by Danielle




Xander trailed behind the bored vampire, trying to think of something to say. They’d been patrolling for half an hour, and the human had already talked about everything he could think of. He was seriously crushing on the blonde, and that wasn’t making conversation any easier.


“So, uh—we Scoobies smell different...to vampires, I mean?” //Where had that come from?// He cringed as Spike stopped walking and raised an eyebrow at him.


“I knew I’d live to regret telling that to you wankers...” Spike sighed, annoyed. The previous week, he and the gang had sat around talking about tracking techniques, which had led to him explaining the finer points of vampire senses.


“It’s not human at all. More...primal,” Spike had said with a wicked grin. “The younger the sweeter. Whitehats are more of a delicacy--rich, decadent, like a dessert--whereas rotten blokes smell more like spiced bread.” He was shushed with a round of disgusted noises and the night went on. //Leave it to the boy to mention it. Teach me to be honest with them.//


“Well, it’s just...what exactly do we smell like?” Latching on to this topic, Xander stepped closer to Spike and they walked shoulder to shoulder.


“What you’d taste like, mate.” The former Big Bad smirked as he lit a cigarette. He was planning on making this difficult.


The brown-haired human sighed. “Okay...so what do we taste like? Exactly?”


“Well, you all taste like blood: coppery...smooth. But there's an underlying flavor that makes it richer. Your little Scooby club gets targeted for a reason.” Spike paused again, turning toward the boy and getting closer. “Your blood calls to evil, telling it how pure and noble you are...how—sweet. Do you know what it’s like to be starving around you?” His voice was a seductive rumble as he let himself do what he had been dreaming of doing for months.


The vampire leaned in to Xander’s neck, lost in the scent and his own hunger. He inhaled, moaning at the onslaught to his senses. Until tonight, he had thought Xander hated him, but that hadn’t stopped the vampire from being attracted to him anyway.


“I—uh...but what's it like? D-details?” Flustered and aroused, Xander grasped at words.


“Red, she would taste like applesauce...cinnamon...ginger...” //addicting. That’s what Harris’ scent is.// Spike thought as he struggled not to touch the boy. His lips lingered near the delectable human’s ear, hunger and desire making his hands hover on either side of Xander’s hips. “The magick adds tartness...”


“Oh...what about the G-Man?” Xander leaned into the vampire’s almost-embrace until only their cheeks touched. He hissed as Spike’s lips touched his neck.


“Dried apricots and cream cheese...course, age and darkness play into it.” His hands now rested on the human’s waist. Spike dropped his cigarette, surprised that the whelp was letting him get this close. “—And before you ask, the Slayer’s all honey and vanilla--laced with saccharine that probably has to do with how many times she’s fought for humanity. Glinda’s pure heart makes a delightful peaches and creme...”


Xander knew he should be getting squicked, but all he felt was turned on and fascinated.


“Nibblet’s sugarcane with caramel—the youth and innocence just flavor everything...” The blonde nibbled on Xander’s warm, soft neck, feeling the human’s moan more than hearing it.


“And—and me?” The human pulled his face away to look at Spike. His brown eyes asked if he was really wanted by the vampire.


Unable to stop himself, Spike leaned in and kissed Xander. It was a heady experience for both, getting more urgent and passionate by the second. As lips locked, their hands roamed. The vampire put his hand on the boy’s flushed cheek, never wanting to break contact. Xander wrapped his arms around Spike’s waist, urging him closer.


Eventually they pulled away because of Xander’s need to breathe, each savoring the moment.


Spike grinned and leaned in for another. “Truffles...zings of dark chocolate...delicious,” he punctuated each word with a kiss.


“So...this is good, right?” The human’s confidence faltered a bit, really wanting for this to be real.


“You just better be glad I have a sweet tooth, luv,” Spike said as he gave Xander a deep kiss that promised much more and led the human to his crypt.





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