Spike sat in the recliner of death, waiting for Xander to fall asleep. He'd figured out a few nights ago how to get out of the ropes the boy insisted on binding him with even though he and the rest of the Scooby Do-Gooders knew he was about as threatening as sodding Polly Pocket. A happy accident was the only thing that kept him from going nutters. Three nights ago, as Xander was winding the rope around him, he drew in a deep breath, probably intending to use it for insults. He hadn't gotten the chance, but found when he released it there was plenty of wriggle room between the ropes and chair.

Now that the human was finally asleep, he did just that. Releasing the breath in one long, silent sigh, he wiggled and squirmed until he felt the ropes catch on his chin. With a truly evil grin, he pushed the ropes up over his head and stood. Mischief to be had, and no one the wiser. A thought that stretched the smile on his face impossibly wide. After all, how could he have done anything if he were tied to the chair all night?

It only took a moment to locate his duster hanging on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. VampVision, great invention. Slipping it on, he moved with all the stealth of his demonic nature to the bedside, digging around in the pockets to find his special surprise for Xander. It took a little time to get the boy into position without waking him up. Also, it was the first time he'd ever tried to get someone's cock out of their pants and keep it soft at the same time. Very difficult work.

He snickered a little as he pulled the little yellow sticker out of his pocket and quickly placed it where he wanted, tucking the boys not unimpressive equipment back inside his boxers. Then, turning to leave, he started humming a tune and quietly singing to himself. "In the land where I was born, lived a man who sailed to sea. And he told us of his life in the land of submarines." Then, letting his mind drift to what was in store for the boy in the morning, he silently snuck out the basement door, forcing forced down another bout of laughter. Wouldn't do to wake him, now would it?


Well, off to see the witches.





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