by Maggie


Xander really loved nights like these. Not that every night with Spike wasn’t amazing, but nights like these were exceptional. In the year he had been with Spike, they hadn’t had an overwhelming number of slime-free, bruise-free, demon-free nights. Well, slime-free anyway. A certain demon seemed quite capable of leaving him with bruises regardless of what the night brought them.


Xander sighed quietly and snuggled in closer. God how he loved these precious nights when he could simply be with Spike; curled up against his body, Spike’s arm draped across his shoulders. Spike responded to his cuddle by squeezing him gently and then absently caressing his arm. Xander glanced up at him but Spike was paying attention to the movie on the television and the beer in his hand. Xander smiled and turned his attention back to the show.


This was, in fact, the only thing marring an otherwise perfect evening. If they had been at home there would have been five hundred channels to choose from and they might have been able to find something decent to watch. But they were at Angel’s place and he didn’t have cable. Or a satellite dish. Or televisions in the rooms. This was a hotel for crying out loud. You’d think there would be a few TV’s around he and Spike could have. But no. If they wanted to curl up and watch the tube, they had to do it here, in the TV room. Where the door didn’t lock and anyone could just walk right in.


It had taken Xander a while to relax enough to be comfortable curled up with Spike. He didn’t really like the idea that someone could walk in and see them. People knowing they were a couple was one thing; Cordelia walking in on them making out was another. Not that they were, but a guy could dream. After a pointed look from Spike, Xander had finally stopped squirming and settled down. Now he couldn’t think what the big deal had been. No one had come near the door and he got to enjoy a relatively rare quiet evening with Spike.


Lost in thought, Xander didn’t notice that Spike’s caresses were getting more purposeful. He almost started when he heard Spike whisper his name in his ear. Glancing up again, he saw a glitter in Spike’s amused eyes.


“Fall asleep, Pet? Time to put you to bed?”


Xander straightened slightly and focused.


“No, not asleep. Just relaxed.” He looked directly into Spike’s eyes. “And happy.”


Spike gave him that intense look Xander had learned was one of deep satisfaction and pleasure. Without saying anything more, Spike reached across and tugged on the arm trapped between their bodies. Xander knew the signal and rearranged himself – no longer leaning against Spike’s side but now almost laying across his lap. Spike shifted as well, turning toward Xander and spreading his legs slightly. Even though he could no longer see the television, it was one of Xander’s favorite positions. He snuggled in once again, relishing the feeling of Spike’s strong arm holding him close, the unique scent of his lover surrounding him.


It wasn’t long before he was relishing another sensation – Spike’s hand gently stroking his leg. The touch was light, barely registering, and completely captivating. Xander closed his eyes, lost in the sensations that wonderful, maddening hand was creating. His body humming with awakening need, it took only a brief caress to send jolts of electricity jangling through his nerves. He opened his eyes in time to catch the look of desire cross Spike’s face before it was replaced with a smirk.


“Sensitive, Xander?” Spike asked quietly, lightly stroking the erection under his fingertips.


Another shudder passed though him before he could answer.




He looked up again and saw a different smile this time as Spike bent his head to kiss him. Soft lips moved against his, soft touches sent fire through his body and the next shudder came just as he opened his mouth to the probing of a soft tongue.


Xander was lost. Nothing existed outside the feel and taste of his lover’s mouth and the intense awareness of the hand touching him. So caught up was he in the feelings Spike was creating, he could hardly move, much less reciprocate. Even after Spike lifted his head, Xander remained – mouth open, eyes closed, breath coming quickly – awash in sensation. His eyes fluttered open when he felt Spike’s hand cup his face. Although he was still a little dazed, there was no mistaking the darkness of the eyes looking so intently at him.




Spike’s thumb began caressing his cheekbone. Moaning quietly, Xander moved into the touch.  


“You’re so bloody beautiful like this, Xander.”


Turning to look at him, Xander gave a small smile.


“You’re not so bad yourself.”


“Skin flushed,” Spike murmured gently kissing Xander’s forehead. “Eyes glazed with lust.” Feathered kisses over Xander’s eyelids. “Panting with desire.” Hand sliding around the back of his head to bring Xander’s mouth up for a deep kiss.


“It’s a good look on you, pet.” Spike leaned back, his mouth quirking up into a half smile.


“Yeah,” Xander answered, trying to get his breath. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


Moving slightly in an attempt to clear his head and get his bearings, Xander felt something solid digging into his side. He smiled up at Spike and moved a little more purposefully.


“Something wrong, luv?”


“No, nothing’s wrong.” Xander moved again, rubbing a bit harder against the object poking him.


“Sure ‘bout that? Seem a bit uncomfortable.”


“There does seem to be something hard under here. Makes it kinda difficult to lay in this position.”  Squirm.  Xander grinned as Spike let out a low growl. “Maybe I should move.”


“Maybe you should.”


With a grace Xander had never believed he could acquire, he slipped off Spike’s lap onto the floor, his eyes not leaving Spike’s for a moment. Like a well-choreographed dance, Spike moved with him, settling himself back on the couch, his legs on either side of his lover. Once again Xander smiled at Spike, but more mischievously this time. He loved doing this. The freedom to tease and touch the man he loved. And after what Spike had done to him earlier, he definitely deserved to be teased.


Still looking into Spike’s eyes, he began to move his hands up and down Spike’s thighs. He moved deliberately, thumbs working toward inner thighs, fingers gliding over hips, carefully avoiding the obvious. Spike’s fingers were running through his hair, clenching and relaxing erratically. Slowing his movements until he had Spike’s complete attention, Xander maintained eye-contact, finally placing his lips where they were most desired. As his warm breath seeped through the denim to tickle the skin underneath, Spike reflexively pulled at the hair in his hands. At Xander’s whimper he quickly let go.


“Sorry, luv.”


Murmuring something incoherent, Xander continued to nuzzle and kiss. Still looking at Spike, he was rewarded for his efforts with flashes of golden eyes and growls of approval and desire. He could actually feel Spike trembling beneath him and the thought of all that strength barely contained made him shiver. When the growls of approval began to turn to ones of impatience, Xander tore his eyes from Spike’s beautiful face and focused instead on the task of freeing him from confinement. It wasn’t easy to do gently, what with the strain on the buttons of Spike’s fly, but he managed. The top button was the most difficult, the rest practically popping open. Xander couldn’t help grinning again at the sigh of relief he heard above him.






“How ‘bout this? Is this better?” Xander pushed Spike’s t-shirt up and leaned in to kiss his stomach. Feather-soft, butterfly kisses with just a hint of tongue licking him.


Spike groaned deep in his chest.


“Does that mean it’s better? Or worse?”


Spike glared at him.


“Maybe this would be better.” Spreading Spike’s jeans open wide, he transferred his kisses to the hollow of Spike’s groin and the top of his thigh, lingering for several long minutes.


“Xander. Bloody hell…”


“Still not better? Huh. I’m sort of running out of ideas here. You got any?” He gave Spike his  best innocent look.


Spike gritted his teeth.


“You could try paying attention to what’s right in front of your face.”


“Your bellybutton? Ok, if you think that’s best.”


As Xander moved so did Spike, who managed to lift his hips and bring his neglected erection to Xander’s undivided attention. He let out a quiet moan.


“Now you’re gettin’ the idea.”


Hiding a smirk, Xander complied with Spike’s not-so-subtle request. No matter how often he pleasured his mate in this way, he never lost the wonder he experienced that first time. Not having been with a man before, he hadn’t been exactly sure what to expect, but he thought he had a pretty good idea. After all, he knew what he liked. But the sheer delight of actually touching Spike was something he could not have anticipated; the softness of his skin, the feel of strength underneath the surface. And the warmth. Well, relative warmth. Not that he thought Spike would be an ice cube. They had kissed and touched before. But this was different. Spike felt almost alive under his lips, Xander’s warm breath making his body jump, giving the illusion of a pulse. He knew it was no use asking Spike how he could even get an erection considering his lack of circulation. He was just glad it was possible.


A louder moan followed by fingers combing through his hair again refocused Xander’s attention. As he worked his way up the length of Spike’s cock with his mouth, he wiggled his fingers into the open jeans and stroked the skin of his balls. Spike lifted his hips once more and this time Xander obligingly helped him pull his jeans down to his knees. This was much better, as now he could get to all the parts of Spike he desired. Blowing warm air against the wet skin he’d been tasting, Xander moved back down until he was settled between Spike’s thighs.


Xander really liked Spike’s balls. They had just enough crinkly hairs to make the texture interesting, but not enough to discourage him from licking and sucking to his heart’s content. They were really sensitive, too. He could make Spike squirm in the most fascinating ways just by lightly tickling the backside of his sac. He took one testicle in his mouth, rolling the firm ball on his tongue. He was quite proud of his ability to multi-task. His lips never leaving Spike’s balls, his left hand investigated the smooth skin and wrinkled opening behind, while his right hand kept Spike’s cock company above. He was no longer in a position to see Spike’s face, but from the growls and groans he could hear, he knew he was doing something right.


“Pet… Xander… bloody hell… Xander…”


Reluctantly pulling his mouth away from Spike’s body, Xander looked up and was completely transfixed. The vampire was rolling his head back and forth on the couch, naked from nipples to knees, rock-hard erection bobbing and leaking drops of clear fluid, calling his name. It was the most erotic thing Xander had ever seen.  He was still staring when Spike’s eyes opened, pupils dilated with need.


Hand back to caressing Xander’s face, Spike asked, “Why’d you stop, pet?”


“God, Spike. You are so… so… I don’t even have the words. So incredibly beautiful.”


That got him a warm smile.


“Think that was my line, luv.”


Putting his hands on either side of Spike’s hips, Xander raised himself up as his partner leaned down, meeting in a tender kiss.


“Have I mentioned today that I love you?”


Blue eyes sparkling, Spike replied, “You may have, you soppy git.”


“Says the vampire who calls me ‘pet’.”


Spike grinned at him, leaning in for another kiss.


“Not finished, are ya?”


“Something else you want?” Xander asked, striving to keep a straight face.


“Could think of one or two things.”


Spike’s hand drifted down to rub against Xander’s trapped hard-on. Xander’s eyes started to close in pleasure. They snapped open again when he felt hands firmly pushing down on his shoulders.


“Once you’ve finished what you started.”


Xander groaned, but it wasn’t like satisfying Spike was a hardship. Kissing and nibbling his way down the lean torso beneath him he went back to his task, this time taking the head of Spike’s cock into his mouth. He looked up at the moan this action elicited, immensely satisfied with the reaction. But as much as he enjoyed watching Spike reacting to his attentions, he found it much easier to concentrate with his eyes closed. And there were very few things Xander enjoyed concentrating on more than pleasuring Spike with his mouth. He sincerely hoped he’d get to enjoy a few of the other things before the night was over.


Spike was very well endowed, but not grossly huge. Xander had perused a few erotic – well, let’s be honest, pornographic – comic books in his day, and while he could appreciate the aesthetics of a well-drawn monster penis, he could never quite get past the, “How in the hell could anyone get that in their mouth much less… gah!” thoughts such pictures provoked. No, Spike was pretty much the ideal size, as far as Xander was concerned. He fit perfectly into Xander’s mouth – he often thought he could comfortably suck Spike for hours – and even more perfectly into his ass.


As an added bonus, Spike was, of course, intact. Xander found the extra flesh endlessly fascinating and fun to play with. He nibbled on it, pulled it up to cover the head and pinched it gently, ran his tongue in circles between foreskin and glans and wished and wished he had one too. He knew Spike was more sensitive than he was thanks to the added protection. Lapping at the head and tonguing the slit was a fast-track to a squirming, panting Spike. Though not quite as fast as when Xander sipped some hot water first. Sliding his very hot mouth slowly over the head and down the shaft of Spike’s cock never failed to draw out a yell accompanied by a strong thrust as the vampire mindlessly sought out more of that amazing heat. As Xander didn’t have a cup of coffee at the ready, he’d just have to make due with his own warmth along with his year’s worth of experience in what drove Spike crazy. In a good way.


Settling himself more comfortably, Xander bent to his pleasurable task. Securing one hand firmly around the base of Spike’s cock, he began slowly moving his mouth up and down the shaft, his tongue traveling along the soft, smooth skin. As he bobbed along, his other hand moved back into position around Spike’s sac, fingers occasionally taking detours further back. With his eyes closed, Xander concentrated not only on pleasuring his lover, but himself as well. He savored the taste, the smell, the feel of Spike in his mouth. Every shiver, every groan, every panting gasp of his name was fuel to the fire of his own arousal. It never, ever failed to amaze him that he, Alexander LaVelle Harris, could reduce the proud, sarcastic, swaggering creature in front of him to incoherent moaning.


He grinned to himself when he felt Spike strain to spread his legs wider in response to caressing fingers behind his balls. If they were in their own room, Xander would not hesitate to take him up on the offer and exchange fingers for lips and tongue. But he didn’t want to stop long enough to get Spike’s boots and jeans off, and there was no way he could reach otherwise. Spike must have realized it as well, because he began tugging on Xander’s hair. Xander looked up.


“Xander… fuck… want to… need to… unh… fuck…”


Xander responded by sucking even harder on the cock in his mouth and pressing more firmly on the wrinkly opening under his finger.


“Bloody fucking hell!” Spike howled, pulling harder on Xander’s hair.


Deciding that the fun of tormenting Spike did not outweigh the pain of being scalped, Xander released Spike with a “pop” and began to move up his body. Spike let go of his hair and grabbed him by the shoulders, hauling him the rest of the way into his lap. Pulling him close, he breathed into Xander’s ear.


“Christ, Xander… want you…”


Xander rolled his hips, rubbing his jeans-clad erection against his lover’s. At Spike’s grunt, he pulled back, moving off Spike’s lap.


“Where the hell are you going?” Spike demanded, holding onto him even tighter.


Xander grinned, looking into eyes black with desire, his hand gently stroking hard flesh.


“You want me?”


Spike leaned in. “Yes.”


Xander shivered at the feel of cool breath and lips tickling his ear.


“You want to fuck me?”


“God, yes.”


Xander’s desire skyrocketed as he felt a soft, wet tongue lick along the artery in his neck.


“You want to be deep inside me, my ass tight and hot around your cock?”


Spike growled deep in his chest, crushing Xander to him and scraping sharp teeth along the path his tongue had blazed.


Pushing himself away from Spike with difficulty, Xander did his best to look sincere.


“Does that mean yes?”


Eyes flashing gold, Spike made to pull him close again.


“Okay! Okay! Spike!” Laughing, Xander moved away again. He yelped when Spike grabbed him hard. “Spike, let me go!”


Letting go as suddenly as he had grabbed him, Spike leaned back on the couch and glared.


“What the bleeding hell is wrong with you?”


“One, I don’t want the chip to go off. Two, I’m still dressed and three, we have no lube. So if you’ll just make yourself presentable, we can go to our room and take care of two and three.”


Spike half-pushed, half-helped Xander back onto the floor.


“You take care of two, I’ve got three.”


Xander watched in surprise as Spike rummaged under the cushions of the couch, quickly producing a travel-size bottle of lube. He looked at Xander and frowned.


“What’re you waiting for? Get your kit off.”


“Where did that come from?”


“Under the cushions.”


“And you knew that was there because…”


“Because I put it there, you git. What? You think His Soul-ness stashes lube around this mausoleum? Might lead to happiness, and we can’t have that.”


Xander took a deep breath.


“You put it there.”


“Said that, didn’t I?”


“You hid lube under the cushions of the couch in the T.V. room.”


Speaking as if to a very slow child, Spike answered, “Yes.”


“You hid lube under the cushions of the couch in the T.V. room! What if someone else had found it? What if Angel or, god, Cordelia had sat down, said, “Hey, there’s something under here” and found it?”


“Angel’s too busy doing good to watch the telly and we’d have known if the prom-queen had come across it.”


“But what if they had?”


“Then they’d of found it. Look, Xander, it’s not like Angel and his crew don’t know what’s what with us.”


“I know, I know. But knowing and finding evidence are two different things.”


“You ashamed of me, Xander?”


The quiet tones of Spike’s voice brought Xander up short. He could hear the disappointment in his question and see the hurt on his face. Xander knew from experience that for Spike, disappointment usually led to belligerence if not out and out anger, as he tried to cover his pain with aggression. Xander sighed. He really needed to let this go if he wanted to have anything like a pleasant end to what had been a wonderful evening.




He reached up to put his hand on Spike’s face, forcing him to look down.


“No, Spike. I am not ashamed of you. Amazed you want me, happy that we’re together, delirious when you touch me – but never ashamed.”


Spike looked slightly mollified.


“It’s just that… what we do together… it’s private, Spike. Just for you and me. And it’s not that I don’t know everyone knows what we do, but…”


Spike turned his head to lay a kiss on the palm of Xander’s hand.


“I know, luv. You’re afraid if everyone gets wind of how truly amazing my cock is, you’ll have to fight them off with a stake. It must be very difficult for you.”


Xander’s hand moved from cupping Spike’s face to slapping him upside the head in record time.


“Nice, bleach boy.”


Grinning, Spike bent close to his lover, sliding his hand around the back of his neck, thumb stoking the pulse point.


“I put that here this afternoon,” Spike murmured into Xander’s ear. “Angel said something about this being a slow night, and I was hoping the old poof would be right, for once.”


Xander turned into the kiss he knew was coming, which Spike quickly deepened.


“Now,” he half growled, “would you get your bloody kit off so I can fuck you?”


“You say the most romantic things.”  Grinning, Xander glanced down. “But first, I think I should…”


“No, pet. You get ready, I’ll take care of this.”


“Get ready?”


Spike’s blue eyes sparkled. “Slowly.”


Xander felt himself blush. Even after all this time, he wasn’t completely comfortable stripping in front of Spike. At least, not stripping erotically. It never failed to bring back bad, bad memories of Oxnard, the lack of music and screaming women helping to diffuse it only slightly. But the eager, lustful look on Spike’s face was encouraging and at least he didn’t have to humiliate himself by wiggling for dollar bills.


Still on his knees, Xander slid his hands up his chest pushing his t-shirt up with them. He pinched and rolled his nipples when they were exposed, inhaling deeply as the sensations moved from nipples to cock. He could see Spike’s hand moving on his own cock even as he watched his lover’s eyes watch him. He lifted his arms and dropped the shirt behind him.


Rising to his feet, eyes still locked with Spike’s, he moved to the buttons on his jeans. He let out a groan as the pressure finally eased on his neglected erection. Unlike Spike, Xander didn’t really like going ‘commando’, and carefully eased his jeans down, keeping his boxers in place. The hotel was surprisingly warm enough for him to go sock-footed and he was relieved he didn’t have to deal with shoes. There is just no way to sexily take off shoes. Unless you’re wearing high-heeled strappy sandals and have long, beautiful legs. And no, he did not know that from personal experience. Spike’s porn collection was large and varied.


Straightening up, he finally broke eye contact with Spike, looking down to see what had so captured the vampire’s attention. His boxers were old and comfortable, the material worn a bit thin. It didn’t take much to make them virtually transparent and the fluid leaking from his cock had more than taken care of that. The wet material stuck to the head of his dick, outlining it’s shape perfectly. Xander looked back up at Spike in time to see his nostrils flare and knew that he could smell Xander’s arousal. Xander stood still, his skin flushing a deeper red as Spike stared at him, his hand moving faster on his cock.


After a long moment, Spike spoke quietly, “Take those off.”


Xander complied and straightened up again, only to find Spike’s eyes even more intent on him. All the blood in his body seemed to rush straight to his cock and it jerked, clear drops of fluid running down into the dark curls at its base. Spike reacted to his cock’s reaction by groaning and squeezing his own cock so hard it made Xander wince.


“Lube,” he said through clenched teeth.


Looking around, Xander spotted the bottle and grabbed it. A glance at Spike confirmed that it was up to him and opening the bottle, he squeezed some of the gel into his hand. Reaching out, he quickly and efficiently slicked up Spike, wiping his hand clean on the black t-shirt still rucked up under Spike’s arms. A glare accompanied this action and with an unrepentant grin, Xander pulled the shirt up and off his mate.


“Didn’t think you’d want to wait while I washed my hand.”


“Don’t want to wait at all,” Spike replied, and grabbing Xander’s hips, began to pull him down onto his lap.


But for all his alleged impatience, Spike was actually very gentle. Stroking his hips and whispering encouragement, he allowed Xander to impale himself at his own pace. Due to the frequency of their coupling, Xander’s body was used to opening up and it didn’t take long.


This was one of those other things Xander enjoyed concentrating on. The feel of Spike’s cock up against his opening, soft and slick. The burn of the stretch as he slid in. The incredible sense of being full – of being complete – that he found when Spike was finally seated within him. Xander was always torn, when they were face-to-face, between closing his eyes so he could lose himself more completely in the delicious sensations, and keeping his eyes open so he could see his lover’s reaction. He chose the latter, and watched in wonder as Spike groaned in bliss, his handsome face reflecting his pleasure. His eyes were filled with such love and desire it took Xander’s breath away.


“Spike,” Xander gasped. “God, Spike…”


Hands still on Xander’s hips, Spike lifted him a bit and let him settle back down.


“Yeah, pet. That’s it… move for me…”


Finding their rhythm together was second-nature by now, and Xander’s his eyes closed involuntarily as the room, the hotel, the world fell away and he was left with nothing but Spike underneath him, around him, inside him. He heard his name falling like a prayer from his lover’s lips and felt hands gripping his hips tightly as Spike started to take over the pace. There would be bruises in the morning.


Xander leaned in, hands grasping the back of Spike’s shoulders for balance. It was getting easier to relax and trust Spike’s strength to hold him, to move him. He experimented until he found the perfect hip angle that would allow Spike’s cock to rub up against his prostate. His head fell back as he let out a deep heart-felt groan.


“Oh yeah, Xander… unh… feel good pet? Do I feel good inside you?”


“God, yes.”


Spike kept his thrusts slow and deep, barely moving. “Tell me.”


This was yet another thing Xander was still getting used to. Spike liked to talk during sex. Specifically, Spike liked to hear Xander talk during sex. It’s not like he needed or even wanted to be quiet… it was just that he thought he sounded like an idiot. How coherent could a person be when all his blood is occupied in places other than his brain? Luckily, coherency didn’t seem to be a required element. He hadn’t asked, but he got the sense that Spike simply liked hearing the sound of his voice, which was sort of nice. He didn’t want to think too much about why Spike might need  to hear the sound of his voice.


“Spike, god, Spike… so full… unh… around me and inside me… uh… yeah… like that… feel so good… feel so good…”


Spike let out a growl and picked up the pace a bit, making his strokes longer. Xander adjusted with him, pulling away until Spike’s cock was almost all the way out and sinking down on the upstroke to take as much of him as possible. He felt the hands tighten more. Definitely bruises in the morning. Might even get fingerprints off them.


“Yes, Spike… fuck… more… please… uh…uh… please… Spike… god, Spike…”


“That’s it… yes, Xander… ride me… yeah… ride me, pet…”


“Oh my god… Spike… ugh… please… harder… more… please… Spike… don’t stop… please…”


Spike thrust harder.


“Come for me, Xander.”


“Fuck! Spike…”


“Xander. Xander.”


Forcing himself to focus, Xander looked down into his lover’s eyes.


“Come, Xander.”


He didn’t know if it was a control thing or a vampire thing or what, but this was something Spike did a lot. Somehow he knew when Xander was on the edge and had repeated those words so often, he could almost make Xander come just from saying them. Tonight was no exception. At the sound of those words, Xander’s world dissolved. Eyes clenched shut so tightly he saw stars, he almost stopped breathing while the force of his orgasm rushed through him, leaving him light-headed and a little dizzy.


As the world resolved itself once again, he felt Spike’s hands anchoring him, his cock moving inside him. Opening his eyes, he saw his lover struggling to hang onto his human façade, golden eyes warring with blue.


“Let go, Spike. Let me see you.”


A deep snarl erupted as the vampire allowed his demon to come to the fore. Xander leaned in again, kissing the ridged forehead, licking along the sharp planes of his face to nibble on an ear.


“Yes, Spike. That’s it. Unh. Fuck me. Fuck me.”


Not that Spike needed much encouragement. His thrusts grew harder, sharper, as he drove himself into the body above him, growling louder. Two things brought out this animalistic side of Spike: when he was close to orgasm, and when he was in the thick of a good, hard fight. And it was times like these when Xander was reminded that it was not just a loving partner he was giving himself to, but a demon. The face was only the most visible sign. Xander knew he really needed to think about why he was not repulsed by that fact, but he absolutely did not want to. Besides, given the times when he was forced to face it, it wasn’t like his brain was functioning at the highest levels. Moments of lust and/or panic were not the proper time to ponder deep and important thoughts. Thank God.


Xander’s orgasm had cleared his head enough for him to concentrate exclusively on his mate’s pleasure. As he moved, he made sure to squeeze the muscles of his ass as Spike drove into him, giving him an even tighter fit. And he started to lick and nibble on Spike’s neck, alternating sharp nips with strokes of his tongue. He felt Spike start to shiver underneath him, his movements getting a little erratic. He was close.


“God, Spike… so good… uh… yes… fuck me… yes…”


Feeling Spike’s lips on his neck, he responded by whispering, “Bite me” and tilting his head away from his lover.


With a combination groan and growl, Spike sank his teeth into Xander’s neck. Xander never understood how, in the throes of passion, Spike managed to avoid the artery and go for safer tissue. But he always did, the blood flowing into his mouth tipping him over the edge into orgasm. His hips continued to thrust for a few more seconds before he released Xander’s neck and slumped back on the couch, panting.


Trying not to move his hips – Spike was always very sensitive immediately after he came – Xander leaned forward. The blood was dripping down his neck and he didn’t want to waste it. Without opening his eyes, Spike turned toward the wound and began lapping at it. Xander shivered. This was almost as erotic as the bite itself. And how he felt when his lover bit him, the flash of pain when sharp teeth sank into soft skin, the electricity in his body when Spike started to suck and he could feel the blood being pulled from him, the connection of being life to this creature who was filling him – that was another thing he really needed to think about but was absolutely not going to. It was what it was, and he loved it.


“Here now, back to falling asleep are we?”


Xander smiled, yes a little sleepily, at Spike.


“Not quite. It was quite a workout, though. Aren’t you tired?”


“Vamp strength and stamina here, pet. Could go another five, six rounds.”


“Yeah, well… you haven’t suffered major blood loss, either.” Xander playfully nipped at Spike’s neck to take the sting out of his words.


“Anytime you want, luv. Just have to say the word.”


“Maybe later. Sleep now.”


Spike slipped out of Xander’s body as the human moved to snuggle closer.


“Alright. But I’m not going to sit here with my tackle hangin’ out. An’ you’re sticky. Go on, move your arse.”


Grumbling, Xander managed to roll off Spike without falling on the floor. Through half-closed eyes he watched Spike bend forward to snag something off the floor. Spike was done cleaning himself up before he realized what it was.


“Hey! That’s my t-shirt!”


“Lube on mine, cum on yours. Seems fair to me.”


Xander rolled his eyes and sighed. “Next time stash some towels with the lube, will ya?”


Spike smirked, pulling up his jeans.


“Plannin’ on makin’ a regular thing of this, are ya? Shaggin’ me in public?”


“ ‘S not public, it’s the T.V. room. Inside the hotel. Where the people aren’t.”


Shaking his head, Spike retrieved Xander’s jeans and knelt in front of him to help him dress.


“Makin’ less sense than usual, pet. Time to get you in bed.”


Xander managed to lift his hips so Spike could arrange his jeans properly.


“Bed? Yeah, that’s good. Give me a minute and I’ll be ready for more…”


Chuckling to himself, Spike hauled Xander up off the couch and moved next to him so he could help him walk.


“Yeah, luv. Just a few minutes an you’ll be right as rain.”


They were almost to the door when Xander suddenly stopped and screwed up his face.






Xander leaned heavily on his partner and mumbled into his neck.


“I’m leaking.”


Spike inhaled deeply.


“Smell like me, pet. Can’t be all bad.”


Xander threw him a baleful look.


“Shower?” Spike asked innocently.


Xander seemed to slump even more, but started moving again.







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