The Advent of Spander

A Xander Bearing Gifts


Spike woke with a start, sensing more than seeing that he was not alone. Quickly shifting to his vampire features he peered around his crypt, seeing the rather obscenely huge poorly wrapped package by the front door. Tilting his head, he sniffed at the air, trying to get some clue as to what this might be, but no, the scent was masked again just as the others, but this was by far the biggest. Taking a moment to just sit on the edge of his tomb and consider what might be inside, he lit a nearby candle, setting the sparkles on the paper to twinkling. He sat back, lighting a cigarette and taking a moment to recall the last week or so, when these odd gifts started arriving. It seemed he had himself a secret admirer, and not just that, but someone who knew him personally, and knew of his latest adjustment to unlife.

About a year ago Drusilla had shown up, crazier than ever, raving nonsense about her dark kitten finally growing his claws and dancing around him, whispering it was time for William to be free again to rest for all his good deeds, time for Spike to be free and wild as she had always intended. She pulled him into her arms, holding him close, kissing him goodbye as she mumbled into the kiss ,chanting too low for him to make out the words, finally resting her hand over his chest and pulling. Then pain, blinding, burning never ending pain. When he woke she was gone, and he knew, somehow he just knew he'd never see her again, and she had taken his soul with her. He felt it without even trying, he knew his soul was gone and though part of him was very sad, he felt free for the first time since returning in Angel's office all that time ago. But he had no one left now, Angel and his crew had been missing since the last battle and last he had heard the Scooby’s weren't doing very well. Having lost Giles, Dawn, Willow and Buffy to assorted mini apocalypses and nefarious demons, he figured whatever Xander had found to hold  on to he wasn't going to rip it away. Oddly enough he still wanted him to be happy, his demon wished him no harm, feeling like they were some strange cross between friends and family, having fought together so long, so instead he just vanished into the darkness. No one to miss him, time to find a new home.

Now here he was, in the biggest, warmest crypt in New Orleans. He'd been here about eight months now, and for over a week these odd 'gifts' had kept arriving somehow without his knowledge, all magicked to cover any scent or telltale sign of whom they might be from. The first one wasn't that odd, just some bottles of proper English beer and mead. The second had been a bit more personal, a gorgeous tall ornately designed black bottle filled with a fine mixture of slayer/witch/seer and watcher blood. On the third day he began to guess he was being wooed as the delightful bright glowing green energy sat nestled inside the garishly wrapped blood red box adorned with blood red bows. The fourth evening brought a beautiful silver mace engraved with a large S on the handle. The fifth day he found a long duster slung over the chair by the door of his crypt, he picked it up knowing without a doubt the moment his hands touched it, somehow this was his, the one he thought gone and buried under the crater of Sunnydale.

On the sixth day, Spike was more than ready to get a clue as to whom his admirer might be, even more so after he found his newest present, a pair of twins looking no more than 21 sat sleeping on the doorstep to his crypt tied with a nice big black bow. The seventh evening brought a wonderful spike covered steel maul. On the eighth day, he was beginning to think his admirer had forgotten, but just after midnight, right in his lap, a tied Fyarl popped into being; he grinned and pounced. The ninth day brought fine English chocolates, Weetabix, assorted crisps, biscuits, and 4 cartons of smokes. The tenth evening a parcel arrived all wrapped and Spike couldn't wait to see what hid inside. As he tore into the package he found a small pocket sized leather bound book. He opened it carefully. Seeing writing inside he quickly turned to the first page, seeing verse after verse of how I love Spike, let me count the ways; it kept Spike busy all day, and set his dead heart to beating.

On the eleventh day he was woken by a hideous noise, someone had snuck a radio into his crypt and it was blaring "I've made my list, I've checked it twice, I know you've been naughty and I promise not to be nice". The voice was distorted, but there next to the radio sat a list and sure enough Spike's name was under naughty and the nice column was empty. Under the list are a blue heart and two brown eyes with a tiny note stating "Heart of an old one and eyes of a fighter". Spike grinned and tried to imagine what tomorrow would bring. Finishing his cigarette Spike stood up, walking slowly over to the newest prezzie in his crypt. As he got closer it began to take on a shape, but it was odd, as if it were somehow moving. Spike reached over, ripping the paper away, revealing a gorgeous black and silver motorbike with a ghastly ornate marble urn on top with a note attached. Grabbing the note Spike began to read "Spike, my one and only, I hope you've enjoyed these gifts, a token of my love, I give you one chance to leave and not be mine, for once I arrive I promise only to relish you for the demon you are, spoil you with any depraved delight your dark heart desires, this last most important gift is ashes of your grandsire who certainly never deserved to be near, you much less spend decades in your presence. Accept these gifts of devotion and await my arrival, then our reign of terror shall begin. Yours forever in the darkness, X.

Just as he finished reading, he heard footsteps approach outside, but no heartbeat, hmmm, Xander has some explaining to do. Spike moved to open the door and allow him in, thrilled to see this new Xander standing before him, eyes glowing yellow, dressed in all black with a glint of silver here and there, and just as he begins to speak Xander leans forward kissing him long and deep. "I believe we have a vampiress to thank for our coming together Spikey, but for now, it’s time I get to unwrap my present," Xander whispers in his ear as he starts undressing him.



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