by Sangue


Xander sits on the stool at the breakfast bar shirtless, a strip of red satin exposed above the waistband of his jeans.

He pretends he doesn’t hear Spike behind him.

The vampire takes in the evidence. The only sounds: the washing machine whirring in the basement and the faintest pop as Spike unbuttons his jeans. Then Xander hears the tiniest gasp from Spike as…

Xander’s aching to turn round, to see; instead, he leans forward. With faux nonchalance he tips the bowl of Cap’n Crunch towards him. He wonders what Spike’s doing then he hears him leave the kitchen and the clump of boots as the vampire sprints up the stairs, two at a time. Followed by the sound of drawers being pulled open in a hurry, a muffled “Fuck!” as something falls - then silence.

Xander’s won the bet. He peers down at his open jeans, vaguely uncomfortable with how good the satin feels against his cock. No, he isn’t going to like this too much, but he is liking the sense of anticipation as he plops the empty bowl into the sink, licks the spoon then tosses that too.

He looks at the piece of paper under the fridge magnet. Giggles to himself and slides two fingers over the satin clad column in his jeans as he reads.

My turn now, bet you can’t keep your hands off your beautiful cock

Xander shivers, “Yup, starting now. I can do this.”

He wanders into the hallway, hands self-consciously suspended away from his hips and waits at the bottom of the stairs leaning on the banisters, but he can’t hear anything even when he holds his breath.

“Oi! You alright down there?”

“I’m fine! Why?”

“Couldn’t hear you for a minute.”

Xander smiles at the concern in his vampire’s voice and makes for the sofa where he finds a neat bundle of khaki clothing and another note:

keep the boots on

He balances on the arm rest as he loosens the laces, slips off his boots then slides his jeans down, careful to keep the red satin panties in place. Bundles his clothes and tosses them behind the TV.  It takes a few minutes to clasp the dog tags with trembling fingers that home in on his claim mark for the umpteenth time that day. And when he touches the pale scar, the sign of Spike’s ownership, Xander flinches as lick of fire runs to his groin. The knowledge that he willingly follows the master vampire’s written instructions makes Xander weak with love and gratitude. He can touch here.

Xander loves these little games, loves that they are a celebration of how Spike owns him wherever he is. When they are together and they fuck, the vampire pins the human down and bites into the offered throat then laps gently at the weeping wound until he has ground another desperate orgasm from his consort. And he ‘has’ Xander even when they’re physically apart. Occasionally Spike will set Xander a challenge, always gentle for there are never any serious repercussions, the punishment for failure is a drawn out hard-on. The reward is an affirmation of their mutual need and what began as desperate, horny shagging a few months ago in the basement, has evolved into an unquestioning affirmation of something beyond lust – the relationship between vampire and consort, baptised in blood and come.

And, suddenly he feels like a jerk. This game, this outfit, to think they were his idea. He’d found Spike so horny looking when he’d seen him like this the first time. He’d hidden behind the Scoobies hoping against hope they’d not notice his straining erection. He’d mentioned it to Spike once, in bed. He’d said now he knew why the military life had such an appeal and Spike had laughed along with him.

Xander squints down the waistband of his pants at the now huge bulge in the ridiculous panties and it’s enough to distract Xander from any psychological discomfort. He ‘won’ – wants to prove it. He didn’t suffer an erection all day, wearing these on the site just so he could sling the panties in the trash without showing how brave he’d been to Spike. Spike would be proud of him. This consort will get what’s coming to him. Either that or he’s gonna form a union.

Xander steps back in the boots, zips up the army pants, careful to avoid touching his straining cock and pulls the white T over his head, his thumbs catching around the neck as he hears Spike enter the room. One eye covered by cotton still, Xander gulps when he recognises the unmistakable look of lust on his lover’s face.

“Fuck but you look… beautiful…” Spike almost sighs.

The vampire moves a couple of steps towards Xander, who’s pissed that he’s not quite ready for his mate but then he sees the blue eyes narrow and the head tilt ever so slightly as Spike takes him in.  Another jolt of anticipation and the human experiences a sudden sense of power to catch his vampire off guard. Covers up quickly,

“It’s all the brick dust, right? It’s a look. The price of this stuff, well, it ain’t cheap…”

Spike is a vision. He’s dug up the uniform he wore all those months ago, tight army sweater clinging to his narrow belly, boots gleaming in the artificial light, blond hair mussed and curly and still a little damp from the shower. It’s their secret this softness – no one else gets to see this except Xander. The sense of possession fills Xander like hot oil as he waits. His vampire, his secret. His.

The joke breaks the spell cast by Xander’s appearance  because in an instant Spike’s face becomes a mask of white steel with only the faintest tick in the sculpted cheek revealing the effort involved in this facade. Xander grins despite himself, he always finds their little games demand too much of him as an actor. The giggles stop abruptly when Spike raises an eyebrow. The master vampire’s back now, Spike saunters towards the human, unblinking, eyes almost black with anticipation as they sweep the Private head to toe.

“What are you, boy?” the barked demand makes Xander flinch in surprise and the human feels a sudden, unexpected well of tears that he’s displeased his master and looks deliberately past his lover’s shoulder at the stack of CDs behind him breathing in sharply to recover his composure.

“Harris, SIR!”

The vampire’s eyebrows knit.

“What.   Are.  You.  Boy?”

Nothing, SIR!” Xander says, not daring to shift from his ‘at ease’ position as Spike circles him slowly.

When Spike moves behind him, Xander takes the opportunity to close his eyes for a few delicious seconds and focus on the sensation in his cock. He knows Spike can smell his arousal, knows he can see the slight tenting in the loose khaki pants, knows the vampire wants to lick the sheen of sweat coating his face and neck and knows, too, that the fact he hasn’t showered will be driving Spike crazy with need. But Xander finds he’s frightened as if he almost believes this little scenario were real and Spike is his senior commander who’s ‘caught’ him – late. He holds his position, feet 12 inches apart and hands clasped behind his back. So fragile this state of wanting and being wanted that insecurity creeps in easily and Xander slips into the familiar role of underdog.

“You’re an arsehole, Harris. I’m tired of carrying you! I’m through with your lame-arse ways!”

“It’s ‘ass’, Spike!”

Xander gasps as, from behind him, his ‘officers’ cane whips up between unsuspecting thighs and is held in position.

“Permission to speak, Harris!” Spike hisses, “I’ve allowed this subversion long enough!”

Xander tilts his hips shamelessly so he can revel in the feel of the cane pushing against his balls, but Spike’s pulled it away too quick, and the highly aroused human can hear the vampire slapping it gently against a gloved palm before he glides back into sight. Tense, deliciously apprehensive, Xander sucks his cheeks in for a second,

“Permission to speak – SIR?”

Spike dips a sharp chin, thinks for a moment then lifts his left hand to his mouth and tugs at the glove with his teeth, cobra eyes on his recruit throughout, watching for a reaction.

“Way it looks to me, private, there ain’t no words left.”

Spike lowers his eyes to the cigarette packet he’s retrieved from his pocket so doesn’t notice Xander’s grin in reaction to the vampire’s attempt to sound more American.

Xander weighs up the consequences of reminding his lover that his parents will smell the cigarette smoke and he’ll be so grounded when they get back from visiting Uncle Barney but somehow…he realises as the column of smoke hits his lowered eyelids…it wouldn’t do to break the spell.

Spike’s on a roll now slipping into ‘talking to minion’ mode with ease.

“Had my way, I’d have jerks like you shot! First light, photographers, press, doting fans – nice execution. Can’t beat them.” The cigarette dangles from a full lower lip – the bastard knows he looks fucking gorgeous like that – like a whore – his hands free to pull the glove back on and play with the cane.

The cold English tone so sexy Xander finds he’s swaying very slightly towards the evil bastard, willing him to touch him, needing the vampire’s cold lips anywhere, somewhere before he fucking explodes. He runs his tongue over dry lips,

“Spike, I mean…I…won’t let it happen again, SIR!”

And Spike’s beside him now, fuck, so close – Xander clenches his hands, the weight of the heat in his pelvis dragging him down. He longs to drop to his knees and beg for one touch, just one. He’s bewildered by the intensity of his desire for this undead creature and how despite being taken on and against every flat surface in the kitchen that morning, raw with being fucked, he still craves more.

“That’s right, private.” Spike’s face is a thread’s width away from his own as the vampire whispers a breathless promise, “You’ll have to pay, Harris. Can’t be seen to have favourites, can I now?”

Xander holds perfectly still as the gloved hand touches his lips, the smell of cigarettes lingering in the leather, and out of the corner of his eye he checks the discarded butt burning in the vase. Reassured, he closes his eyes and sways forward again, his lips parting to admit the acrid finger. Spike doesn’t help the human who, giddy with desire stretches his mouth wide and pulls the finger into his mouth. Xander knows Spike loves to look at him when he’s sucking any part of him and the sense of power is back now, all fear gone as he tugs at the gloved finger, hollowing his cheeks as his tongue fellates the finger, reminding Spike what he can do and what he is aching to do. Xander knows Spike can hear his heart racing with effort and excitement - knows he’s the one in control when the shaky baritone hisses,

“You don’t want to wear yourself out, private. I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.”

“That’s a relief, Sir.” Xander’s aware that he’s grinning now, and he doesn’t care that Spike knows he’s lost the Oscar.

He gasps as Spike grips the back of his neck, twisting the long curls, pulling his mouth towards him,

“Think you’re clever, don’t you, boy. Waving that pretty arse at me, bending over in the showers…” The vampire’s voice all at once loaded with promise and threat, and the human watches hungrily the way Spike’s evil tongue flicks as he talks,

“Like I said, it’s ‘ass’, Sir…” and now a soft, wicked tongue is rolling softly across Xander’s trembling lips as Spike pulls him close,

“Want me to do this to your ‘arse’?”

The vampire taunts, dragging little wet circles around Xander’s soft lips that now have a hint of leather on them. Xander doesn’t respond although his hips are rocking towards the vampire’s sinewy body delighted as ever how the evil bastard has to stretch up to kiss him. Oh, this is good, he likes the way that hand on his neck is tighter now, trying to persuade him to crumple and give the vamp access to his mouth, but he’s made of sterner stuff, there’s that Oscar nomination after all…and then Spike takes Xander’s wrist with his free hand and pulls him closer, no doubt revelling in the reluctance he must sense while allowing his other hand to stray for a moment over Xander’s mark…

“You fucking bastard…I’m trying to concentrate here…” Xander moans, the sense of being in charge of himself dissolves as his cock is magnetically drawn towards Spike’s own Khaki clad erection and his lips finally part for that clever, insistent tongue.

The vampire explores Xander’s mouth tentatively sending jolts of electricity to Xander’s worn ass, only to tease again,

“That what you think about, private, in the middle of the night when one of the other recruits has your cock in his mouth?” The tongue probes further, filling Xander as he grinds against his lover’s hardness, and the human lets out a series of stifled moans forcing him to grip Spike’s shoulders for balance,

“No…sir…I wouldn’t do that…” he manages to gasp as he pulls back for air.

“’Sir…’ “Spike reminds him before he pulls violently on Xander’s tongue with frosty lips as if it’s the breath denied  

The human can feel his knees buckling and he drags himself from the vampire panting with the effort that little movement took.

Spike’s face falls then an instant lascivious smile when he sees Xander unzipping himself,

“No touching, remember…” and Spike’s tone’s warm now, his ‘lover’s’ voice filled with syrup and longing - the one only he hears. Xander feels a lurch of love fill his throat and chest as he begins to push the pants down his tan thighs, drinking in the abandoned, delighted smile on the vampire’s heart-breakingly beautiful features. Almost giggles again when Spike nods at Xander’s boots to remind him.

Fuck, this was going to be tricky…

Shit, no hopping, cool guys don’t hop when they undress but Spike, ever the British gentleman, is on his knees before him, helping, gazing up at him with adoration as he teases the pants round Xander’s ankles, gasping when he notices the maroon stained red satin where the human’s neglected cock has been weeping. And he’s back on his feet, in role again to Xander’s relief and remorse.

“Don’t think these are regulation, soldier.”

“No, SIR!” 

Spike looks like he’s taking a deep breath as he points to the sofa with his cane, eyes hooded with lust.

“Take them off, Harris, won’t have those in my barracks.”

“Yes, SIR!”

Xander can feel Spike’s eyes boring into him, smiles at the appreciative growl as he turns his back to his lover, looks at him over his shoulder and hooks his thumbs into the panties then slides them so slowly, wincing at the touch of fabric, revealing a muscular ass inch by perfect inch from behind.

Holding Spike’s awe-struck gaze for dramatic effect, he turns and releases his relieved cock in one movement. Spike’s eyes, Xander’s pleased to see, are practically on stalks when the panties hit the unfortunate plant and hang over the waxed leaves. Xander settles on the sofa, the white cotton T bunched carefully around his armpits to accentuate the smooth, sun kissed skin, leaning back invitingly and positioning himself to afford his ‘superior officer’ an open view of his cock jutting forward. He shifts one leg onto the cushions to draw Spike’s eyes to those boots. Vamp always was a sucker for boots.

With a growl, Spike kicks the coffee table aside ignoring Xander’s look of alarm as magazines and mugs scatter on the rug then and folds gracefully to his knees his face inches away from the human’s cock. A practiced movement and he’s hooked Xander’s knees to position him. Spike gently drapes Xander’s legs over his own khaki clad shoulders and turns his head to allow his tongue to work a painfully slow trail from Xander’s inner knee, down…oh fuck…down…towards his…Xander’s hips buck desperately.

“You’re…wearing…Je-sus…too many…”

“Just right, I’d say, “Spike soothes, as he adjusts Xander’s T to expose the human’s neck. He’s still wearing his gloves as a finger tracks the line of his consort’s jugular avoiding the mark, blue eyes shifting for a second to yellow as Xander yowls in despair when he abruptly pinches the scar then lets go, oh too quickly, to slip a hand between the cotton and skin at the hollow of the human’s neck.

Xander’s desperate now, all sensation pooling at his groin he thrusts upwards toward Spike who shifts away cruelly to concentrate on his human’s face as determined hands continue their painful, slow dance towards Xander’s bucking inner thighs.

“You hot, soldier?” Spike rolls a finger through the moist, dark hairs at the root of Xander’s cock, and Xander sees a look of intense desire transform Spike’s features into a hard almost angry grimace, teeth bared and lips pulled back, his tongue darting in time with the rhythm of his consort’s twitching legs as they strain over Spike’s shoulders.

“Hurts…” Xander chokes, “Fuck…hurts…”

“What does, pet?” Spike stretches a hand to touch his lover’s face tracing a gentle path across dark eyebrows as the other grabs suddenly and violently at the human’s cock, “That better?”

“Oh, Jesus…yes…” the leather snagging against the rigid, over sensitive skin.

One gloved hand shimmies gently to the bridge of Xander’s nose then circles each nostril, soothing while the other hand rakes Xander’s cock mercilessly,

“Still hurting…”

“No…” Xander chokes back a giggle, “Not…oh…not so much now…” then he wails as Spike lets go and stands.

The human’s head drops back to the backrest as he drinks in the sight of the vampire undoing his flies. Ah, this was better, bare skin, bare beautiful skin but,


Spike’s still fully dressed,

“You want something, private?” And the face is sly, pale blue eyes shining like stars as the vampire takes his time, waits for his lover to concede. Xander nods almost goofy with lust, “That beautiful cock’s looking a bit left out, I’d say. “Spike explains as he removes his gloves all teeth and promise and slides a hand down the front of his pants, lips pursing involuntarily as he finds his erection, “needs a bit of this, a bit of attention. Dunno…seems a bit cruel to just…” Spike licks his lips as he begins to pump himself, “…to just leave it, hanging there like that…’cos this feels good…real good…”

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Xander glances down at his cock which seems to be taunting him now, “Just touch me, please touch me…please…”

“Dunno, I’m kind of enjoying this. You’re a lovely sight, Xan, half naked; wanting me, big, brown, pleading eyes…do you want me, private?” Spike continues pleasuring himself, towering over the whimpering human, “But if I touch you, you’ll stop looking like you do now…”

“How do I look?” Xander wriggles his hips a little, just enough to allow his cock to sway, “Like I want you? Like I want you to fuck me…”

With his free hand, Spike pulls a tube of lube from his back pocket.

“Umm…what’s this?” The grin on his face is sadistic now, and it’s as if Xander’s no longer in the room as the vampire pumps himself more urgently and seems to forget he’s got something to do,

“Hey! Spike…”

Spike glances down at the tube in his hand,

“Oh…yeah…wait a sec…”

And strolls to the CDs.

Ok, he’s turned his back now, won’t know if…shit…that feels good…oh…really good…

“No touching pet, gonna have to punish you good now.”

It’s too late. He’s really going to get it now, and the CD plays, damn, this is too much…

And they called it puppy love
Oh, I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
and why I love…

“…you so...” Spike sings with a grin as he slicks his cock and advances towards the quivering, eye-rolling Xander.

Xander’s legs are back in the air again and Spike hastily thumbs a dollop of lube at the human’s entrance, pressing his finger forward, sighing with excitement when Xander engulfs it with an impatient thrust of his own.

“You’re still dressed, I want to see you, see how beautiful you are…”

“Uh-huh…don’t want to catch a chill.”

Spike balances a knee on the edge of the sofa, braces his other leg for support and with a series of firm yet delicate thrusts is inside the gasping human, his pants rasping against  bare skin, his forehead pressed against the scalding chest, Xander’s pounding heart, deafening to his own ears no doubt deafening the vamp as he winds his woolclad arms round Xander’s naked, bucking legs the feel of rough fabric tormenting and exciting the human who wants to see all of his vampire – everything – and this frustration, that his master is in charge turns him on more than anything.

The human’s hands spasm forward to grab his lover’s shoulders inadvertently throwing his hips out of line which decreases the much needed friction so he whips his arms back, over his head to grip the headrest. He feels exposed, vulnerable with the fully dressed Spike pounding into him, the rough cloth of the army sweater grating against his raw skin, leaving little red rashes behind it. Xander can see the vampire looking down for a moment – awe-struck at the sight of his cock as it emerges then disappears repeatedly between them as he thrusts till he can find the best angle. Xander can hear irregular pants and sighs escaping from his own mouth as well as Spike’s grunting and growling as he ploughs urgently into his consort, then one final twist till he finds that spot…

“Oh…fuck Spike, touch me…”

“Isn’t this ‘touchy’ enough for you, pet?”

Spike takes a rare breath, closes his eyes and holds for a torturous moment then jackknives ferociously against the begging Xander, pulling forward until their mouths rest against each other, tongues jabbing hungrily between them and at the point where he knows Xander’s ready, Spike throws open his eyes so he can fall into his consort’s desperate, brown eyes, pleading for release.

And it’s too much for him,

“Love, I’m a bit tied up here…you’ll have to…oh…” A deep breath, “As your commanding… fuck it, I give you permission… can…”

but there’s no need, the look, just the look of him: Spike’s eyes winched open so they can devour every detail of  the human’s face, just the sight of the vampire’s elegant jaw jutting erratically  as Spike feels one spasm after another shudder through him – all this is enough for Xander and he doesn’t need any further physical contact, just the feel of enveloping the vampire’s cock as he pushes against Spike one last time and sees the vampire’s eyes soften and fill with longing and those eyelids suddenly, demurely drop to half mast as if he’s overcome with shyness at his need -  all this is enough to bring Xander moaning and shuddering to a burning climax as he claws at his mark to show Spike, make him understand what this means.  Spike slips his hand over Xander’s as he grinds against his beloved until the last drop of come is drawn from both of them.

A long moment later and Spike’s humming, his voice vibrating against the folded human.

“I’m trapped.” Xander sighs, stroking the blond curls with shaking hands.

“Oh… sorry…”

Xander clasps his legs firmly round the vamp’s neck. “Stay!” The human breathes in heavily when he sees the quizzical look, “I mean, that fucking album, Spike…don’t wanna move…but holy crap…!” Spike chuckles which effectively releases him from Xander’s bruised grip.

“You lost the bet.” The vampire explains crawling onto the sofa and pulling Xander’s still shaking legs across his lap. He twists and untwists the boot laces.

“No I didn’t. No touching.”

“When I put Donny on, then. There was ‘touching’. If I’d known he got you so hot...”

“No way! A bet’s a bet.”

Spike smiles sleepily, “Umm…a bet’s a bet.”

He shucks closer to Xander and pulls the human’s T down over his chest, leans in and parts Xander’s lips with a gentle slide of his tongue, shucks even closer as Xander responds to the gentle exploration by slipping into the sofa cushions and drawing his arm around the slight shoulders.

“You’re wearing too many clothes, Spike, makes me feel all exposed in just my boots…and look…my T’s all scrumpled and squashed…”

“And your hair’s all mussed and ‘fuck-me’…” Spike’s stretched along the length of the human. He slips his arms under him and pulls him close for another kiss, more penetrating this time, “You’ll have to even the score, sweetheart.”


Spike parts Xander’s legs and kneels between them and as he falls again on his consort’s lips, Xander can hear laces being pulled free from his boots as his legs snake around Spike’s waist. He shifts his ass eagerly so it’s back where it belongs and closes his eyes, smiling as he feels Spike pressing the long piece of unraveled leather into his palm so Xander can even things up.





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