Their first anniversary was coming up, but Xander was at a loss. He had no idea what to do to celebrate the special occasion. With Anya it was easy. The newly humanized ex-demon read up on the event and told him exactly what she expected them to do. But he had no idea what Spike wanted to do, what the vampire expected from him or the day. Would he want romance—candlelight dinner and flowers—or would he think that was too poncey?

It wasn’t as if Xander had much to go on, with respect to their relationship. Their getting together was a fluke of gigantic proportions. To this day the only thing Xander remembered was getting drunk and then waking up with the hangover to end all hangovers, only to find himself in bed with Spike.

He’d actually been in too much pain to freak—though a part of him hoped it was an alcohol-induced hallucination. So he crawled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom to wash down a couple aspirin with a gallon of water, and then climbed back into bed—where his hallucination curled around him—and went back to sleep.

He next woke up to the sensation of soft lips sucking on his neck, a cool, firm hand stroking his morning, now early-afternoon, hard-on, and a stiff, insistent cock sliding between his buttocks and legs, gliding over his sensitive pucker and nudging his balls before withdrawing and making the trip again. He wasn’t sure how long Spike had been pulling on him, but Xander was already fully aroused when he woke. He couldn’t hold back the raspy groan, or stop himself from pushing into Spike’s hand even as he reached behind him and grabbed the vampire’s slim hip.

At that moment it didn’t matter that it was Spike—or perhaps his reaction was so intense *because* it was Spike, the desire coursing through his body heightened by the element of the forbidden. But he only considered that later. At the time, the only thing that mattered was the sensations the vampire was creating with his touch.

"God, Spike," Xander moaned. He wanted more, but wasn’t sure how to ask for it, so he decided to just take it. He tilted his hips instinctively, and on the next pass the head of Spike’s cock was captured and sucked into Xander’s hungry hole. With one thrust the vampire filled him and the sound of Spike’s groan pervaded his senses, touched him like a caress, while the blond shuddered behind him.

"Fuck, Xander," Spike moaned huskily near his ear.

"Yeah," Xander agreed, barely able to think, much less speak. His last coherent thought was to wonder what his body’s easy acceptance of Spike’s prick into his ass said about how they’d spent the greater portion of the night, and then he couldn’t think because Spike was moving in him—sucking and stroking him on the outside as he rubbed his cock over the sensitive nub inside, and Xander whimpered.

His grip on Spike’s hip tightened and he used the leverage to meet Spike’s thrusts as the vampire pumped into his ass. He heard himself making nonsensical noises that meant ‘yeah, just like that’ and ‘more’, and was emboldened that Spike was making the same noises, unnecessary breath feathering cool against his neck.

"Spike, please," he begged, nearly lost to the sensations the vampire was producing. Lips and tongue on his neck became the hand wrapped around his cock, and then melted into the shaft riding his ass. They were separate, and then one, and he was nothing but the nerves Spike was stimulating, and the need surging through him. And when he came—finally, much too soon—the combination of pain and pleasure overwhelmed him, and darkness enveloped him.

The third time he woke to the sound of Spike’s soothing voice and the feel of the vampire’s penis softening inside him. He felt inexplicably bereft as Spike slipped out of him, grounded by the murmurs at his neck.

"Mmm, Xander, so good," Spike was mumbling. "So hot...burn me with your heat. Need to be in your tight ass. Feel you around me. Squeezing. Miss you already."

Xander responded to the words, the silky tone, and hardened.

"That’s my boy," Spike said approvingly, his thumb brushing along Xander’s reviving penis. "My good, good boy."

Xander twisted in Spike’s arms until he was facing the vampire. He wondered if actually seeing the face of the man who had been touching him would slow things down, even turn him off completely, but Spike grinned at him and he grew even harder.

"Looks like somebody’s happy to see me," Spike whispered with a little thrust of his hips, and Xander grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. Spike eagerly parted his lips and they kissed long and deep, devouring each other as if they hadn’t just had one another.

Spike rolled onto his back, pulling Xander on top of him. He spread his legs and drew them up, groaning when Xander’s cock head nudged his hole.

"Please, Xander," he begged.

Xander needed no further encouragement. As if he knew what he was doing, he pressed in. Spike opened for him and stretched around him, holding him tightly, and Xander knew he’d been here before. The thought that he had fucked Spike, already been inside him like this, ignited a passion Xander was unaware he was capable of.

He grabbed Spike’s legs and pushed them back further, lifting the vampire’s ass and sliding in deeper, and then began to move his hips, slamming into the body beneath him as Spike moaned and pleaded. To this day Spike denied that he whimpered, but Xander knew that he had. Remembered every word the vampire uttered, every touch of his hands, slide of tongue, the cool wash of fluid that coated their bellies, the warm gush that flooded Spike’s ass, and the way the vampire roared Xander’s name when he came.

They’d stayed in bed all weekend, surfacing only to use the toilet, shower, eat, and change the sheets. By the time they had to meet the others for research and patrol Sunday night, Xander’s cock was raw, his ass sore, and he swore he walked with a bowlegged gait. He cursed Spike’s vampire healing.

Xander couldn’t believe that no one noticed the difference in him. He’d been fucked senseless many times over by the blond vampire at his side, and no one could tell! A man. A male vampire. And he couldn’t keep his eyes off him during the entire time they sat at the round table. It didn’t help that Spike had slouched down in his chair and had his thigh nudged up against Xander’s. He kept remembering how those thighs had looked kneeling between his legs, straddling his face, pushed back as Spike was bent nearly in two beneath him...

When he and Spike were paired for patrol, his heart leapt, only to land in a ‘Splat!’ when Spike complained about being ‘paired with Harris’. Luckily, it only took a press of thigh and a glimpse of the heat shining in Spike’s eyes to convince Xander that the words and sneer were merely cover. His heart revived, as did his penis, and Xander moaned.

At the other’s looks, he said, "Yeah, well I’m not looking forward to it any more than you are, buddy."

He chanced a glance at Spike who was scowling back at him. "Let’s get it over with, then," the vampire said. "Got better things to do tonight than patrol with you, Harris."

"Yeah, do I!" Xander retorted, and Spike’s lips twitched at the lameness of it.

The vampire pushed his chair back and stood, a grin stealing across his face as he turned his back to the rest of the table. "Coming, then?" he asked suggestively, and Xander groaned at the thought that his cock would never be the same.

Spike moved in the next night. Not that he had much to move. No one commented on the fact that Spike and Xander were seen nearly everywhere together after that, or that Spike could be found in Xander’s apartment more often than not. When the idea of the two of them as friends had gradually crept up on everyone and no one threw a hissy fit, Xander let it be known that the two of them were a couple.

His friends hadn’t been nearly as accepting of them being lovers as they had been about the friendship thing, but had eventually been forced to agree that Spike and Xander were perfect for each other. Being in a relationship hadn’t stopped their arguing and sniping, but the words carried less heat and more a sense of knowledge of each other, a camaraderie. Plus, Xander had to admit, the making up part was fantastic. 






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