by Lorien


It was a fine fall evening; Indian summer giving over to crisp coolness and the tang of leaves in the air as they wandered side by side together, the usual banter having fallen by the wayside. The silence was a newer thing between them, but something they both quietly relished; a chance to put away the barbs and just…be with each other. This camaraderie had been growing between them steadily ever since Spike had moved in with Xander, at the younger man’s insistence after seeing the pitiable state of Spike’s then current crypt.

Both were dirty and tired from dusting a small nest of vamps, and took a moment to rest, Spike leading Xander to an older crypt for them to lean against. As Xander slid down to sit, he grimaced and hissed, hands going to his side to check for the damage he had not even known was there until sweat trickled into it. Spike, showing an unusual amount of concern was there immediately, cool fingers brushing away Xander’s own and gently lifting his shirt, soothing the long scratch with soft touches and softer murmurs.

As Spike caressed him, the rest of the world fell away for a moment, a silence hovering over them that seemed to Xander a very fragile thing. His eyes lay fascinated on the play of Spike’s long, white digits ghosting over his own tanned skin, basking in the kindness of the other man. Holding his breath, he laid his hand gently on the curve of Spike’s skull, gathering the vampire’s attention. As soon as he glanced up, a question in his eyes, Xander’s hand moved to cup his chin, and he simply looked, willing his intent silently with dark eyes, thumb moving, almost of it’s own accord to sweep over Spike’s lower lip to quiet the words that he knew were about to come pouring out. He leant over and brushed his lips to Spike’s, just as he had a million times in his mind these last few months. Only this….this was better than anything his mind could provide. Soft and real and tender, small breaths puffing over cool skin as he teased, lathing his love on the vampire. A brief moment of hesitation from Spike, and then he was there, joining Xander in exploration, hands skirting over his shoulder to card gently through his hair, a small whimper escaping from somewhere deep inside, and it seemed he would almost break at Xander’s answering rumble.

The kiss seemed to go on forever, both of them pouring out unspoken devotions to each other, until finally Xander pulled back to breathe, head tilted back, eyes on the sky above, noting with a regretful and small frown that it was close to dawn, black fading, stars winking out under a deep indigo blue. Taking Spike’s hand in his own, he levered up and off the ground, pulling the vampire along with him. They stood there for a moment, taking in the landscape, fingers entwined, both knowing that this place, this particular graveyard would forever be a little different for them whenever they came back. With a chaste kiss on Spike’s hand, Xander smiled and they started on the walk home, towards something new.


In a Graveyard

Wandering properties of death
Arresting moons within our eyes and smiles
We did rest
Amongst the granite tombs to catch our breath

Worldly sounds of endless warring
Were for just a moment silent stars
Worldly boundaries of dying
Were for just a moment never ours
All was new
Just as the black horizons blue

Then along the bending path away
I smiled in knowing we'd be back one day

Rufus Wainwright





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