(Gather around children and I will tell you a story about a very special Christmas wish:) 


Sunnydale Dec.24th Christmas Eve 2010


Spike walked into Willie's bar and looked around at the halfassed Christmas decorations.  There were lights strung up, over the back of the bar, with paper Santas hanging on the wall.  Someone had drawn fangs on one, at least.  There was no mistletoe this year.  Spike gave a little shake and shudder at that thought.  He never wanted to be kissed by a drunk slime demon again!  Taking the back of his hand and wiping it across his mouth at the unwanted memories, Spike walked up to the bar and Willie came scuttling over.   Spike took one look and the dingy old Santa hat perched on top of Willie's head and snorted, then shook his head. 


"Spike good buddy, old friend what can I get you this evening? I have a new shipment of blood.   Only the best stuff for you my friend." Willie said with a smile on his face as if Spike and he where the best of friends.


(Willy really did love this time of year and tried to be nice to all his patrons be they human or demon.  Willie did have a big heart .)


"Whiskey and leave the bottle.  Better yet keep them coming until I run out of money to pay for any more." Spike said turning away from the bar.  Fortunately the gentleman he had mugged on the way to Willie's had been flush with cash, meaning that Spike would be able to drink for a long time.


"Sure thing Spike anything for you.  And Spike, Merry Christmas," Willie said with a bright smile.


Spike turned his head and with a sneer said "Oh and Willie?'


"Yeah Spike?"


"Fuck off and bring me my bottle."


Spike took a booth in the back where it was semi-dark drinking, smoking and bitching to himself.  "Stupid holiday, stupid people running around wanting things they can't have and wishing every one love and good cheer.  Bah-hum bug and all that good shit."


Spike was into gods-know-what number bottle and was smoking one right after the other.  Needless to say he was well past tipsy.


(Ok he was well on his way to being at least three sheets to the wind )


A shadow fell across him.  Looking up and peering threw slightly blurry eyes at the (and there was no nice way to say this a very round and very fat demon wearing a bright Hawaiian print shirt and shorts with...  was that flip flops?) standing at his table. 


*Looks like something Harris would wear.* Spike thought to himself then said out loud.  "What do you want can't you see I'm busy here? Go way and leave me alone before I have to hurt you,"  Spike said as he titled the bottle up to his mouth, only to find it empty.  Looking up at the strange demon, and turning his head a little too fast to yell at Willie to bring him another one he almost fell out of his seat.  The only thing that kept him from meeting the floor was a hand on his shoulder. 


"Looks like you are having a bad night mind if I sit with you?"  Not waiting  for an answer the round demon slid into the booth across from him and began to talk to a very drunk Spike.


"So great time of year isn't it, I just love this time, all the people and all the bright lights and fancy do-dads and thing-a-muh-bobs.   Childer singing and Sires laughing.  In case you can't tell this my favorite time of the year." The fat demon said.


Spike just looked at the demon, *and was his belly jiggling just a bit?* 


Willie chose that moment to bring Spike his next bottle of booze.


"So Spike is it?  You don't mind if I call you Spike do you?"   Not waiting for a reply the round demon just kept on talking. 


"So what brings The Big Bad here?   And all alone on Christmas eve?  Shouldn't you be home with your family?" The demon asked Spike.


Spike looked at the funny dressed demon.


(Because by this time Spike was seeing two or three of everything.  )


There seemed to be at least three of them and Spike was getting a little dizzy and a bit nauseated just trying to keep the fat and loudly dressed demons in sight.


"Don't have a home or a bloody family no one bloody cares if I live or if I get dusted.  My dark wicked plum ran off with a slime dripping demon and said she didn't want me anymore.  Sent me packing she did!  And then the great and broody pouf said he would kill me next time I came to L.A!   And that bitch Darla is dust and gone for good, thank any and all the gods for that one small favor I tell you!"


"Oh I see.  What about your friends and family here in Sunnydale shouldn't you be with them?" The demon looked at Spike waiting for an answer with a small smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes.   


(A smile that Spike didn't see, OK, ok he couldn't see because he was, lets just say it out loud everyone: Spike was shit faced and he couldn't find his own dick if his unlife depended on it.  For you see it being Christmas Eve Willie was feeling the Spirit of the season and had given Spike the very best whiskey he had, and to tell the truth Spike hadn't had the good stuff in ages, well not counting the booze he stole from Giles, and lets face it one bottle of Scotch every now and then doesn't get you drunk especially if you're a vampire.  So it was hitting him a bit harder than he was used too.)


Spike looked down at the scarred and sticky table and with his bottom lip sticking out just a little bit in a pout,


 (but you didn't hear that from me if anyone asks)    


and said.  "The scoobies, hell they don't want me anymore, just like Dru or Angel.  They would be just as happy if I got dusted or just faded away.  No, no one cares about old Spike, help them I do and I haven't even asked for anything did I, no I did not!  Did it out of the kin....evilness of my heart, got them all softened up for when I get this bloody chip out of me head."


"So, Spike there is no one who would be happy to see you Christmas morning?" 


"No, no one except the Bit maybe." Spike looked up at the demon and with his head tilted to the right.


 (because he couldn't hold his head up straight without it flopping around.  You children really shouldn't drink, never know what might happen to you.  )


"Here, what did you say your name was again?" Spike asked the brightly dressed demon sitting across from him.


"So, no one standing under the mistletoe for you Spike?"


With a look of horror on his face Spike stood up too fast and ended up on his ass in the floor saying over and over again.  "NO!  No slimy kissy mistletoe!!" 


Then he promptly passed out.  The demon that had been sitting with Spike shook his head and, standing up, he waved away Willie's questioning look and pulled the very drunk vampire up and over his shoulder and walked out into the warm night.


(Walking down the sidewalk with a drunk vampire on ones shoulder one would think someone would say something.  Well in most places someone would say something but seeing as this was Sunnydale not one word was said.  Gotta love this town.)


Spike woke up with a start and promptly fell out of his chair.  Still drunk and thinking he was alone until a pair of feet in flip flops came in to his line of sight.


(He was lying on the floor of his crypt where he had fallen face first.)


Spike rolled his eyes around the floor.   * Oh look so that's where the chocolate pudding pack went; it rolled under the sofa.*   The next thing he knew was the world spinning around and he was falling up.  * Hum can a body fall up?* Then Spike's world settled as he was put back in his chair.


(Well more like he had been poured into it but a least he was up off the floor.)


The demon sat across from Spike on the sofa and just looked at him for a moment.  Then with a small shake of his head and a determined look in his eyes, the demon asked Spike a question  feeling this was the right time to get an honest answer. 


"So Spike what would you really like for Christmas? What is your heart's wish?"


Spike looked at the demon sitting across from him and laughed until he had tears running down his chin and dripping onto his tee shirt.


(Still not sure if they were tears of mirth or tears of pain, poor thing just wanted to take him in my arms and hug him and rock him and...Oh, oh sorry about that kids got carried away there for a moment.)


"You want to know what I want for Christmas? Well I'll tell you what I want!  I WANT THIS BLOODY FUCKING CHIP OUT OF MY HEAD!! 


(Well as you can tell Spike was at the anger stage of being drunk.  And such language my my.) 


"And then I want the slayer's head on a platter with a side of watcher and, and while we're at it Angel's ashes in a nice Crystal bowl so I can put my smokes out in it and...."


(Spike was up and pacing back and forth from the door to the back wall and having such a rant, well lets just say that he got a lot off his chest.  Poor thing he should feel better now.  There is a lesson in this children never hold your feelings back; it will only fester and make you miserable, then one day you will wake up and find your self alone and no one needs that.)


Spike fell back in to his chair as if all the air had been knocked out of him.  The loudly dressed round demon then stood up and walked over to the quiet vampire and laid a hand on his shoulder and asked in a voice so soft that only a vampire could hear.


"William what does your heart really wish for Christmas you can tell me."


(Spoken in just the right way to call the true heart's desire to the surface.  He is very good at calling true heart's desire let me tell you...  well maybe not this night children, some other time perhaps.)


Spike looked up into the bluest eyes he had ever seen and could not look away.  It was if he could see his reflection in those kind eyes and if he could only look a bit closer he thought he could see warmth, laughter and a sparkle.  Then out of no were Spike found he was talking in a soft, quiet voice.


"What do I wish for? I wish, I wish I had a family, I wish I had someone to love me and someone I could love, to wake up with and go to sleep with.  I wish Angel would keep his soul and never lose it ever again.  I wish my dark princess would find some happiness and peace, someone to love her and take care of her, keep her safe.  I know she and Angel don't want me or love me anymore."


(Oh children my heart just about broke at these sad small words it was all I could do to stop myself from just running in there and just pulling that poor baby into my arms.)


"But as they say if wishes were fishes we'd never go hungry."


Spike pulled his eyes away from the strange demon and stood up to put The Big Bad back in place and said:


(Of course The Big Bad was...  shall we say still a bit drunk and wobbly and when he turned his back as if to dismiss the demon standing next to him.)


"What I really wish for is all of them to get just *who* what they deserve and for you to leave before I forget that I don't know you or like youuu..."


(And the poor dear turned a bit to fast and passed right out again, it's a good thing that when he landed it was mostly on the sofa so with just a little rearranging we got him settled and covered him with a throw that was on the back of the sofa.  Well you know he was just sooo cute I couldn't help myself and had to give him a small kiss on his angelic forehead and a to run my hand over his head.  He looked so sweet even with that little bit of drool on his chin.)


My love looked over at me and held out his hand and with a twinkle in his blue eyes and laughter in his voice he said. 


"Well my love shall we go? Lots to do tonight wishes to grant and places to be and not a lot of time you know."


And with a laugh and a kiss I took his hand and together we walked out into  Christmas Eve the one night of all the nights where a lonely heart's wish and the magic of love and family can make anything happen.


Now children time for bed, I've lots to do.


What was that children you want to know if Spike got his wish? Oh I don't know it is getting late and you should all be tucked up in your beds dreaming the dreams of family and loved ones on this very special night.  What? What was that?   You promise to go to bed and sleep if I tell you what happened well ok but to bed with you all.  Comfy? Good now listen closely and I will tell you what happened......   


L.A.  Dec.  25th Christmas Morning 2010


Spike awoke slowly and snuggled into the warmth of the chest at his back and the warm arms around his chest tightened and pulled him in closer and the warm breath and sleepy kiss at the back of his neck was something he never wanted to leave.  Mmmm Wha.....????!!!!!


* Warm chest?  Slow steady heart beat?  Arms and kisses?  The smell of slowly rising arousal?  Soft sheets and bed?  A hard cock slowly rubbing into the crease of his ass mmmm that feels nice...  NO!  Not nice what the hell is going on where the hell am I and who the hell am I with?!*


Spike tried to jump out of the bed but his legs got tangled in the sheets and he ended up with his back on the floor and his legs sticking strait up still tangled in the sheets.  AND the laughter coming from the bed was not helping Spike's mood any either or his confusion. 


* What the hell have I got myself into now well I know it's a human male...*


"Spike are you ok?   What the hell is wrong with you?   Did you hurt yourself want me to kiss it and make it better?"


* I know that voice it's...No it can't be the boy hates me....*


Spike looked up as the voice got closer and when the dark brown shaggy head of Xander Harris looked down from the top of the bed and with a smile filled with such laughter and the look in his eyes was of love, want, and lust and it was all for Spike.  Xander put his hand out to help Spike back up onto the bed and just when he found his voice to ask  *What the bloody fucking hell was going on here!?* His thoughts were interrupted when a loud voice *and was that a cow bell being rung?*   Was yelling for everyone to get up  it was Christmas morning and come see what Santa had left for all of them!


*Was that the Bit?*


"Spike are you coming? You know how Angel gets, and Dawn wants to open presents and YOU know how Angel makes her wait until everyone is there, so come on sleepy head, I want to see what Santa left me!"


*Angel wants everyone.....  Presents? Christmas morning whaaa...*


"Come on Spike get dressed and lets go."


Xander stood at the door bouncing like a puppy wanting to go walking and looking like one too with his big brown eyes and silly smile.  Spike got out of bed and put the PJ bottoms on that Xander threw at him and looking at the door and looking at Spike as if being late might not be so bad.


"Spiiiike, Xaaander come on you two can have wild monkey sex AFTER we open the presents, come on.  Angel and Buffy won't let anybody near the tree until you guys get down here.  So come on I WANT TO OPEN PRESENTS!!!!"


"We're coming Dawn.  Still got sleepy vampire in here be down in a bit." They could hear the giggle coming from the door that told Spike that Dawn was still there and then the foot falls of her running off down the hall. 


Spike was still a wee bit confused but not feeling in any danger Spike let Xander take his hand.  and lead him out the door and down a hallway coming to a grand stair case Spike stopped dead and looked at the picture that was laid out before him.  Xander had taken two or three steps before he stopped, turned around and looked at his lover.


* What the hell is going on?*


Dawn was cuddling with a dark haired boy, Connor, and Willow and Tara sat cuddling the young man with green and red tipped hair, Oz.  Giles was sitting with his arm around an older man, Ethan was his name.  A tall young black man had a small young woman with brown hair and glasses sitting in his lap: Gunn and Fred.  The cheerleader Cordelia and the x-watcher Wesley were standing to the side kissing in the soft glow of the Christmas lights.   Buffy and Angel were sitting in front of the Christmas tree holding hands and gazing into each others eyes and the presents were halfway across the floor. 


*Was Angel wearing a Santa hat?!  Oh dear gods he was and everyone is wearing the same outfits...*


"Daddy, have the kitten and sweet William gotten up yet? Is it time?"


*Dru is that you?* T urning his head Spike saw his dark princess.


Drusilla was leaning into the arms of a tall, green demon with red eyes and horns and she looked so happy, content at peace.  Lorne was his name.


*Oh fuck I'm in some other dimension that's got to be it.*


 He could tell that they were mated just as were Buffy and Angel; he could see the claim scars and the witch's and the werewolf were mated too, he could see the wedding rings each wore.  Everyone held hands and passed gentle and loving looks back and forth.  Looking down at his hand Spike could see the ring on his own left hand and the matching one on the hand that Xander held out to him and the claim scar that Xander wore with pride and looking at the love and the promise of something that was forever shining out of those beautiful brown eyes.   


*Or I've gone fuckingbugshit crazy!*


Spike looked at the hand that was offered to him and then looked at all the faces that had turned at hearing Xander speak his name and the love and the welcomed warmth of family that was all there for him all he had to do was take that one last step grab the hand that promised all and everything could he do it?


"William!  Sweet sweet William you've come home to us where you belong.  You were very bad William you went away and I couldn't see you it was so very dark there my Spike, but you're home now and you will stay won't you my Spike? Let Morpheus keep his dreams and wake to what you want and not to what could be."


Spike took one more look around and taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly he place his hand in Xander's and awoke from the dream of what could be, into the world that would be and the love and family that was forever and always.


(And That children is the end. Or is it the beginning? Now to sleep with you it's a very busy night and I must be off.  Someone has to keep an eye on those elves.)







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