by Saifai


He can feel the fire burning in his eyes as his Hyena comes to the surface. She doesn’t come out much anymore since that fateful time in high school. She usually keeps seems to stay content surrounded by the Scoobies, or her pack as she calls them.

He’s often though that his Hyena only tolerated the females of the group simply because of his own feelings. It has been so odd for him to be around Buffy since his possession since his Hyena views her as a rival to his position as pack leader.

Anya was the only one that she truly accepted, but he supposes she never saw her as anything other than an amusement for her host. He feels her scanning the room through his eyes. His eyes land on a familiar form, the one he knows she has chosen as her mate.

He can no longer afford to keep her at bay. She’s grown restless not having a mate. He’s forced her to wait for so long, hoping to develop a stronger friendship with her chosen. He’s done all he can, and now it’s finally time.

Xander allows all her natural grace to flow through his body as he makes his approach. He walks up behind her chosen. She lets out a soft giggle as he wraps his arms around the lithe form of the vampire, and leans down to sniff and lick at his neck.

Spike unexpectedly relaxes into Xander’s embrace before quietly asking, “What took you so long?” Xander feels her giggle insanely at his acceptance. He leans down and nips at his future mate's neck...





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