by Roxy


Hot, hot breath blowing over his skin, and he whines and moves into it, away from it. Restless. Hungry. Waiting for dark. Waiting for the others. Were are they? Moves back to *salt-pine-copper-musk*… Kyle? Kyle. That’s right. Names are important, remember them. Licks and worries at a salty spot on Kyle’s neck, snuffles into the scent of pack. Good.

Where are the others? He moves about scenting, huffing, angry, nervous…Kyle pushes at him. No! He *lunges* against Kyle, pushing him with his chest until he fetches up against a tree and freezes. Eyes rolling, Kyle speaks, voice rusty with fear and forgetting, just for a moment, how to do this.

“Xa-and-der,” He gasps. Xander freezes and other memories comes through, and the hot smell of sand and grass recedes, the feel of fire broiling in his blood fades, and he remembers that he’s here in good old Sunnydale and his name is Xander, and he *owns* Kyle, who right now is rolling onto his back and pulling at his pants leg. Trying to distract him. Ok. That’s *good*. That’s what he’s supposed to do. He drops and leans over Kyle, who struggles to undo Xander’s jeans. *Good. Bothers me, have to wear them, have to look normal. Stink. Hate them.* He’s staring at Kyle who looks dazed and a little confused but he’s got Xander’s pants down his thighs and is licking the hair on his legs. Xander shifts so that they’re head to feet and pushes his face into his groin. Xander nuzzles, rubs his chin against Kyle’s dick and then bites down *hard* on the thigh. Kyle snarls and groans and kicks off his shoes, yanks his pants down and off. He pulls his t-shirt over his head and it’s gone, while Xander flips back around, grins at him, and strokes himself harder. He watches Kyle twitch and lick his lips. He reaches out to Xander, begging with his eyes, his dick raising and thin strands of pre-come lacing his thigh. Xander’s enjoying this. He likes that Kyle wants to, *needs* to touch him. That he really *has* to do this. Kyle makes a sound low in his throat, a sound that makes Xander’s dick slap against his stomach and he grabs Kyle’s ankles and *yanks* the boy towards him across the grass. Lips pulled back in a snarl. He drops down on Kyle, biting and licking at his mouth till he opens and lets Xander taste inside, lick all over the inside of his mouth till he’s shaking and moaning like he’s about to scream, and then Xander flips him over and straddles him. He wants to push in at once, but he can’t. He pushes him up on his knees and Kyle’s so obedient, so submissive that Xander wants to eat him, taste his flesh and see if it’s as sweet as Kyle’s submission. He licks him instead, pushing his tongue into the tight ring of muscle, fucking it open and reveling in taste, the smell, * dark- earth-musk-sweet*-he shoves his fingers in and licks around them, pushing in next to them, drooling and wetting him and Kyle’s panting and groaning and pushing back-Xander pulls his fingers out and pushes his dick in and Kyle screams. Xander nearly comes then, laughs instead. Wraps his fist around Kyle’s dick and jerks him fast, fucks him hard. Buries his teeth in his shoulder when he feels close to coming and the taste of blood makes it that much sweeter… He almost rips a piece out of him when Kyle clamps down around him, the heat and pressure making his eyes roll back and tearing an orgasm out of him. Kyle howls and bucks into Xander’s hand, covering his fingers with hot come and sobbing so hard it sounds like barking. Behind him, a chorus of moans and whimpers lets him know; pack is here, everything is right, and names are spinning away again, it’s just- it’s just smell and wet and tongues and it’s *right*. It’s all so right.





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