A Nite at Dominic’s
by Char


The Scoobies sat in Giles’ living room, munching on pizza and doing light research.  Actually, no one was really researching anything; they were just using that as an excuse to be together.  “Hey, where’s Spike?” Buffy asked, just now noticing the blonde vampire was missing.

“He said he’d stop by in time to patrol, had something to take care of,” replied Xander.  “I think he’s just ducking out on research.”

“Let’s go to a movie tomorrow night,” said Tara.  “All of us.”

“That’s a good idea,” seconded Willow, grabbing the paper and reading the list of movies.  At first no one agreed to anything, then one movie, playing in a smaller often-overlooked theater, appealed to everyone, even Giles.  They agreed to meet the next night at Giles’ so they could ride to the theater in one car.

A moment later Spike entered after a brief knock.  “You gits ready to patrol?”

“Spike, feel like seeing a movie with us tomorrow?” asked Willow

“Which one?”  Willow told him, as well as which theater it was in.  “Not really my kind of movie.” Spike replied.

“Not enough blood in it for you, Fangless?” retorted Xander.  Spike flashed yellow eyes at him and Xander just grinned back.  Soon they were on patrol; the girls took one part of town, Spike and Xander another.

“When are we going to tell them?” asked Xander.

“Soon, Pet, soon,” was the reply and the vampire wrapped his arm around Xan’s shoulders, pulling him close.  “You know Buffy’s going to go berserk when she find’s out.”

“Yeah, but I don’t care.  Want you and want the world to know,” was the reply.

“Let’s go home, Pet.  I’ll show you how much I care,” and kissed the brunette with passion.


The next night as Spike dropped Xander off at Giles’ apartment, he once again begged off from the movie, saying again that the movie wasn’t for him and he hoped they enjoyed it. 

Coming out of the movie house into the alley, the Scoobies were surprised by the stormy weather.  It had been clear when they went into the theater.  Now they were running.  As they’d exited, they had encountered a hoard of demons and they were ill-prepared for the fight.  Buffy and Spike had managed to get in a few good punches, while Tara and Willow cast a spell to slow the demons down.  Giles and Xander teamed up to fight, but all soon realized that even working together they had no hope of defeating the hoard.  The slow-down spell was working, though, and they soon left most of the demons behind, but the few that could keep up kept calling to their mates and the Scoobies knew that if they didn’t find a place to hide soon, they would be in trouble again.

Rounding the corner Buffy spotted an open door.  “This way,” she called.  As a group they poured through the open door before the lead demon rounded the corner.  Xander kept an eye out to make sure the demons didn’t realize where they had gone and as a result he missed the reaction of the others when they realized where they were.  Turning around to let the others know the hoard had passed, he was astounded by what he saw.  “Ah, Buffy, I don’t think we’re in Sunnydale any more,” he quipped.

Spike smirked – he knew where they were headed as soon as he saw the open door and he was looking forward to seeing the reactions of everyone, especially Xander.  The movie hadn’t been to Spike’s taste, but he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to be with Xander in the dark.  So, after making his excuses to the gang; he’d sauntered to the theater to sneak in.  He didn’t have to wait long, watching as Xander settled behind the others.  He went to sit behind his pet.  He loved tormenting Xander during the show.  The others hadn’t been aware of the full extent of their relationship and Spike was happy to keep it that way for the moment.  Now, it seemed the prefect opportunity might have just been handed to him; a way to make their relationship known and keep others from protesting until it was too late.  Once the claiming was done, nothing the Scoobies could do would change it and he knew Xander wouldn’t object – they’d talked about it often enough, usually ending with the agreement that the timing was wrong whenever they had discussed it.

In the foyer of the establishment, everyone gasped.  They knew such places existed but had never expected to find themselves in one.  The greeting one of their group received surprised them even more. 

“Mistress Tara, welcome back”, a surprised Dungeon Master stammered.  “You haven’t graced our walls for a while, but I’m sure you remember the rule that slaves must be appropriately dressed upon entering.” 

“I know, Master Dominic,” replied Tara easily, “but this was a spur of the moment stop and we didn’t have a chance to decide who was what.”

“Spur of the moment indeed.” mutter Giles, and Spike could tell that Giles was more aroused than put out by being there.

Other patrons of the club started noticing who was in the doorway and most gave Tara smiles or waves of ‘hello’.  Spike grinned to himself – who knew the shyest Scoobie had it in her?

Dominic continued, “Your usual private room just happens to be available. For you and your guests, if you wish.” 

“Yes, Master Dominic, that would be great,” replied Tara and then turn to her friends.  “This way.”  Tara led the others down a short hall and just before they got to the private rooms, they all stopped short.  There, in the public room, was a site they never imagined or thought they’d see - Cordelia had Doyle strapped into a devise and was thoroughly enjoying herself from the look on her face, and Doyle was having just as much fun to judge by the groans.  No one in the group noticed as two others joined them until the first one spoke in a hushed whisper and Buffy felt strong arms clamping around her.  

“Want to be my slave,” a familiarly husky voice said.

“Angel,” moaned Buffy, recognizing at once the frame she was held against and further words were lost as the gang realized that Wesley was also there, kneeling before Giles.   As Wes knelt, he presented Giles with the end of an ornate leash.  He waited for the older Watcher to acknowledge him, hoping he wouldn’t refuse.  Wesley remembered the times when he hadn’t refused, when they had both needed it.  Ignoring the others, Giles took the leash.  When Wesley felt the tug, he started to rise.  “No, Slave, remain on your knees.”  Wesley groaned as he complied - it would be as before - and quickly led Giles to an empty room. 

Entering the room, Wesley assumed the ready position; he stayed on his knees, hands clasped behind his back, head bowed but otherwise erect.   As he waited, Giles ignored him and explored the room.  Familiarizing himself with all the various instruments available.  Finding and choosing a butt plug he turned to the waiting man and said, “Present yourself, Whore.” 

Wesley slowly lowered his shoulders to the ground as his hands clasped his butt cheeks and slowly pulled them apart.  Giles grinned and put the minimal amount of lube on the plug and slowly forced into Wesley’s unprepared hole.  Wesley groaned as the giant plug was forced in.  It had been a while for him and the large size burned.   He knew from the feel that this was only the beginning.   He knew Giles intended to do a lot more and he couldn’t wait.


In the foyer, Willow grabbed Tara’s hand, ”Show me, Mistress, how to please you.”   Tara just led her away.


“Well, Peaches, when you’re done with the Slayer, come find Xan and me.  We have something we need to discuss with you,” said Spike as he pulled Xander into a room.

“So, Slayer,” whispered Angel, “going to be my slave for the night?”  It wasn’t really a question so he didn’t wait for an answer.  Angel just picked her up and carried Buffy into a room.  Before she had a chance to see the room Angel blindfolded her. 

Buffy raised her hand’s to remove the blindfold, but before she completed the maneuver, Angel chained her hands.

“What about your soul?” Buffy questioned.

“What about it?’ replied Angel, nipping at her neck.

“Could you lose it?”

“Not any more – got into a fight a few months ago with a Kl*sl*ishr demon and now Angelus and I are permanently together.” was Angel’s reply as he continued to nip gently at Buffy’s throat.  “Now, no more talking or I will gag you,” as he continued to play with her body.  He left her shirt on, not wanting to ruin the top trying to get it off without removing the cuffs.  He did, however, remove her shoes, pants and undergarments.  Within half an hour he’d reduced Buffy to a limp, passed-out Slayer.  Releasing the cuffs he laid her warm sleeping body on the bed.  He thought about taking her in this state, then remembered the look on Spike’s face as he led Xander away.  He went looking for the two. 


Spike led a willing Xander into a private room.  “Xander, do you trust me?” asked Spike a wicked gleam in his eye.

Xander shook his head to clear his thoughts, noticing the look in Spike’s eye.  “Yes”, he replied, swallowing hard, his throat gone dry.

“Good.  With Angel here, we can do the claiming.”

“Think he’ll approve?”

“I’m sure, Pet.  Now we can have fun while waiting for him.  Just remember not to cum.”


“That would delay the ritual a day,” replied Spike, smiling hotly into Xander’s eyes, “and I don’t want to wait another day.  So, do you trust me?” he asked again as he leaned in and kissed Xander, lighting a fire in the younger man’s month.  Xander’s reply was lost in the kiss and when he came up for air, he completely forgot the question and barely noticed that somehow, Spike had managed to divest them both of their clothes.  He leaned back into the vampire for more scorching kisses, their erect cocks rubbing together.  He never noticed Spike putting the cuffs on him until after he was restrained.  Looking into Spike’s grinning eyes, Xander melted and felt his cock twitch harder still.

Picking up a soft flogger, Spike proceeded to apply the soft leather to Xander’s backside.  At first Xander tried to move away from the pain, but then the pain was replaced by pleasure, very intense pleasure.   Fifteen minutes later, Spike put down the instrument.  Xander’s back, thighs and butt were a bright red.  Grabbing the oil he had put near at hand, Spike proceeded to rub it all over Xander.  The special oil kept the heat generated by the lashes in and when he finished, Spike held himself against Xander allowing them both a moment to calm.  He knew if he continued much longer they would both cum.  Keeping himself against Xander’s back, Spike reached up and released Xander from the restraints and Xander slid boneless to the floor.

A few moments later Angel was coming through the door.  “What did you want?” a curious Angel asked.

“Want your approval so I can claim Xander,” was the reply.

“Yeah, want to be claimed by my mate,” Xander whispered from where he rested on the floor, still very hard with need.

“You do realize what it entails, Xander?”  asked Angel.

“Yeah, Spike and I get to have lots of sex.” Xander flippantly replied.  Spike just smirked as Angel rolled his eyes.

“Little bit more to it than that.  Spike did explain that you would be sharing blood.  And I don’t mean just tonight, but from now on.”

“Actually, we did discuss it at length one night, and if either one of us had been in any shape to drive we wouldn’t be having this conversation now,” was Xander’s reply.

“Fine,” purred Angel as he pulled Xander up onto his feet and into a kiss.  Spike moved to stand behind Xander, pressing into his love.  Speaking the ritual words Angel bit into Xander’s neck.  Raising his wrist to Xander’s mouth he urged Xander to bite hard.   Xander did, tasting Angel’s blood for the first time.

Changing places with Spike to complete the ritual, Angel eased his cock into a well-prepared Xander.  Spike spoke the words and bit Xander.  He pulled Xander’s head to his neck and urged him to bite.  As Xander bit, Spike’s hand gripped their erections and pulled in time to Angel’s thrusts.  The vampires spoke the final words to complete the ritual, which Xander echoed.  Within moments of the finals words, they were coming. 

Not even remotely sated, Spike pulled Angel and Xander to the bed.  Pushing Xander gently onto the bed, he slowly entered Xander, pulling Angel behind him and pressing the tube of lube into his hands.  Angel took a moment to prepare Spike, then pushed his way in.  Spike groaned at the intrusion and between Xander’s heat and Angel’s cool he was as close to heaven as a demon could get.  Even at the slower pace, Spike could feel Xander getting close.  Wrapping his hand around Xander’s cock he stroked his mate in time to Angel’s thrusts.

Leaning down Spike nuzzled Xander’s mark.  Xander groaned and latched onto Spike’s neck biting hard enough to draw blood again.  Spike ease his fangs into his mark on Xander’s neck and pulled a mouthful of the heady mix that was Xander’s blood.  With a scream of release Xander passed out.  Xander’s orgasm pulled Spike’s from him, which, in turn, triggered Angel’s.  Angel bit into the back of Spike’s neck, and then offered his wrist. 

Spike bit the proffered wrist and drank a small amount of blood.  Slowly Angel withdrew from Spike and with a light slap on the blonde’s butt went back to Buffy.  With a sigh, Spike gently pulled out of Xander and cuddled the comatose boy closer to him and waited for Xan to wake.  They would need to leave soon.


Angel quietly opened the door of the room he had left Buffy in; she was still out.  Smiling to himself he grabbed the lube; he still had plans for the Slayer.  Quickly slicking himself again, he then prepared Buffy.  She moaned when she felt the cool hands but did not wake.  Slowly, Angel pushed into her tight hole, the only one he had not taken yet. 

Buffy slowly woke up to the uncomfortable intrusion in her ass.  At first it hurt and she tried to get away for the pain, but Angel’s grip was too strong and tight.   Soon the pain became pleasure.  Buffy started pushing back to meet Angel’s thrusts.  When he had Buffy on edge, he held her there, wanting her to start begging.  Grinning at her words, he increased his speed and when he was close, leaned over and bit Buffy on her shoulder.  Buffy screamed as she came hard, never noticing that Angel had bitten her.

“Get dressed,” Angel said as he slapped Buffy’s butt, “Sun will be up in a few hours and I don’t want to spend the day here.”

Buffy yelped and slowly complied.  She was feeling too good to argue with the dominant vampire.  Getting dressed, Buffy followed Angel into the main room in an unconscious submissive position.  Dominic met them in the doorway to the room.  “Most of your friends have gone.  Said something about it being safer to go individually.  Mistress Tara wanted me to let you know that all fees have been paid and asked me to let you know to meet them at Giles’ place.”

“Thank you, Dominic.  We will definitely be back.  Chase the blonde and his roomie out in a few, okay?” Angel replied.  Dominic nodded and shook Angel’s proffered hand.   Grabbing a still dazed Buffy, Angel led her to his car and drove to the nearby hotel.  He would call Giles and let him know they’d meet with them tonight.  Angel wanted more time with Buffy.  She was still dazed enough not to realize he had bitten her and he wanted to take advantage of that.


Spike looked at Xander’s sleeping form.  He had realized five minutes after holding him that Xander had gone from passed-out into sleep and was likely to stay that way unless Spike did something.  Wrapping his hand around Xander’s cock he began to gently pull as he slowly eased back into the boy.  Slowly stoking the growing length he waited for Xander to wake before picking up speed. 

Xander was dreaming, and it was a wonderful dream.  He was finally mated to the man he loved and now was being loved by that same man.  Waking to find dream was reality he sighed happily.  Xander started thrusting into the hand that held him and back onto the cock in his ass.  Soon both men were coming.

“Get your kit on,” Spike said as he withdrew from Xander with a groan.  “We really should catch up to the others.”

“Let’s just go back to our place.  We can see the others tonight.”

“Right then.  Get dressed so we can go.”  Spike climbed out of the bed and tossed Xander’s clothes at him.  As they started to walk out the door of the establishment, Dominic stopped them.  “Your friends asked me to let you know to meet them at the Giles place.”

“Anyone else still here?” asked Spike.

“No, you’re the last to leave,” was the reply.

“Ta then mate enjoyed our stay very much,” as Spike pulled Xander through the door.  Grabbing Xander’s cell from him he phoned Giles.  He listened a moment then closed the phone.  “Has his machine on,” Spike told Xander.  “We’re to meet tonight after we get some sleep.”

“Sleep, sleep’s on the agenda for today?” quipped Xander.

“Maybe for the others.” Spike purred, “but I have other plans for you.”  And Spike proceeded to nip at Xander’s neck, especially on his mark.  Xander melted. 

“Take me home before I do something I’ll regret later.  ‘Cause as much as I want the world to know I’m yours, sex in a park is not really the way I want to announce it.”

Spike leered and quickly led the boy to the DeSoto.  A short time later they were standing in front of the apartment door.  “Going to carry me over the threshold?” Xander asked coyly.

“Why would I want to do that?” queried Spike.

“Cause it’s a tradition.  We did just get married in a vampire sort of way.”

Spike didn’t respond, just flung Xander over his shoulder and opened the door.  He carried Xander into the bedroom and dumped him on the bed.  “Happy?” he smirked.

“Immensely,” as he reached to undo Spike’s pants.  Slowly divesting his lover of his pants, he went to work on the freed cock, already half hard with anticipation.  Spike groaned when he felt Xander’s warm breath.  Within moments the blonde was hard and thrusting into Xander’s willing mouth, coming shortly thereafter.  Xander swallowed eagerly.  Pulling Spike down to him, Xander kissed the vampire until he ran out of breath.  “Love you, Blondie” Xander said when he had breath again.

“Luv you back,” was the reply.  Removing all the clothes he could reach intent on showing Xander how much he was loved.  Fondling the pert nipples, Spike kissed and nibbled on Xander’s neck, enjoying the flavor of the man he loved.

Xander was in heaven and Spike was worshiping his body.  He felt Spike’s hand travel lower, his mouth leaving a trail of kisses from his neck to his nipples.  He inhaled as he felt Spike insert two fingers into his loosened hole.

Spike feeling that Xander was still loose and slick; slowly shifted his position and once more entered Xander.

Xander brought his legs up to wrap around Spike’s waist, holding him close, and rose with each thrust from his mate.  Keeping the pace slow, Spike gradually built them both to need, and when that need was intense he still kept it slow.  Leaning forward he grasped Xander in a searing kiss.  Slowly fucking his mate’s mouth with his tongue in rhythm with their bodies.

Xander was floating, all he’s senses were centered on the vampire slowly riding his body.  Feeling Spike lean forward for a kiss, he grabbed the blonde’s head and held him as the vampire’s tongue matched paced with his cock.

The slow pace could only be held so long and soon Spike was speeding up, Xander thrusting to meet each stroke.  Spike was hitting the special place every time, causing Xander to groan and shutter with need.

Spike slid into game face, nuzzling Xander’s neck, tasting his boy, his mate.  Xander sensing what Spike was about to do, leaned his head a little and bit the vampire first.  Drawing a mouthful of the vampire’s blood, he groaned as it slid down his throat, then screamed into Spike's neck when Spike finally bit him, pulling his release from him.

Spike groaned as he felt Xander bite and draw his blood, impossibly close to release but not wanting it until Xander came first.  Slowly he bit into the proffered neck and felt himself grow even harder.  He felt rather than heard Xander’s scream and when he felt the release between them, he came.

“It just keeps getting better,” murmured Xander.  “Love you, Fangless.”

“Love you back, Whelp,” and slowly slid out of Xander so the boy could sleep.


Later that night the Scoobies, Angel and Wes were assemble in Giles’ living room.  Tara cradled a lost kitten she had found on her doorstep the night before.  Wes was miserable – his allergies had decided to act up as a result of the presence of the kitten.  From the kitchen Willow called, “Who wants chocolate sauce and ice cream, not counting Xander.”  To the chorus of yeses Willow was soon delivering the cool treat.  She saved the largest portion for Xander and delivered it last.  That’s when Xander’s claim mark was noticed for the first time.  “Xander!” Willow exclaimed, “What happen?”  pulling his shirt’s collar aside to examine the bite closely.

“That’s my claiming mark,” was Xander’s calm reply moving closer to Spike as Angel move to stand beside Buffy.

“What!” yelled Buffy, but before she moved Angel laid a hand on her shoulder right above his bite and slowly rubbed it.  Buffy calmed without realizing why.  Spike raised an eyebrow at Angel and Angel just shook his head.  Taking a casual sniff Spike grinned, “Later” he mouthed to Angel and the older vampire nodded.  No one except Xander noticed the exchange. 

“Xander, when did Spike claim you?” asked Giles

“Last night, we took advantage of the fact Angel was in town.  When did you figure it out?

“Last week – you and Spike were less than discreet at one of the meetings at the Magic Box.”

“Why would you let Spike bite you?” asked Buffy rather calm now but Angel kept near her.

“Because I love him and I want to be with him for as long as I can.  I may not have eternity but I have a lot longer now.” 

“Don’t worry Slayer, protecting Xander will be my main job.” Spike pulled Xander closer to him.

“God, I hope not,” whispered Xander into Spike’s ear, earning a smirk from the vampire.

“Giles,” called Wesley, holding a book so the older man could see.  “Are these the demons you encountered last night?” 

“Yes,” glancing to read what was written.  “That’s good news.”

“What?” from a chorus of voices.

“Oh, yes, the horde we encountered last night should have returned to their dimension when the storm ended.”

“Cool,” bounced Buffy, “Anyone up for patrol just to make sure?”  Spike, Angel and Xander accepted, Tara, Willow, Giles and Wesley opted to stay and do further research on the demons.


The patrol was uneventful.  They dusted a few fledges but otherwise saw no sign of the hoard the Scoobies encountered the night before.  Xander had been confused at first about Buffy’s calm acceptance of Spike’s claim, but Spike explained it to him.

“When Angel bit her last night, it was no ordinary bite.  It was a mark.  Not on the same level as a claim but a permanent mark all the same,” said Spike as he watched Angel and Buffy patrol ahead of them.  Angel would every so often touch the mark and say something to Buffy, probably a suggestion of some sort.  “Anyway, it makes her more accepting to our claim as well and any suggestions Angel may make.”

“He controls her?” a worried tone crept into Xander’s voice.

“No, just makes suggestions, Pet.  Angel wouldn’t do that anyway, no matter how much Angelus would want it.”

“What would happen if someone else touched the mark?”

“Most likely nothing,” was the reply.  “I’m hoping I’ll be able to make one suggestion when she needs it.”

“What’s that?”

“To send her to Peaches when she gets too snarky.  Seeing how Angel’s the only one she’ll have now.”

“You mean?”

“Yep, he’s influenced her to be his alone.”

“That may make it rough on all of us.  Especially you and me.”

“Which is why I’m hoping I can make that suggestion to her.”  Raising his voice, “Oi, Peaches, ready to head back?  I think we’ve dusted all the fledges tonight.

Angel and Buffy turned back to look at the pair, Angel asked Buffy a question to which she shrugged her shoulders.  “Guess we could,” she replied when the other two joined them.

The trip back to Giles’ was uneventful as well.  Spike spoke with Angel in a voice low enough only the older vampire could hear.  “Did you do it?”

“Hopefully,” was the reply.  “Spent most of last night reinforcing the suggestion.  You should be able to.  I’m hoping anyone can, though only you will know the how and why of it.  One favor though, try to call me before you send her.  Give me a chance to warn the others at least.”  Angel grinned at Spike’s smirk and knew to expect Buffy at some unusual times.  At Giles’ front door Wesley was saying his good-byes. 

“Ah, Angel, got a call from Cordy and she wanted to know when to expect us.”

“We can leave shortly.”  Angel replied.

“Just remember,” Giles said to the younger watcher.  “Anytime you need me, just call and I’ll do what I can to help.” 

“I’ll be sure to let you know,” replied Wesley and he hugged the girls and shook Spike’s and Xander’s hand. 

Angel shook Giles’ hand and hugged the others, including Spike and Xander.  As he hugged the two witches, he felt Buffy stiffen.  Turning to her he whispered, “Mine,” and kissed her gently.

“Yours,” was the reply as she melted into the kiss.  Slowly letting go of the Slayer, Angel walked with Wesley to his car.

“Hey, Wes,” called Xander, “Can you find out where Cordy and Doyle got the fur-lined underwear?”

Everyone froze, then laughter burst out.  It was the first and only time their adventure in Dominic’s Dungeon was mentioned.  Still laughing Wes and Angel got in the convertible; while Giles led the others back into his place.





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