by Randy Sex Kitten




“Ahh…. Oh, yeah… More, more!” Heavy breathing interrupted the throaty cries.


“Oh fuck, yeah!” Squeaking and moaning carried across the room.


“Please, please… fuck me… Spike!” The name was pulled from rosy lips as an orgasm came crashing over the pair in the bed.


Anya jerked away from Xander, furious and panting. “Spike? You were thinking about Spike?” She leapt from the bed and began searching frantically for her clothes. After pulling on her skirt and top and shoving her thong and bra into her purse, she spun and glared at the open-mouthed man on the bed.


“No, Ahn, no I swear, it… it… it just came out!”


Anya threw a shoe at him. His shoe judging by the weight of the item that crashed into his head.


“You asshole. Don’t ever call me again!” Anya stomped out of the room, tripping slightly over her sandals before grabbing them and running up the stairs. The door slammed behind her.


Xander sighed. “Fuck.”


He glanced up at a noise from across the basement. “Fuck!” His head dropped back on his pillow.


“Go away Spike.”


The vampire slowly crept out of the bathroom where he had been sent earlier in the evening.


“Well done, Whelp.”


“Fuck off.”


“No, pet, I do believe that I would rather fuck you.” He pulled off his shirt as he began prowling towards the bed. Xander lay on top of the sheets seemingly unaware of his own nudity. A brown head snapped up at the sound of a zipper dropping. Xander’s cock filled with blood as he watched Spike peel his black jeans off.


“What are you doing, Spike?”


“Nothing you don’t want,” Spike growled ferally at the younger man. Xander made no move save to adjust his legs so that Spike could drop between them.


A moan escaped Xander’s throat as Spike’s heavy erection brushed against his.


“Like that, pet?” Spike undulated his hips, grinding their lengths together. He leaned in and kissed the younger man, drawing his bottom lip between his teeth and nibbling lightly. Xander groaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Spike, pulling them closer together.


“Oh, God, Spike!”


Spike trailing a burning path down Xander’s neck, licking and kissing each section of skin. He bit down just above Xander’s jugular, causing the other man to cry out and lift off of the bed. Xander arched his neck, giving Spike better access to his throat.


Spike laved at the skin, wishing that he could bite down and drink in the lust filled brew that he could sense raging under the surface of Xander’s bronzed skin. He licked down the warm body, nipping and biting gently, licking and kissing aggressively. He reached Xander’s nipples and pinched them, drawing them into hard nubs. He lowered his mouth to one, teasing it with his teeth, pulling luscious moans from the man lying underneath him.


“Oh, yes, more…Please.” Xander’s mumbled words were music to Spike’s ears. He continued his journey down Xander’s now squirming body. He paused at the navel, thrusting his tongue in and out in a parody of another, more passionate, act.


He dropped down to where Xander’s cock lay swollen and purple on his abdomen. He licked the head, gathering up the moisture that was beginning to trickle down the length of his erection.


He lowered himself further, pushing open Xander’s legs, pressing them towards his chest. He drew Xander’s balls into his mouth, rolling them over his tongue. At Xander’s shocked cry, he released them one at a time, allowing them to simply fall out of his mouth.


He pushed Xander’s legs up higher, seeking the place he wanted to bury himself. The tight pucker twitched as Spike blew on it. He smiled up at Xander who was staring at him, nothing but passion and desire showing in his eyes.


Spike moved back up, holding Xander’s gaze and dropped his mouth down to the head of the other man’s throbbing cock. He licked it once, drawing out a gasp. Without warning, he sucked Xander’s cock deep into his mouth, massaging the head with his throat muscles.


“Ah! Ohhh…” Xander’s moans of delight thrilled Spike, so he swallowed again.


He let go of Xander’s cock and concentrated once more on his ball sack. He rolled them over and over across his fingers, drawing out cries of ecstasy from his lover.


He pushed his legs up again and began to run his tongue over Xander’s smooth perineum. He drew it across the puckered opening that he so wanted to plunder. He forced his tongue into the tight muscled space and began thrusting it past the barrier.


Xander groaned again, his head thrown back in rapture. “Fuck, Spike. Never been touched there, OH!” Spike continued to tongue Xander’s ass, filing away every moan and movement for later evaluation.


He pulled back slightly, inserting a finger into his mouth. After it was wet, he slipped it between Xander’s cheeks, pushing up off the bed and onto Xander’s chest to catch the boy’s mouth in a bruising kiss. As he thrust his tongue into Xander’s warm and willing mouth, Spike gently eased his finger past the guardian ring of the other man’s ass.


“So, tight, Xan…” He continued kissing the boy, pumping a single finger in and out as he stroked Xander’s tongue with his own. Moving back, he pulled his finger out, ignoring Xander’s groan of disappointment.


“Don’t worry, pet. ‘M not stopping. Lube?” Xander nodded his head towards the bedside table, not trusting himself to speak. Spike opened the drawer and grabbed a tube of slick. He poured it over Xander’s cock and balls, watching closely as it warmed and dripped down off of the overheated skin. As it ran down Xander’s balls, Spike reached out a finger, slathering it in the lube.


Quickly, he shoved his finger back into Xander’s unprepared body, a gasp a pain accompanying the moan of pleasure. Spike poured more lube over Xander’s balls, gathering it up on a second finger as it flowed around his hand.


He used his free hand to continue stimulating the hard nubs that had drawn such an eager response earlier.


“Spike! Please, more. I can’t wait, please!” Spike added a second finger and continued to massage Xander’s inner walls. He began scissoring his fingers, stretching the boy wider. Finally, he took pity on the lad and allowed a single fingertip to stroke his prostate.


Xander screamed, lights flashing behind his eyelids. Spike added a third finger, ignoring his own dripping cock, wanting Xander to come. Xander flung his head back, roaring at the ceiling.


“Damnit, Spike! More! Now!” Spike flew up, impaling Xander in one thrust. Xander screamed again and Spike could hear footsteps upstairs, running for the basement door. He stilled his movements when someone banged on the bolted entry.


“Xander, are you ok?”


“Yeah, Dad. Fine.” Xander struggled to get out the three simple words.


“Then shut the fuck up! You’re drowning out your mother’s stories!”


Spike heard the other man move away from the door and began thrusting once again. He looked into Xander’s face, drinking in the bliss and delight that the whelp was allowing to decorate his features.


“Xan.” Spike kept driving his hips forward, hitting Xander’s prostate with each hard thrust.


Xander opened his eyes to see glowing pools of cerulean desire gazing back at him. “Yeah, Spike?”


“Xan…” Spike couldn’t get out the words, too caught up in the heat and passion of the body writhing beneath him. Xander seemed to draw pictures from inside Spike’s mind. He arched his neck in offering to the vampire.


“Oh, Xander… Love…” Spike allowed his game face to come to the fore. He dove forward and slid his fangs through the velvety skin, drawing in mouthful after mouthful of intoxicating blood.


Xander flinched when Spike’s fangs split his skin, but soon pain turned into pleasure and he began to thrust back up at Spike, rubbing his aching cock against their bellies.


“Spike, Spike, Spike…” Xander panted Spike’s name like a mantra. “Love, oh… Spike!”


Spike dragged his fangs from Xander’s throat, golden eyes glaring into brown.




“Yours, always yours. Spike!” Xander’s balls tightened as Spike hit his prostate once again.


“Spike!” Xander came, spilling his seed over their bodies, it’s warmth dispersing quickly, leaving cool tracks trickling down their skin. Spike thrust a few more times before shouting out his own orgasm.




The cool semen burned through Xander’s warmth, blazing a trail where none had gone before and where no one but Spike would ever go again.


Both men lie panting; Spike still nestled in Xander’s smoldering heat. Soft kisses were exchanged and whispered words spoke of devotion.


Spike rolled off of Xander, wincing at the loss of contact with the warm, responsive body he had been welcomed into. He began to lick his marks gently, cleaning and cooling the bites.




Xander smiled. “Yours.”






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