by Saifai


Spike breathed out a sigh and got comfortable in his chair. He rubbed his hands up and down the arms in a fond hello as he started up the familiar rocking motion. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, thinking of his evening with his boy the night before. He and Xan had spent so much more time together as of late. It was nice for a change. Angel had been skulking about in town. The poof really knew how to put a damper on his social plans, but it hadn't turned out all bad. He and his boy had ended up spending most of their time holed up at home cuddling on the couch just to avoid him.

A flash of the events from the night before brought a smile to his face. The sky had been clear, full of twinkling stars. He had always loved to watch them. It always brought him back to the days with his princess. She had once given the stars all new names. He couldn't help but smile in remembrance of that one. She'd been so proud of herself, for whatever reason. It all seemed to make so much sense to her, despite they all had the same name.

Strong arms had wrapped around his waist, and warm lips nuzzled his neck. Xander caught him by surprise for once. He was so caught up in his musings he hadn't heard him come out. His lover took his hand and gently led him away. He looked up questioningly at him, wondering what he was up to this time.

Xander had taken him out into the park behind their building. He'd had everything set just perfect. A blanket was laid out on the grass for them. A basket full of fruit sat off to the side. All that was missing was the candles, but with the moon so bright you didn't really need it.

Xander had fell to his knees in the center and pulled him down with him. A whisper soft kiss to the lips he loved before he was pulled into his lover's embrace. They'd stayed that way for quite some time, just holding each other. Xander had looked upon the sky with a child-like innocence, asking about the shapes he saw there. He hesitated only a moment before sharing with him the names of the constellations as he'd learned them from Dru. His precious boy had rewarded him with soft laughter and kisses.

Later on they fed each other treats. Xander had watched in amusement as he tossed grapes into the air and deftly caught them between his teeth. Oh the fun he'd had when Xander had taken his turn. Made such a mess, but oh so fun to clean.

He perked up as he heard the front door click shut softly. His boy was home early again. He looked over his shoulder as Xander called for him. He gave his chair a final pat before getting up to greet his lover.





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