by CaliaDragon


Xander walked down the street, a smile on his face and his eyes twinkling with mischief and happiness. Tonight he and his girls were going out together. Sure they had to escort a bunch of rugrats door to door, but that didn't really mean anything to him. What mattered was that Joyce had agreed that he could take Dawn with them. He and Dawn had been looking forw ard to this for a month and Snyder wasn't going to ruin it. If Xander knew his Wills, and he did, no matter what kind of costume Buffy talked Wills into wearing she would end up as a ghost.

Xander knew that Buffy was going as a noble woman, which he thought was stupid, so that she could impress Angel. Why, he had no idea. Everyone could see that the vampire was gone over her. No one shone higher in the bastard's eyes than the Buffster. Xander also knew that the girls thought he hated Angel out of jealousy. That wasn't it at all. The guy was old, would still be old, even if he was human. Why would an old guy be hanging around a teenage girl? Sex, that's why. Angel's whole cryptic avenger thing was really getting old.

Angel would be so much easier to get along with if he acted like what he was. So what if he had a soul? He was still a badass vampire. Man, if he was a vampire he would so be different! There was no way that he would be all angsty and shit. So ye ah, Deadboy had killed people, but duh! He was a demon! Xander had a whole different perspective on being possessed and evil since the whole hyena incident. Xander went back to being himself, sort of, after his possession. Of course he also only had a few days of being a dick head, Deadboy had several centuries to deal with.

Xander had read the Watchers' Diaries that Giles kept around; he figured everyone but Buffy had read them. He also figured that Giles left them out where they could find them, just so that they could read them. Xander had read all about the Scourge of Europe. Xander knew everything the Watchers knew about the four vampires; Angelus and his family had waged a campaign against both the Watchers' Council and the Demonic Council for centuries. They had made their names feared far and wide, yet the Watchers' journals also spoke of the love between Angelus and his Childer. That had been broken by the curse, but the Watchers speculated that the reason t hat Angelus had left his Childer behind when he fled his family, was to protect them from the madness that was slowing taking over his mind.

Xander often wished that his own parents would do the same for him, but so far no go. Xander shrugged thoughts of Angel and his parents out of his mind. Tonight was for him and Dawnie. They had dressed as her favorite characters from one of the shows the pair watched regularly. It had taken a lot of convincing and even more sucking up before Joyce had allowed them to go out dressed like Strife and Eris from Hercules and Xena.

They had borrowed clothes from Buffy for Dawn and used the weapons that they had bought from Ethan's to complete their styles. The pair, with Joyce's help, had then hit the nearest Wal-Mart and bought a bunch of safety pins to complete Xander's outfit.

When Xander walked up the front staircase to the Summers' home he grinned as the door swung open to reveal Dawn in her costume. "Strife ! It's about time you showed up, we have Mischief and Discord to cause!" Dawn told him, before bursting into laughter. Xander lifted her into a hug and laughed along with her as he carried her into the house.

Looking up the stairwell, he grinned at Buffy who was shaking her head at both of them. Behind him, Wills was in her ghost costume. He and Buffy shared a look. Buffy owed him ten bucks and a round of sodas at the Bronze. He looked over at Joyce and smiled at her. Xander loved Joyce Summers; she and Dawnie were one of the best perks of being Buffy's friend as far as he was concerned.

"Shall we go, Ma, Boo and Lady Buffy?" Xander asked with a manic giggle that Joyce and Dawn joined in on. Buffy laughed and walked down the stairs regally. Willow just sighed, she wished she were brave enough to show Xander what she was wearing underneath her costume.


Spike looked around him in awe and amusement. He had no idea what was happening to Sunnyhell, but damned if he didn't like it. There was something to be said for this much chaos. He decided to find the Slayer and have a little fun of his own.

As he was Slayer hunting he came across a very odd sight. Walking down the street were the pretty boy that Angelus had tried to trick him into taking and the Slayer's little sister. The pair were enjoying themselves from what Spike could see and he laughed when the pair blasted a demon that crossed their path.

"Well now, what have we here?" Spike asked as he came to a stop in front of the pair.

Spike felt a thrill go through him when the pair smiled in unison. "Strife, I think we found us a new toy," Eris told her son with a smirk.

"I want this one Ma, he's a follower of mine," Strife told Eris.

Eris laughed, "All right, I'm going to go look up some Discord of my own." She flashed away leaving Spike to wonder when she got powers and why the Whelp was calling the Slayer's little sister Ma.

Before he could ask any questions the boy pulled him into his arms and kissed him. "Wanna fuck?" the boy asked as they broke apart.

"Sure," Spike answered. Who was he turn down a shag? Spike gasped in shock as the boy flashed them away from the streets of Sunnydale. When they reappeared they were both lying, naked, on silk sheets.

Spike wanted to look around and see where he was, but his attention was drawn to the warm body beneath him and a kiss that sent his mind reeling


Strife raised his head from Cupid's chest and tilted his head to the side, a look of shock and humor on his face.

"What's up, babe?" Cupid asked in his warm voice. Strife grinned down at him. "Wanna see a show?" Cupid looked at him in confusion then shrugged. Strife giggled and the pair turned to watch their wall link light up.

Cupid gasped when he saw one of his favorite mortals with one of Strife's favorite vampire's. "Whoa! Is that your old temple?"

"Yep, someone's been playin' with your boy," Strife told him. "Imagine his reaction when he wakes up and realizes he had sex for the first time with a guy when he thought he was me."

Cupid chuckled. He had been using some of the most unlikely women to get Xander to realize that he was gay. Unfortunately the young mortal was proving to be more of a handful than he had thought. If this worked out he may find it in himself not to kill whoever was playing around with his follower.


Willow looked around her and wondered what on earth was going on. She was a ghost! This was so not good. She couldn't find Dawn or Xander and Buffy was acting like a bubble headed bitch. Of all of the costumes she could have chosen, Buffy had to be a noble woman. Willow realized that she needed to go and get Giles, which meant scarying Lady Buffy into following her down the street once more.

She turned to confront Buffy, but came to a gasping halt at the sight that greeted her. Dawn was standing against a nearby wall, smirking at her. Willow wasn't sure why but she blushed. A few moments later, before Willow could get her head straight, Dawn disappeared. "Oh shit! Come on, Lady Pain-in-the-ass, we gotta go." Buffy whimpered, but followed the spirit.

By the time that they had reached Giles' apartment, Willow was a nervous wreck. Buffy had almost run away from her several times and it was only the sudden appearance of both Angel and Cordy that had kept her from being killed by roving demons.


Eris stood looking at Angel, a frown on her face. She didn't like the stupid curse on her boy. She liked him the way he was, but the lack of sex thing was just stupid. Not to mention the fact that her vampire didn't even know the clause was there. That would lead to a whole lot of trouble and bloodshed. That gave her pause; trouble and bloodshed were always a plus, but then she shook it off. Athena and Artemis would be real bitches if something happened to their Slayer. So Eris changed the nature of Angel's curse. There was still a soul, but not all of that angsting shit. Now to find her other favorite vamp.


The real Eris was at that moment watching the entertainment that the little girl possessed with part of her soul was providing. She really liked this kid, though she did send a suggestion into the little girl's mind that made sure she wouldn't follow the way of her friend Xander and pick up someone to fuck and toss aside. Eris shuddered; whoever did this spell really wasn't thinking of the long term problems this night could provide.

When Dawn made her presence known to Drusilla, the vampire turned and smiled at the pretty child. "You aren't who you think you are," Dru told her gently as she walked over to Dawn.

"Then who am I?" Dawn asked with a smirk.

"So much more than anyone will ever imagine. Lovely things have come tonight, so much has changed. My Spikey and the pretty Kitten are having w icked fun. We will stay, but Daddy won't come out to play," Dru told her as she spun in a slow circle. Dawn walked to the seer and healed the sickness that had been killing Dru. The vampire smiled and kissed Dawn on the forehead. Dawn flashed away after the vampire stepped back.


Spike shivered in pleasure at the hot, wet mouth currently sucking his brains out through his cock. It had been decades since he had allowed himself the pleasure of a mortal lover. Longer still since he had gone very far away from his Dru to even seek another lover. Minions didn't count for sex, they were just a shag and toss away.

A warm finger was currently playing over his prostate and Spike growled with pleasure. The possessed boy, Spike finally figured that out, gave Spike's cock one last lick before climbing up the vampire's body and slowly thrusting his cock into the vampire's very willing ass. Spike captured the boy's mouth in a kiss and matched the boy thrust for thrust.

Spike howled out his pleasure as Xander quickened his pace. The pair broke the kiss and stared at one another. Spike shuddered at the heat in the boy's eyes. He growled out his pleasure when the boy leaned down and bit him. Turning his head to the side he sank his fangs into the tanned shoulder. As the pair shared blood, they came. Spike had never felt so much pleasure in all of his unlife.

Xander had rolled to his side and was thinking of saying something when the spell ended. He jerked into a sitting position and looked down at Spike in shock and fear. "Oh shit!"

Spike smirked at the boy. It looked as though his gift had come out of whatever spell it was that was holding him. "We're back to ourselves it seems," Spike said in a low, seductive drawl. Xander nodded, his eyes wide and fearful.

"Are you going to kill me? I'm thinking it's not everyday that a Master Vampire lets himself be a mortal's bottom boy," Xander babbled nervously.

Elsewhere, two gods were cackling wildly at that statement. "No wonder you like him so much!" Strife told his lover.

"Well, normally I'd kill ya, but I think we can overcome that problem," Spike said with a smirk. He really liked this boy. "'Sides, I can't kill ya. Angelus gave you to me and we just shared blood. We're married now," Spike casually informed him.

Xander looked at him and blinked for a few seconds, everyone watching him, Eris had just tuned in, waited to see how he would react to that. "Does this mean you'll keep dangerous women from trying to kill and fuck me?" he blurted out suddenly.

"Of course," Spike answered.

"Cool, so how do we handle this?" Before Spike could respond, a look of horror crossed Xander's face. "Dawnie!" He yelled her name and jumped to his feet, looking around for his and Spike's clothes. Both men stumbled back in shock when Cupid and Strife flashed into the room. The two gods didn't say a word, they just dressed the two men and flashed them away to where Dawn was hiding.


Dawn looked around in fear. She was in the middle of Sunnydale, in the dark, with no Buffy or Xander in sight. She whimpered slightly when a flash of muted light appeared near her. "Dawnie?"

"Xander!" she cried, running out of the bushes and straight into her Xander's arms.

The older boy lifted her into his arms and just held on. "Oh Gods, are you okay?" Dawn nodded, but kept a tight hold on Xander.

"I would not have let anything happen to her, my sweet baby," Dru said gently as she, too, came out of the bushes.

Spike gasped at the sight of her. She was strong again! Xander looked at her nervously before looking back at his 'husband'. The other vampire smiled in response. "I wouldn't have let her be hurt either!" Eris said as she flashed in.

Xander and Dawn shared a look then grinned in response. "I so knew you were real!" the two children chorused.

The three gods laughed at their comment. "We gotta go, but we'll be keeping an eye in.

Xander and Dawn shared a look then grinned in response. "I so knew you were real!" the two children chorused.

The three gods laughed at their comment. "We gotta go, but we'll be keeping an eye on you all. No more eating the good guys, Dru, Spike, and Buffy is off limits. Willow is over on the next block and everyone else is a Giles' place," Cupid told the four with a smile, before the gods all flashed out.

Somehow the four had a feeling that the Fates had just played the odds in their favor.






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