and teased, the more desperate the need became.


Shifting slightly, Xander lets his fingers trail idly down Spike's bound body, smiling ever so slightly at the twitches and moans his gentle, lazy approach produces. Reaching Spike's waist at last, he lets his fingers trail back and forth, carefully avoiding the semi-hardened cock with idle care, not wanting to rush this game in the least. There was plenty of time this night to enjoy teasing Spike, to make him whimper, groan and moan in pleasure and pain. Repayment for all those years of lost hope.


"Hmmmm ever so slightly ticklish there are we lover," Xander asked as Spike tried to hold back a tiny giggle as the fingers trailed idly over his hip. "I'll have to remember that for later on."


Shifting tactics ever so slightly Xander focused his attention on Spike's hardening cock, grasping it lightly he gently stroked up and down, teasing it lightly  and taking time to play with the foreskin as well, something that he could definitely appreciate.


"Please....Master....." Spike said with a soft whimper at the gentle teasing caresses.


Xander just shook his head silently continuing to tease his lover, till he was hard as steel and just beginning to leak a tiny bit of pre-come. Slipping the first of the rings over Spike's cock, he said a single word, barely a whisper under his breath to activate the magic that had been forged into the rings allowing them to automatically resize to fit whoever they were placed on. Slowly with the greatest of care Xander slowly slipped each of the consecutive rings on, leaving Spike's rock hard cock encased in nine steel rings, while he reached down and firmly seated the last one.


"I think that should do for now my precious," Xander said with a smirk that was echoed in his tone. "Quite a nice little toy and it won't come off except by my touch, so if you misbehave, I'll leave you like that permanently."


Spike shuddered at that, having sensed the tingle of magic in the rings as they shifted to accommodate him. "Please....master....I'll do anything."


"Yes you will it's amazing what you can find with the right contacts and the price was fairly reasonable as well," Xander said softly. "And now, I think it's time for me to truly enjoy your lovely little body, my toy. I'm going to enjoy seeing how well you react to different things."


Spike shivered once more at those words, whatever had happened to Xander over the years his boy was no longer any type of innocent, if anything he appeared to have learned more than a few tricks to make a lover beg for release.


Slowly standing up Xander padded softly around the bed and carefully sat down on the other side of Spike, to allow himself readier access to the toys that he'd laid out earlier. Picking up a specially designed male vibrator, he set it down beside Spike's hip, before carefully picking out which one of the lubes he planned on using with it. Spotting the warming gel lube, he slowly nodded, before picking it up and lubing up his selected toy.  Reaching down between Spike's legs he gently spread a tiny dab of lube over the tight hole, before gently massaging it in and slipping just the tip of one finger past the barrier of the tight ring of muscles.


"Hmmmm, let me guess vampire healing keeps you nice and tight then Spike," Xander asked softly. "That's definitely going to be a very big plus for me, as I hate a wide open ass. It's such a pleasure to fuck a tight one and make them squeal."


Spike let out a tiny groan as the lube slowly warmed up his otherwise chill body, and Xander's words registered upon his mind. It was almost like being with Angelus in the old days, but Xander was instead taking the time to make the pleasure a torture instead of just beating him senseless and raping him like Angelus used to do. Same goal in the end, him begging and pleading, but a completely different route to it.


"Please... Master....need you....want you in me...please..." Spike pleaded, knowing what Xander wanted to hear, from the scents that his lover was putting off, and his soft spoke words.


Slowly withdrawing just the tip of that one finger, Xander picked up the lubed toy, and slowly pressed it in, drawing an even lower, deeper groan from his precious boy, when at last it was seated, he flicked the switch on the bottom setting it to vibrating making Spike whimper as it worked on his prostate.


"Hmmm looks like you've never been properly taken care of, which is a shame. Still, you'll learn how to serve in time. For now, I'm going to show you why you will obey, as the rewards are beyond belief my lovely little pet."


Shifting so that he was no longer sitting beside Spike, Xander slowly straddled his waist, slowly lowering himself down over the bucking hips and grinding his own hard cock against Spike's, smiling at the gasp that drew out of his boy. "Such a shame that Angel never learned about pleasure being a torture as well, isn't it Spike? Still, his loss is my gain. And you'll see why people beg to serve me, for the various rewards that I can offer them."


Letting his fingers trace back up Spike's flat stomach and chest once more, he traced the pattern of ropes strapped across his boy, pausing to gently stroke and tease at the nipples which were slowly rising up on their own.


Leaning in even closer, Xander gently licked and nipped first at one, then the other, drawing soft panting gasps from his boy. As he slowly nipped harder and harder, teasing them upwards to taut peaks, before pinching them hard and twisting to draw a groan out of his bound boy.


"Oh so lovely there my little slut, hard to imagine how little care Angelus must have taken, he was always a bit slow on the uptake, but we'll have you begging sooner or later, and far more inventively than he could."


Reaching over for the candle, Xander carefully tipped it letting a thin stream of wax spill down over Spike's nipple, and lazily trailed it across his boy's chest to treat the other nipple to the same drawing startled and pain filled shouts from Spike.


"Naughty, naughty Spike, I warned you about your mouth more offense, and I'll have to get out a special paddle and beat your sweet little ass senseless."


Returning the candle to its place Xander smirked at the look of outrage on his lovers face. "Hmmmm, if looks could kill, still pleasure must be balanced with a little bit of pain....or if you don't behave a lot of pain."


"Please....master....wanted you for so long....please...." Spike said slipping into the role that was expected, the one which Angelus had spent decades training him into as well, one which he'd sworn never to go back to. But for Xander....


"You're learning slut, but I'm going to enjoy you fully before I finally fuck you senseless. After all that was about the only good thing that Anya taught me, was how to hold off forever and make sure my partner was driven over the edge repeatedly."


Reaching down Xander slowly peeled away the wax, smirking as Spike gasped when a few idle hairs were torn out with it as well. Tossing the used up candle wax off to the side, Xander leaned in to kiss the reddened skin gently, licking and sucking at the tender nipples before biting down and drawing a groan of pleasure and pain from his boy.


Laying a slow trail of kisses and nips over the rest of Spike's chest and up his throat he paused when he reached those pouting lips. Leaning in he pressed a gentle kiss upon them smiling as he felt them part oh so slowly underneath his kiss. Letting his tongue dart out he teased Spike as he kissed him, letting their tongues meet and duel, even while he let the tip of his tongue occasionally glide over the tips of Spike's fangs which were withdrawn but still present, making his boy moan even louder in want and need.


Finally pulling back for a much needed breath Xander smiled at the sight of Spike panting as well, even though he didn't need to breathe.


"Please...oh god....master.....please....want you....need you...." Spike said begging, even though he'd sworn to never beg anyone for anything.


"So lovely, my precious little slutty toy, so needy and begging," Xander whispered softly. "So beautiful tied up like that and needing release, begging for me to take you and make you mine. I can just imagine how beautiful you'll look when I finally fuck your mouth and have those lovely lips wrapped around my cock. Not having to worry about choking you and having to pull back because you need to breath, instead I can fuck your throat hard and deep, before I finally pull that toy out of your tight ass and make you scream as I fuck that virgin tight ass....that's what's going to happen eventually, I'll make you scream and beg for mercy, just like you would me."


"Please....oh god master....please...want you....please....fuck...godd...fuck me...please...." Spike said babbling and eager to please, this new aspect of Xander was driving him mad with need and want. His scent was so intoxicating.


Chuckling softly, Xander smiled at Spike's begging and pleading. "Oh no, you've got to earn that little slut, you're going to have to prove you deserve such rewards," Xander said with a hint of playfulness to his voice. "I think you're going to show me how skilled your tongue is first, by eating my ass out, little slut."


Shifting Xander altered his position with care so that he was now squatting over Spike's face, knowing that his scent was teasing his lover and toy, he slowly lowered himself till his ass was positioned just over Spike's mouth.


"Now show me how skilled you are with your tongue slut, and maybe then I'll finally fuck your sweet mouth and throat."


Letting out a whimper at this new humiliation Spike did as he was told, sticking his tongue out and straining to raise his head as much as possible to lick and suck at his Master's ass. Shivering as he could taste the sweat and other flavors that were uniquely Xander, he continued licking, sucking and thrusting at Xander's tight hole, slowly managing to loosen it up ever so slightly, and force the tip of his tongue in.


"Oh yeah....that's it slut.....nice and deep....oh...yeah..." Xander said grunting as Spike proved his skill at rimming and eating ass out. "You're definitely....uh.....starting to.....impress slut boy....ohhhhhhhh"


Spike couldn't help but chuckle ever so slightly as he continued to eat Xander's ass out at his Master's moans and groans of pleasure. Granted it wasn't his favorite thing to be doing, but for some reason pleasing Xander was on the top of his list this night.


Letting out a particularly loud groan as Spike hit a truly good angle, Xander reluctantly pulled back. "I'll give you points for that....slut boy.....I'm definitely impressed so far."


Spike let out a low throaty chuckle at that. "Have to do my best, if I want to get what I need master."


"Uh huh, I'm sure. I'm also sure you're trying to make sure I don't just kick you out after this is over," Xander offered having finally caught his breath.


Spike just grinned at that, as it didn't really need an answer.


Moving slowly as his legs were still a tiny bit unsteady Xander shifted so that he was sitting beside Spike, instead of perched over his face. "So I'll definitely enjoy your mouth in a minute, but fist I intend to clean you up a bit, before I get to enjoy your ass while I fuck your sweet lips."


Reaching over Xander snagged some wet wipes he'd left sitting out earlier, taking one he wiped his boy's face clean, before tossing it into the trash can. Reaching down, he shut off the vibrator and drew it out of Spike's ass with a pop, and a moan from his boy as he set it off to one side. Taking a few more wipes he cleaned up Spike's ass, wiping him clean, so that he could enjoy finger fucking him, while he fucked his throat. Then later, he'd take that sweet ass hard and fast, to make sure his boy knew who he belonged to.


"Please....master....want you....need you in me....filling me up....please...." Spike said begging, knowing that this was what they both wanted and needed. "Please....master...."


"Hmmmm," Xander said softly, his voice silky soft and his scent filled with lust and desire. "Choices, I enjoy your lovely mouth first, or do I just enjoy your tight hole and make you scream and beg....."


"Since you're so desperate and begging like the slut that you are, I think I will take your sweet little ass this time and save your mouth for later," Xander said with a smirk upon his face. "After all I wouldn't want you to go without what you so desperately need."


Shifting he slid a bit further down the bed and gently undid the ropes binding one of Spike's legs, and then carefully loosened the other a little.


"Please.....Master...." Spike said as he felt his one leg freed.


"Shhhh," Xander whispered softly as he moved to kneel between Spike's legs, reaching up and placing a single finger over his lips. "I'm in charge here, and I definitely want to see your expression as I fuck you senseless my lovely slut. I want to watch you as I sink in and fill you up."


Spike let out a tiny whimper at that, knowing what was going to happen and loathing the fact that he was being fucked on his back. This was so humiliating to be taken like he was a woman. Still if he wanted Xander....


Trailing his finger slowly down from Spike's lips, over the line of his throat, Xander paused as it reached the hollow at the base of his boy's neck. "Oh yes, I'm definitely going to enjoy making you squeal Spike, hearing you scream as I fuck you hard, seeing you cry and whimper, knowing that it's what you need. Feeling your body writhe under me as you beg for even more."


"Please.....Xander...." Spike said as he felt Xander's body press in against him.


Xander froze at that point. Glaring down at Spike his eyes flashed green for a moment. "This is your last warning Spike, you will address me only as Master or Sir only," Xander said with a growl.


Spike shivered at the threat that was completely clear and present in Xander's voice. "I'm sorry Sir. Please forgive me master."


Slowly, reluctantly Xander nodded his acceptance of Spike's apology. "You better not forget again slut," Xander said his voice a deep growly, as his hand gripped Spike's throat tightly, pressing down with enough force to make the vampire let out a whimper and visibly wince.


"I....won't....master," Spike managed to gasp out around the pressure of Xander's hand upon his throat.


Slowly Xander let up the pressure that he'd placed on Spike's throat, as his eyes slowly returned to normal with one final warning flash of green in them.


"Now I believe I was about to fuck you lovely little ass and make you scream and beg," Xander said his voice chill with threat, as he pressed Spike's legs further apart, bending the one freed leg up to his chest. "And I'm definitely going to make this memorable for you, so you don't forget who's in charge my lovely one."


Leaning in Xander aligned his cock with Spike's tight ass and pressed forward, steadily forcing the head of his cock past the tense muscles, making his lover grunt as he pressed onwards.


Panting Xander paused as he finally breached Spike's ass. "Oh yeah, nice and tight my little slut, I can only thank heaven that you were turned a virgin, so I can enjoy that tight ass of yours whenever I want."


Spike was reduced to panting and groaning as he felt Xander once more begin to press onwards, forcing his solid length into him, even while his nipples were teased and toyed with. Gentle strokes mixed with sharp pinches and twisting, pulling grasps.


"Please...." Spike moaned at one particularly hard thrust, as Xander's cock brushed over his prostate, sending off an explosion in his body. "Master....."


Repeating that move, Xander smirked as Spike shuddered under him, his whole body writing in a mix of pleasure and a hint of pain.


"Oh yeah, like that do you slut boy," Xander asked as he shifted his angle, increasing his pace to pound away hard, even as Spike whimpered, moaned and writhed under him, the waves of pleasure and pain stealing away his higher thoughts, leaving him gibbering and moaning.


Leaning in close Xander nipped at Spike's lips, even as his lover's visage flickered back and forth between human, partially vamp, and back again, biting down hard, he drew a scream from Spike as he felt the skin of the lip break and tasted his boy's blood.


Purring Spike tried to buck up for even more, falling back on sheer instincts as thought fled, only wanting pleasure and pain from his lover, knowing he had to submit to this his master.


"Oh yeah, like that slut....yeah, just a naughty little whore.....need fucked by your master.....don'" Xander said between gasps as he slammed in and out of Spike's tight ass, grunting at the tightness and the effort to hold him self off from coming.


Glancing down he smiled as he saw how hard Spike's cock was, from what he was doing and how he was thrusting, trying to obtain some relief.


"Oh you don''re't....come....till...I .....say slut," Xander said, biting down at the tender junction of neck and shoulder making Spike scream in a high pitched wail, even as he thrust harder yet and his boy bucked up against him desperate for relief.


"Plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," Spike wailed out, as he felt his body try to come, but was blocked from coming.


"Not....yet....slut.....mine....." Xander said as he released his grip and bit down even harder on the other side, of Spike's neck.


Screaming wordlessly, Spike still managed to come, in spite of the cock rings and ring of hell combo that constrained his dick, collapsing back into the bed, even as Xander thrust one more time into him and came with his own shout, before collapsing on top of his spent lover.




Stretching slowly Xander got up from where he had lain collapsed on Spike, moving lazily he slowly undid the ropes that bound his boy all about his body, as well as to the bed. "Time to get up lazy," Xander said with a smirk as Spike's blue eyes peered at him from beneath hooded eye lids.


"What, no special treatment?"


Xander let out a snort at that. "You've just had some of the best sex of your life, if I'm any judge. And you want to be pampered, sorry not happening. The first door on the left of the hall is a bathroom and right beside it is a linen closet. You can grab a shower and change the sheets if you want."


"Uh huh and where are you going?"


"I," Xander said with a pointed look at Spike, "am going to enjoy a nice hot shower in the master bath, which is attached to the master bedroom at the end of the hall. I only take a lover there if they're going to be something more permanent in my life and not just a pleasant little fuck. After that, I've got reports to review before I head off to sleep. And Spike, don't even think about trying to break into my bedroom, it's warded so that only those I personally invite in can get in. Try forcing it and I'll have to vacuum up your remains."


With that said Xander gathered up his discarded clothes and headed off towards his own bedroom to get a pleasant shower before dealing with the waiting pile of reports that Spike's arrival had interrupted.


Watching as Xander slowly walked off Spike shook his head slowly. "Barmy, the bloody boy's gone completely around the bend," he muttered softly to himself. Even while Lorne's comments echoed in his memory about the one he'd let go, being the one who was meant for him. How that one needed saved, before he destroyed himself from the inside out.




Lifting his eyes up from the enchanted ball of ice, Nicholas shook his head. "That boy is far too stubborn for his own good. He's closed himself off completely from the chance for love, even when it's right there in front of him begging for him to accept it."


Sighing he looked at his sheet of special yuletide gifts and jotted another note down there, a reminder to keep a close eye on one Alexander Harris.




Stripping the bed down, Spike silently muttered as he considered how he had ended up here chasing after Xander, bloody, Harris of all people. If it wasn't for the fact that Lorne had warned him that their fates were tied together, he'd walk out the door right now. Bloody git was more pigheaded at the moment than Peaches was usually won't to be. Yeah it had been bloody good shag and one hell of a lot better than he'd have to honestly admit he'd had in a while, but to treat him like this... He was William the Bloody, and he wasn't anybody's toy or such. Especially now that the chip was gone, he could do whatever the hell he wanted, yet here he was panting after droopy pants, although he was obviously reasonably well off now since he dressed a hell of a lot better than he used to. Plus the magic for some of the toys the boy had used on him didn't come that cheap either....there was definitely something more going on.




Adjusting the shower till it was just short of scalding, Xander couldn't help but grin at his reflection in the mirror as the steam slowly fogged it up. Here he was, in charge of the North American Slayer's Division, with full control and responsibility for not just the US, but also for Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico with dozens of teams reporting back to him made up of Watcher's, Trainees, Mystical Support Staff and Slayers, and Spike appeared out of the blue with no warning what so ever.


Granted the Big Bad wasn't half so bad as he used to be. Xander wasn't about to discount what he could do, if he put his mind to it, but the protections woven both about the property and through the house were of a scale that not even Willow could imagine. Let alone the protections that he'd had placed about himself. Yes Spike, could still catch him off guard and possibly do some damage, but for some reason it seemed that it was the very last thing on Spike's mind.


Instead Spike had given in, with relatively little argument about who was in charge, which was definitely worrisome. Still it had been a pleasure and then some to have the blond at his beck and call, playing him like a fiddle and hearing him beg for release at the end. Not to mention the screams of pleasure and pain as he fucked that tight ass.


Stepping in to the hot shower, Xander scrubbed his hair before taking up the body wash and slowly scrubbing himself clean, as his hands slowly trailed over his body, he found himself wondering what it would be like to truly have Spike in his life. So much had changed over the years, much of it which the rest of the core Scooby Gang didn't know about, so much of what he'd learned about himself, so much of what made him, unique was things he didn't trust them to share. The simple fact was that the few years that he'd spent in Africa finding, teaching and working with newly activated Slayers had taught him a great deal more about who and what he was.


He wasn't immortal as such, and certainly not like that cute show called Highlander. But the taint from the Primal Hyena possession, combined with the taint of the Mermaid Essence and other taints down the years had twisted who he really was. He could and would one day die, but for now he was aging far slower than the rest of the gang, he healed that much the faster. There had even been several very helpful Shamans’ who'd taught him how to fully access the gifts that he had possessed, not only as a medium, but some small magical talents as well. That and shown him how to control the Hyena's instincts and to work with her, rather than fighting against her.


Still the thought of someone who could and would be there in the truly long term with him was appealing. Spike....yeah Spike definitely had potential. Yeah Angel did as well, but after everything in their past he wasn't about to go there. Especially as he didn't want him to suddenly slip his soul and go all psycho again. Spike though, he had his soul and it wasn't going to disappear if he got to happy with a lover.


Xander let out a soft groan as he considered the smaller blond cuddled up behind him, stroking him, teasing him like he'd been teased, able to fully let go and play as hard as he wanted.




Several Days Later


"I'm not going to tell you again Spike. While you are here, guest or whatever you want to call yourself, you'll follow the rules that I set, or your ass can be kicked out the door and the uninvite spell done very easily," Xander said growling, barely able to keep the Hyena from showing off her presence as he fought to keep a tight leash on his temper.


Spike just continued to smirk at that. "You know , I could be far more annoying that I have been so far....after all it's not like I couldn't drop a line to Reds and Slutty and tell them that we're getting on quite well. I'm sure they'd freak out over that one."


Xander just shrugged at that. "And? They already know that I'm bi, and that I don't really care what their opinions are about who I date. I made it very clear to them that I'm an adult and I'll date or sleep with who and what I choose. If they don't like it, to bad. Not like Buffy has much room to talk with her own dating history."


Spike took a tiny sniff and scented the boy's I don't care resolve and mentally sighed. "Fine, what's the big issue that you need me out of your hair for tonight anyways?"


"It's not your concern Spike, I'm simply telling you that I have things to do tonight, and I don't need you here while I'm doing them. Either respect that fact, or walk out the door and don't come back," Xander said flatly, his temper partially regained, as a sense of regret slowly over took it. "Real life is full of choices 'Pet', either way has consequences."


"It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you're supposed to be holding an online meeting with video conferencing with the rest of them tonight and you're ashamed of me would it," Spike asked with a grin. "Since Red's left a message earlier about that, I'm guess that's a part of it."


Xander bit back the sharp reply that sprang instantly to mind about minding one's own concerns. "I really do hate to repeat myself Spike, but I will this one last time since you're apparently getting a tad slow as you get older. I don't care about anyone's opinion on who I am or am not involved with. So let's move on and settle if you're leaving for the evening or for good, as that's the matter at hand."


Spike just smirked once more and shook his head. "You do care, your scent betrays you. But let's just say I sweeten the deal for letting me stay here instead. I'll hide under the desk so that I'm completely out of sight and I'll give you the blow job of your life while you're chatting with the rest of them. If you can hold off till the chat's over, I'll do whatever you want including leaving if you say to. If not, I get a crack at your sweet ass at least once before I leave."


Xander considered it for a minute silently weighing the idea of Spike giving him a very willing and inventive blow job, against the effort it would take to keep a normal expression through out the conference. The conference was supposed to be fairly short, plus he could put in his own stipulation or two.


"Fine, on three conditions then Spike. First you'll be wearing ear plugs, as I don't need you hearing the discussion as it's none of your concern and I still don't completely trust you," Xander said with a grin of his own. "Second, you can not betray your presence in any way at all, so you'll have to be completely still, quiet and so on."


Spike nodded his agreement, still smirking at the boy's ready surrender. "So what's the third catch?"


"Since you're so sure of your skills, I'll be wearing a cock ring as well, to give you an added challenge. Take it or leave it, the deals only on the table for the next thirty seconds."


"Fuck," Spike muttered under his breath as he considered that catch. He'd already seen how phenomenal the boy's normal control was, this was going to make it bloody impossible. "Fine, I'll take it. But if I win, I want a bigger prize then."


Xander just snickered at that. "If you win, we'll discuss what your prize is. I'm willing to be fairly flexible, within reason."




"If there's nothing else, I'm going to call this meeting to a close," Xander said at last, his control frayed almost to the very edge, as the chat had already run more than twice it's normal time and he was holding back with only the greatest of efforts, as Spike was showing just how skilled his tongue and mouth was.


Listening to the headset as everyone finally agreed that there wasn't anything else left, Xander smiled. "Then I'll review the remainder of the reports and give a heads up to any one who has issues or concerns in their areas later."


Signing off the chat room and setting his head set down, Xander slowly eased his chair back and smirked as Spike crawled out from underneath the desk. The head phones that blocked his hearing having fallen off sometime earlier when Xander had been running his fingers over his lover's hair.


Smirking Xander stood up, spoke at last. "That was damn close, and I'm sure you knew it was going to run long, weren't you?"


Spike just nodded at that, willing to accept defeat at the moment as he could tell how close the whelp was to coming and how close he'd come to winning.


"Well since that's the case, I should give you a treat since you were so damn close to winning," Xander offered with a chuckle. "Now get up here and lay face down across the desk, you naughty little slut, I'm going to fuck you hard and quick for now, later on, I'll take my time and make you really beg."


"And if I don't," Spike asked challenging Xander deliberately wanting to see how far the boy could be pushed.


"Hmmm well you do have that padded pair of cuffs on, so I can just drag you up right, and force you over the desk. Then I'll beat your lovely little ass before I fuck you hard without any lube or anything at all. Since you're virgin tight unless I take a fair bit of prep work with your ass...." Xander trailed off suggestively."


Spike shuddered at that reminder, knowing that Xander had deliberately kept from playing with his ass for the past few hours and hadn't allowed him to have any lube up there just in case...."Bastard...."


"Could well be Slut," Xander said with a grin. "That still doesn't mean you've got a third choice. Keep it up and I'll drag out the nice wood paddle I've got that's been soaking in Holy Water and was blessed, imagine how that will feel beating your little ass."


Spike shuddered in horror at the thought of that. "Please...."


Xander just shook his head, grabbing Spike by one arm and forcing him to stand up and then bend over the desk. "Going to enjoy hearing you squeal slut."


Spike shuddered at that, and tried to force himself to relax, realizing that he'd finally pushed Xander just a step too far, and how much pain he'd be in shortly.


Keeping Spike pinned down with one arm, as he pressed his own waist into Spike's bobbing ass, Xander grabbed for the lube. Regardless of how much he was pissed off, he wasn't going to hurt Spike that badly....for a minor offense. Squeezing out a tiny bit of the lube over the head of his cock and over Spike's ass, he tossed the lube off to one side, before pressing in with two fingers forcing the lube in and drawing a sharp yelp from Spike.


Thrusting them in and out, he grinned at Spike's muttered curses and threats, even as he heard the occasional groan and whimper of pleasure as his fingers teased over the prostate. Pulling his fingers back out after a bare minute of preparation, he fisted his own hard, aching cock spreading the lube quickly.


"Ready or not slut, here we go," Xander warned, before pressing his cock head to Spike's still tight hole and slamming in, pressing on regardless of the screams and babbling going on till he was fully sheathed inside.


"Bastard....mother....fucking.....bastard...." Spike managed to grunt out between shouts of pain, as Xander steadily thrust in and out, not bothering to take it easy at all. "I'll....fucking.....return.....the favor.....fucker....."


"Yeah...., you'll try Spike, but.... you know.... who's in charge," Xander said panting as he fought to keep up the harsh pace and hold back from coming just yet. "'re.....paying....slut."


With one final hard thrust Xander let out a shout as he couldn't hold back in spite of the cock ring. Feeling himself explode, he screamed as the pleasure and pain mixed and overloaded him, making him pass out for a few seconds.


Stirring a tiny bit later, Xander held himself still as he heard the barely audible gasps and whimpers from Spike. Moving slowly and gently, Xander slowly pulled out of his lover, regretting how far he'd let himself go. Running a hand gently over Spike's back he whispered softly, offering soft words of comfort and apology for how cruel he'd been. Gently reaching down he released the cuffs and set them to one side.


Leaning in closer, he brushed his lips over Spike's cheek, laying a trail of gentle kisses, even as he tasted the salt of tears of pain and sorrow. "Come on, we're going to soak and then later we'll talk Spike."




Lying in the spare bedroom again like he had been doing all week, Spike smiled ever so slightly. Unlike usual, he wasn't alone this time. After he and Xander had spent a long while soaking in the tub, his boy had finally started to open up to him a little and in the end fallen asleep here in this bed with him. It wasn't a huge change, but it was still some progress Spike had to admit however reluctantly.


Hearing Xander whimper in his sleep, Spike gently stroked one hand up and down his lover's back, murmuring softly to reassure him that he was safe, as he slowly fell back asleep and calmed down, Spike smiled ever so slightly.


Regardless of anything else, Xander was definitely far better than an electric blanket, not to mention far better than the chocolate mints most hotels left on the pillow for their guests. Not that he'd ever admit it to anyone else.


Frowning ever so slightly as a pale shimmer of silver and gold appeared mid air, and slowly drifted down forming into a envelope of fine parchment like he remembered from his youth, Spike slowly picked it up one handed. Noting his name written in an elegant hand across the front he slowly opened it up.


Reading over the letter, his eyes quickly widened as he read through the first short paragraph and read the rest in shock.


Over head he could swear he heard a soft chuckle and the sounds of hoofs on the roof of the house.


"And to all a good night," a soft voice could be heard whispering in the distance.




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