by Abbie



"Please, sir." The red-haired, midnight black demon standing just inside the entrance of the club indicated the white porcelain bowl to his left.

Xander peered in bowl. A cloudy yellowish liquid floated inside. He felt his panic climb another notch up his spine.

"Spike, what is that?" Xander asked in a stage whisper.

"Just lemon juice, pet," the vampire replied, smirk firmly in place. "Stick your hands in. Up to the wrists."

Bewildered, Xander did as he'd been told. The room temperature water felt cool against his heated skin.

"That's enough," said the demon.

Xander pulled his hands out and reached for the towel the demon held out to him. Long nails grazed Xander's skin as he took it.

"Hey!" Xander exclaimed, tugging the towel to his chest.

"He's clean," the demon announced in bored tones. "Now you."

Pride overlay the skitterish butterflies in Xander's stomach. Spike had drawn himself up to full height and was now engaged in a staring contest with the demon. Only Spike--*his* Spike--could fill a space with his presence like this. Only his Spike could go from infuriating to murderous psychopath in the space of a heartbeat. And still manage to look so damn . . . fuckable.

And Xander was the only one who got to do that anymore.

"Listen mate, I'm a vampire. Can't catch nothing from me. Except a permanent case of death--if you're lucky," Spike hissed.

"House rules. You can leave the human here on his own you know."

Xander wanted to take a step back from the explosive expression he saw overtaking his lover's face. But running away from Spike at times like this never helped; instead, Xander stepped forward and placed his hand an inch above the vampire's arm. He stroked the air a couple of times, as if petting invisible fur. Actually touching Spike could be dangerous even in the right circumstances; however, the vampire had commented more than once on how Xander's heat permeated from the human, so much so that Spike didn't always need physical contact in order to feel it.

"Come on, Spike. It's just lemon juice, right?" Xander asked. "And what's it for, by the way?"

Spike turned his smoldering gaze to Xander for a moment. "Just remember. *You* were the one who wanted to try safe sex for a change." With that, he thrust his hands into the bowl, coated them in lemon juice, then held them out for the demon to touch.

"Gloves," the demon snapped.

"What?" Xander asked.

Spike held out the ring finger on his right hand. A small bloodied scrape lay next to the nail. "Safe sex. *No* exchange of bodily fluids, remember? The lemon juice susses out any cuts you might have on your hands. He," the vampire continued with a jerk of his head as he donned the white latex gloves that had been handed to him, "can read your pain."

Xander shivered as Spike ran ghostly smooth, now gloved fingers down his bare arm. His racing brain slammed into images of that silky touch moving across his chest, his thigh, his hip . . .

"Uhmmm--how do you know what he can do?" was the first thing that popped out of Xander's mouth--a desperate attempt to stop himself from stripping the coat, t-shirt and jeans off his partner there in the hallway.

"You really want to know?" Spike tossed back.

Xander closed his mouth shut with an audible snap of teeth and shook his head. At least the scary images of the tortures Spike had inflicted for a century or so had quelled Xander's raging erection.

For the moment.

Spike grabbed Xander's hand and pulled the human forward into the club. Beyond the closed doors of the atrium stood a long room done up in 1950's style diner decor, with a black and white tiled floor, red-leather covered booths along one side and a bar with chrome accents coasting down the other.

Xander tried to slow down, but the vampire didn't stop. He dragged them into the next room, a kitchen by the looks of it, and over to a table covered with, well, toys. Xander had no problem identifying the condoms, dental dams, butt plugs, vibrators, cock rings, ball rings, and other human accoutrements. He could figure out some of the demon things, like the ribbed tentacle covers, the horn and hoof glazes, and even the sugar-web magical restraints. But--

"Spike? What's that?" he asked, pointing to the pyramids of long, skinny boxes gracing the end of the table.

"Plastic wrap."

And so it was. In every color of the rainbow.

"Ah, Spike? Why?"

"Safe sex. *No* bodily fluids."

Xander gulped. "I already can't walk down the fruit and vegetable isle of the store. You're going to make it impossible to do any shopping, aren't you?"

"Always pays to be able to improvise, pet," Spike said with a grin.

Xander glared, but he knew it was lost on his unrepentant lover. After stuffing a handful of condoms, a leather cock ring that looked like a miniature bolo, and two bottles of lube into his coat pockets, the vampire paused.

"Pink? Blue?" Spike asked, indicating the boxes.

Xander shook his head. He reached at first for the clear plastic wrap, then changed his mind and picked up the green. The vampire raised one eyebrow at him.

Taking the dare, Xander looked straight into Spike's eyes. "It'll look the best against your skin."


God--love it when my boy gets like this. He's already got balls bigger than the whole of the Manchester United footie team combined, but when he gets his dander up? It's sheer heaven.

After Xander picks up the cellophane, he pushes me away so my back is to the table. "Don't turn around," he says. I know he's filling a bag with goodies, but I don't need to see what they are. I mean, not when he's going to use them on me later.

Once he's finished, he grabs my hand and pulls hard. Like I was going to resist? We rush through a room set up with tents--the sound of loud sex from one of them makes him pause--maybe giving him some ideas for another day--but then he's off again. Next room is a kind of conservatory, complete with a grand piano covered with cushions for fucking and a harness chair in the corner, but that doesn't suit either.

Finally he seems to find what he likes, a parlor with a couch in the center, chairs scattered here and there, and pillows on the floor. A few people are already here, but Xander stops anyway. Seems he wasn't looking for complete privacy--hard to find in a club like this, anyhow. Not sure he even notices the others.

I figure out what Xander's been looking for--a large vertical expanse--when he slams me up against the wall. I forget sometimes that he's bigger than me. The strength in his arms. Bloody hell, this feels good. He grinds his erection against mine, hard and heavy. Our chests press tight together, him forcing his into me. He remembers the rules of the club though, and doesn't dive in for a kiss; instead he keeps his face inches from mind and just pants, want-filled eyes liquid and compelling and making me impossibly harder.

He finds my other hand and brings it up, so my wrists are even with my head, as if manacled to the wall. He intertwines our fingers and crushes them tight, but at the same time rubs his thumbs in absurdly light circles over my palms, almost tickling, and erotic as hell. I think he really likes the soft feel of the latex gloves. And he keeps banging our hips together, forcing me against the wall, a steady beat of lust.

"Stay there," he growls, ramming my wrists against the wall once more. I understand the game. His gaze never leaves mine, and I can't escape. He kneels, grabs something without looking, then comes back up level with me. A light tearing sound. Then he covers my mouth with the cello wrap and comes in--finally--for a kiss.

The plastic itself doesn't have a taste, but the smell of it sticks in the back of my throat. Was I going to complain? Well, maybe, if my boy didn't have his ensconced tongue halfway down my throat. The wrap seems to hold the heat of him longer inside me, scorching me. It's like kissing through a candy wrapper, knowing that all that sweetness is on the other side, tempting me. He pushes his tongue with the same rhythm he's rocking his hips. My balls tighten and I know it won't take long now.

Of course, that's when the stupid git pulls the wrap from my mouth and stops. On purpose, I know. I remind him that I'm supposed to be the evil one here, but he just laughs. He tears off another strip and attacks my neck, while leaving his hot groin out of reach, no longer pushing our cocks together. His tongue seems to just slide over the plastic, bathing me heat. I can barely feel the patterns he traces. When he pulls back to blow, trickles of coolness make their way through the barrier to my skin. I can't help it. I groan.

"God, want to feel you, Spike," he mutters and pulls back, re-establishing his weight on my wrists. Deliberately, he pulls one of my hands from the wall, slips my coat off the free arm, then sticks it back to the wall. He does the same to the other side, always moving carefully, always watching me, like I was some kind of dangerous animal that would attack him if allowed its freedom. Well, he isn't too far off the mark.

He seems stymied at the t-shirt, no knife handy to cut it off, too tight to be removed carefully. I ask him with my eyes if I can move. He nods. I grab hold of the collar on one shoulder and rip the seam there, almost, but not quite all the way through to the sleeve. I do the same on the other side, then put my wrists back up, as if chained again.

Xander smiles at me--effing gorgeous my boy when his face lights up like that, warm and knowing. He fists the material in the center of my chest and pulls, ripping the shirt off and away from my body. The sound of the tearing cloth runs up the length of my cock, making it tingle. He presses back up tight against me then, the soft cotton of his tank warm against my skin and grinds our erections together a few times, his breath hot next to my ear. A reward.

Then another piece of the cello wrap, longer, tied around my bicep like some kind of new age tattoo. He shoves my arm a little higher on the wall and attacks my triceps with his teeth. Bugger, who knew that awkward underside of your arm was so sensitive? My Xander, that's who. He worries the skin with sharp nibbles, then sucks it hard into his mouth. I want to thrust my hips off the wall, move in time with him, but I can't. I know how to be good. Or very very bad, depending. The noises he's making, slurping, sliding, goes straight to my head and my cock, drowning me. Never want to free myself from my boy.

Another strip of plastic, only this time, it's two arms long. Xander wraps the cello around my chest. The plastic is cool against my skin for an instant before it warms. He ties it with a knot over my breast bone, then attacks my nipples. The fucking imprecision from that damn barrier is more sexy than I'd have thought. His tongue slips, finds the nub, then slips again. Christ, I didn't think I could get any harder. Shivers run from my chest to my balls. He's got both tips standing now, then, with an evil grin, he reaches for the knot and jerks the band from side to side. The plastic rides roughly against me, not as sharp as nipple clamps, but the stick and slide tingles and hurts, in a good way.

Without warning, Xander suddenly drops to his knees before me. He pushes hot air over my aching cock, not quite touching it, just letting his breath billow over it, make it twitch. It's almost painful, trapped in jeans as it is. He looks up at me, from under those lashes that so beautifully frame his eyes, and says the one thing I'm not expecting to hear when he's got me restrained with imaginary shackles.


Then he rips open the first button of my jeans with his teeth.


Xander couldn't keep the smirk from his face. Heh. It was so much fun watching Spike's eyes roll back in his head. Yeah, Xander knew that sometimes he was babble boy, but that didn't mean he couldn't use words--or a single word--to his advantage on occasion.

And it wasn't just to get a reaction from his vampire. Xander knew there were other people in the room. He figured Spike thought Xander didn't know, but he did. The couple in the corner, taking turns spanking each other with that carved hair brush, well, it was kind of hard to miss them. That's why he called Spike "Master," as much as anything else. It turned Xander on to know that though no one was there with them, they could still influence each other, like interactive porn.

Xander went back to the treat in front of him, undoing the buttons on Spike's fly with his mouth. The jeans were worn enough that it wasn't difficult, but Xander moved slowly, undoing a single button at a time, keeping his eyes on his lover's, torturing Spike as best Xander could. And Spike thought demons had the corner on being evil.

Slight puffs of air across the leaking cock that sprang free from the confines of the jeans made Spike groan more--music to Xander's ears that sent shocks down to his own aching member. He pulled the jeans down gently, taking his time removing the vampire's boots, socks, and finally, pants. All without touching Spike's erection. It didn't matter if Xander's own cock felt like it was going to explode. This was all about payback. What exactly for, Xander didn't remember. He was sure, however, that the vampire had done something at some point to merit this treatment. And it wasn't all torture, not if Spike's rampant erection was anything to judge by. Not if this treatment was making his lover groan like that.

Now what? Xander sat back on his heels and contemplated for a while, every once in a darting a look at his lover's face. The frustration there was beautiful to behold. After deliberately waiting a few more minutes, Xander decided.

Another long strip of plastic wrap, this time, for Spike's cock. Xander started at the base, looping the film around the erection, then tying a loose knot. Without touching his lover's penis with his hands, Xander circled the cock with the plastic, wrapping it firmly in lovely green. He'd been right about the color: it did look good against Spike's pale skin. The purple of the vampire's erection barely shone through by the time Xander had finished. The human could smell the bitter pre-come over the light scent of the plastic. He wanted to taste it, but knew he couldn't. This wasn't just about teasing Spike, but about teasing himself as well. Teasing goodness for everyone.

Xander put his mouth over the plastic covered delicacy and sucked, hard. Spike's pre-come ran squishily down inside the plastic, making it slide nicely. Xander pulled hot air from his belly and pushed it out his mouth, baking the penis. The answering moan he got from Spike made him want to pant. Xander sucked, blew, and nibbled, making the vampire so excited he reached the quivering stage, that point when he could just barely stop his hips from thrusting up. Xander's own cock, still trapped in his jeans, kept twitching as well. He wanted to touch himself so badly, but knew that he couldn't, not and still maintain control.

So instead, the human stepped back and gazed at his fucking gorgeous lover. The pupils in Spike's eyes had dilated so much that only a rim of blue showed anymore. Xander stood and sucked at the plastic covered nipples for a moment, then pulled the knot again, tugging it over the sensitive peaks, getting another groan for his effort. Spike could generally keep his body as still as Xander demanded, but the vampire could never control his mouth. It thrilled Xander to know he could drive his lover so crazy that he lost any and all restraint.

But Xander had just started.

The human got out all the toys from Spike's coat pocket, then from the bag, and put them on the floor. He stood and slid a pair of gloves onto his own hands, snapping them like doctors did on TV. Spike's smoldering gaze, if possible, grew hotter. Xander ran his fingers across his lover's abdomen, tracing the muscles, sucking in his breath as Spike twitched. That smooth feeling translated to inside the gloves as well. They might have to get a few pairs for home.

What next? Ah. Lube. Xander tore open the disposable tube of Astroglide with his teeth, then held it about six inches over his glove covered fingers and let the gel drip down. He loved the sound of Spike gasping at the sight. When his fingers were coated, Xander dropped the tube and used his other hand to make sure the glove was completely slick. He kept his eyes on his lover's face, who avidly watched Xander's hands. Xander couldn't help but pump his own hips in time with the motions of his fingers, wishing it was his own cock he was smothering.

Xander stepped back up to his lover. The human leaned forward so they touched foreheads, then nudged the vampire's legs apart. With a slow, teasing motion, Xander ran a finger behind Spike's balls, stroking the perineum, darting over Spike's hole, then away again. A touch here, a little circle, across the puckered opening, then up toward Spike's balls again. When the vampire started panting in time with Xander, the human decided to reward him by pushing in, just a little, up to the first knuckle.

Even through the barrier of the glove Spike's ass felt so smooth. Xander couldn't stop himself--he pushed in more, his finger sliding in on lube and silky goodness. This time Xander groaned first. Spike, as always, felt so welcoming and resisting at the same time. As Xander pumped his finger in and out of Spike's channel, he wrapped his other hand around Spike's penis and pulled, the plastic sliding up and down easily due to the pre-come trapped inside. He felt Spike's shudders against his chest. Xander stroked his forehead up and down the side of his partner's face, never kissing, never licking, just blowing hot and cool air.

Unable to resist, Xander pushed two fingers into the cool recess of his lover's body, while his other hand kept tugging on Spike's cock. He kept his own erection back, out of the way, out of touch. He stretched his fingers apart, loosening the tight passage, then pumped his fingers in and out, stroking across the vampire's sensitive prostrate every third time or so, getting lovely whimpers for his efforts, clenching his own teeth against the excitement.

Xander forced himself to let go of Spike's cock and reach down toward the floor, never removing his fingers buried deep in his partner's ass. The human picked up the butt plug and the lube with one hand. Holding the end of the lube in his teeth, he dripped more down on the plug and the hand holding it, getting both rather messy.

He wasn't sure how much Spike was noticing at this point--his eyes were clouded with lust. So Xander reached down and pushed the butt plug into Spike's ass without warning. Spike yelped and pulled his head back. Xander didn't move for a moment to let the vampire adjust to the toy. Xander had deliberately put the plug in with the tip facing away from Spike's prostrate, so as the human started to stroke Spike's cock again, Xander slowly rotated the toy, a fraction of a degree at a time, until it brushed against that magic spot and Spike quivered. Xander rocked the toy a bit, up and down, feeling his own cock trembling when Spike started to pant again.

Xander wanted more. More touch. More everything.

He stepped back, ignoring how Spike's hips had followed his, grabbed the plastic wrap, and pulled off another long strip. He moved Spike's hands up, over his head, and tied the wrists together, brushing up against the still encased cock, his shirt rubbing against his own overexcited skin. Hooking his fingers into the neat knot, Xander pulled Spike from the wall, then forced the vampire's hands down and back. Spike quickly got the idea and lay on his back, legs spread, wanton, eyes dark with lust.

Xander put one knee in between the vampire's legs and pushed. From the way his lover groaned, Xander knew he'd gotten the angle on the butt plug right. Catching Spike's eyes, Xander slowly reached for the hem of his own sleeveless T and brought it over his head. Spike's eyes grew even wider. Finally, full body contact. Xander leaned forward and at first just brushed skin against skin, loving the way Spike's muscles jutted out from under his criminally soft skin. Then Xander shifted slightly, and sucked at the plastic wrap still tied around his lover's bicep, while at the same time reaching for the cock ring next to the vampire's head.

When Xander sat up again, he nearly grinned. Spike hadn't seen Xander pick up the ring and place it next to his own leg. Good.

Now Xander moved a pile of already cut pieces of plastic wrap that he'd picked up closer to his hand, in easy reach. He put one on the vampire's neck, leaned forward again so their bare skin touched, and started sucking more. Spike was soon writhing on the floor, whimpering and pushing against Xander's knee, stimulating himself on the plug, while not being able to find any friction for his cock. Xander reached down and pretended to take pity by stroking Spike a few times.

Xander was pretty certain he'd successfully distracted the vampire--so much so that Spike didn't realize that the cock ring was now settled around his penis and balls. Good. Time for the next part of the show.

With a flourish, Xander picked up the purple safety scissors he'd gotten from the table of toys. He snapped them in the air a couple of times, then pointed them in the direction of Spike's encased cock. Spike gasped and nodded slowly, his mouth open and panting for unnecessary breath. Like a gardener about to trim a priceless bonsai, Xander carefully set about snipping the plastic, first on one side, then the other. He knew he couldn't hurt his lover, not with the covered blades, but he was still precise in his cuts. Spike was moaning almost continually at the sight.

Finally Xander made his way through the bottom knot, put down the scissors, and drew the plastic off Spike's penis. Strands of pre-come coated the material. Xander longed to taste it, but he wouldn't. Xander, like Spike, knew how to follow the rules when he had to. The human did, however, continue to tease his lover by letting his eyes follow a drop as it meandered down the plastic, then licked his lips with his tongue. A quick check--Spike's eyes were on Xander's lips. Not the human's hands.

Heh. Never let yourself be distracted when the Xand-man was in charge.

As Xander put down the plastic with one hand, he tightened the cock ring with the other. Hard.

Spike howled.


Sodding little bastard. I am going to get him. Don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm going to tie him up and tease him for *days*.

Heh. And make sure he loves every minute of it. Like I am.

He's so talented, my Xander. Got me hard and aching and needing to come for so long now. But even he's got a breaking point. I think. He can't go on like this forever.

I hope.

Oy, where's he going? Oh. Condoms. And more lube.

Looks like Xander's gonna ride.

The condom feels cool after that clammy plastic. And the lube makes it even more so. Which is actually good, in a way, because even with that fucking cock ring (when the hell did he slide that on?) I'm afraid I might embarrass myself.

Oh, god. Not another show. I can't stand it. I'm groaning and my cock is going to explode inside it's little rubber case. Even with that damn ring. Shit. But my boy is nothing if not persistent. He's undoing his pants while moving his hips to that soundtrack he always has playing in his head. Bump, grind, oh oh oh. Exquisite cock he's got, weeping and hard and almost purple with frustration. Love it in me or on me--hand, mouth, stomach, ass or back--love my boy.

I think I actually start drooling while I watch Xander drip more lube onto his fingers, then put them into himself. He isn't taking it slow, he's closer to popping than he lets on. I can tell by the way his thigh muscles keep clenching, the way the sweat keeps getting in his eyes. The slight pain from the rough opening gives him an edge, some more control. He barely touches his own cock when he puts the condom on. He's trying to hide how close he is, but I know.

Slowly, slowly, centimeter by fucking centimeter, he lowers himself onto my cock. Lovely tightness of my boy. Lovely heat. He just sits for a minute, head back, gorgeous neck stretched out, balls flush up against me, before he starts to move. Rocking up and down to his own beat. He pants in time with his thrusts, his own cock straining. But he won't touch it. Even though it's condom covered as well. He's teasing himself as much as he's teasing me.

Oh, this is a superb ride. I can feel my nuts drawing up. I'm so hard I think I'm going burst through that effing little leather restraint, going to come regardless of my love's plans. Xander shudders, so marvelous, as he changes the angle, making me brush against his hot spot. I'm drifting on waves of pleasure, thighs and chest and balls tightening slowly. This is heaven. I'm so close now I can taste it. Just a few more thrusts. Just a little bit more. Unless he stops.

The bastard, of course, slows. Slides.



Xander couldn't quite believe the magnificence that was Spike, laid out all wanton and hungry beneath him. But Xander didn't want this to end. Not yet. Though he'd been hard forever, he wanted to play just a bit more.

He groaned as he pulled the vampire's cock out of himself. Then he paused for a moment, deliberately keeping an awkward angle and bend to his knees, straining them, the pain keeping his orgasm on the knife's edge.

"Up, Spike, hands and knees," Xander managed to croak out.

Spike was probably as dazed as Xander was, if the way the vampire shook his head was any indication. But he managed to turn over and pull himself up, resting on his elbows, leaving his brightly bound wrists above his head. The plastic wrap stretched across Spike's upper back looked like a stripe from a chaos whip. The vampire looked as though he was worshiping some debauched god, translucent gloves on his hands, head hanging low, quiet growl in his chest.

Xander pushed on the butt plug once, twice, rocking it back and forth, enjoying the way Spike swayed with the motion. Then he pulled out the toy, lined up his penis and slammed in, encasing his shaft with one swift move, burying his length up to his balls. Xander gasped and stilled.

Damn. Too much. As soon as Xander moved it would be over. But he couldn't wait any longer. He dug his fingers into Spike's hips, pulled out, and slammed them together. He did it again, and again, unable to stop. He'd teased both of them too long.

Xander reached forward with one hand and yanked on the strip of wrap, pulling it hard against his lover's nipples. The accompanying roar gratified him. Then he reached below him, pulled off the cock ring, and roughly tugged on his lover's penis. Once, twice . . . The clenching muscles of Spike's ass as he flew into his orgasm flung Xander past the edge, and the human was coming--gallons he'd swear--all pent up and tight from all the playing they'd done. He pumped for what seemed like hours into his lover's channel, finally emptying himself of his seed as well as all his energy.

Exhausted, Xander dropped his head against his lover's back. He wanted to lick the drops of sweat that he found there, but he stopped himself, still willing to play the game. They could have some quality cleanup time later.

Xander pulled out as Spike collapsed, legs sprawled out, arms up. He crawled up beside his lover. The pair lay next to each other, on their sides, both of them panting for a while. Then Spike's breathing stilled back to non-existence, and Xander found he could catch his breath.

Spike lowered his bound wrists and held them out in front of him. Xander fumbled for the safety scissors and cut through the binding. Though he was pretty sure Spike could have freed himself, it was only polite to untie your lover after you'd tied them up. The vampire reached out and let the fingers of one gloved hand tangle with the sweat laden curls of Xander's head.

"So," Xander said when he found he could talk again. "That's what safe sex is all about." He reached out a similarly gloved hand that he could swear had invisible weights tied around it and gently traced one of Spike's angled cheekbones.

"Safer sex, luv. You know there's no such thing as actual safe sex," the vampire drawled.

Especially with you, Xander wanted to say as he fell further into deep blue pools that he never wanted to escape from.





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