‘Bet you can’t seduce *him*,’ his subconscious taunted him as he watched the other man. But, oh, how he wanted to.


Xander sat on the large flat rock that hung out over the lake, leaning back on his hands. His socks, sneakers, and stake lay beside him; his pant legs rolled up as he dangled his feet into the cool water. He knew it was dangerous to be out alone after sunset in Sunnydale, but it was late enough that the lake was long deserted by families and lovers alike, and he figured that the vamps were in town where they had a better chance of finding a meal, so Xander felt relatively safe. Besides, he had a stake, and he knew how to use it.

It had been a hot August day, and the night was no better; hotter and more humid than he remembered, and he was sweating from the sweltering heat. He shifted forwards and dipped his hand into the lake, splashing cool water onto his face, and running the water-cooled hand beneath his hair and around the back of his neck. Without much thought, he stripped his t-shirt off over his head and tossed it aside, then filled his cupped hand once again, dripping the water over his chest. Filling his hand a third time, he let the water run down his back.

It was so hot, and the cool water was so refreshing. He looked out over the moon-kissed surface, and allowed himself to be tempted. He kicked his feet, watching the tiny splashes and ripples he created. What the heck! He was hot, and no one else was around. He drew his feet out of the water and rose, then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Xander slid them down his hips and legs, carefully stepping out of them and dropping them onto the growing pile of clothes.

He stood for a moment in indecision, his thumbs hooked in the elastic waistband of his boxers as he contemplated his next move. He could leave them on, but the water would feel so good–cool and silky against his bare skin. With a sudden movement, as if he were afraid he’d change his mind, Xander shoved the boxers down and let them pool at his feet. Stepping out of his last article of clothing, he allowed the heavy night air to caress his flushed and heated skin, and then dove into the cool, inviting water.

He broke the surface with a yell, shaking water out of hair that fell into his eyes. Oh, yeah, he thought with a grin, that felt *great*!


Spike stood back among the trees that encircled the lake, a cigarette in one hand, his leather-clad back pressed against one of the trunks, and watched Xander lounging on the rock. He contemplated joining him, but the boy looked so peaceful and comfortable, and Spike knew that his presence would only serve to raise his hackles. And that wasn’t what he wanted tonight.

He nearly choked on the smoke he was drawing into his lungs when Xander pulled his t-shirt off. It had been a while since he’d been privy to the sight of any part of Xander naked, and his body reacted immediately. He nearly groaned aloud as the muscles in Xander’s back rippled when he reached into the water and poured a handful over his chest, and then again to let it drizzle down his back. Spike watched one of the water droplets slowly wind a path down Xander’s back until it disappeared beneath the waistband of his jeans. He swore silently when the cigarette burned down far enough to scorch his fingers, dropping it on the ground and stamping it out.

He looked at the tips of his fingers, then sucked them into his mouth to relieve the pain, and was therefore startled when Xander suddenly jumped to his feet. He caught his non-existent breath when the boy removed his pants and let them fall to the rock. Holy Hell, the boy was beautiful. The moonlight reflected off skin bronzed from days in the sun, a body toned from construction work. He watched with bated breath while Xander pondered the question of whether to remove his boxers. Yes! Spike sent the silent mental-urge.

As if he heard him, Xander pushed the boxers down, and for a moment stood naked in the moonlight. The spell was broken when he dove into the water and emerged with a yell, and Spike dropped his hand down to his groin. He straightened his erection, constricted by the tight jeans, and cupped it for a minute while he considered his next course of action. He could go back to the crypt and wank off to visions of a naked and wet Xander, he could stay here and wank off where his eyes could soak in the sight of an *actual* naked and wet Xander, or he could...


Moving out of the cover provided by the trees, Spike walked stealthily over to the lake shore and stepped up onto the large rock Xander had been sitting on. He watched the boy cavort in the water, catching glimpses of naked skin, and growing harder by the second. He knew the instant the boy realized he wasn’t alone, the sound of his increased heartbeat and breathing, and the slight sent of fear nearly overloading his senses.

"Spike?" Xander yelped. He’d been having such a good time romping in the invigoratingly cool water, despite the fact that he was alone, that he had slackened his vigilance, and now his most hated enemy had been allowed to sneak up on him. Oh, crap! And stood between him and his clothes. "Wh-what are you doing here?" he asked nervously.

"It’s a hot night," Spike replied, without really answering the question. "The water looks cool."

"It, uh, it is," Xander agreed distractedly, wondering how he could get the vampire away from his clothes...and the stake. Definitely the stake, because there was no way he was letting Spike get near his friends with this kind of information. He’d either tell them, and bring it up at every opportunity, or blackmail him with...

"Good," Spike said, and with a roll of his shoulders, dropped his duster. He heard Xander’s sharp inhalation.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Xander asked. What was he *doing*?

Spike didn’t reply. He kicked his boots off, and then grabbed for the hem of his t-shirt, lifting it over his head and adding it to the pile. He needed to do this quickly, before he ran out of nerve. Not that he would–being the Big Bad, and all–but still, didn’t pay to dawdle once a course of action had been plotted. Not that he’d done much actual planning... Oh, bugger! Just get on with it already! He reached for the waistband of his jeans, and smelled the sweet tang of arousal on the night air.

Xander nearly drowned when Spike removed his t-shirt. He’d forgotten to keep his arms and legs moving, and almost sank beneath the surface before instinct kicked in to save him. Holy...crap! Spike was *gorgeous*! He drank in the sight of Spike’s sculpted chest and arms, his normally pale skin luminescent in the moonlight. No, no, Spike was *not* gorgeous, he argued with himself. Spike was the evil vampire who had tried to kill them, and would again, once the chip was removed. He was bad, and evil, a-and...bad! God, no, he thought, not the jeans.

Spike couldn’t stop himself, though it could very well backfire on him. He had to see Xander’s face. He turned his head slightly, taking in the heated flush that covered the entire surface of Xander’s skin available to his sight. The boy’s heartbeat had moved into a gallop, and his breathing was ragged and harsh. His eyes, black with desire, were locked on Spike’s hands.

When Spike had been still long enough for the non-movement to penetrate the fog of lust that had descended over him, Xander slowly raised his eyes, moving them over the muscular contours of the other man’s stomach and chest, until he was staring into a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. Shit, he thought, I am *so* fucked.

"Xander," Spike whispered his name softly, afraid of breaking the enchantment that seemed to surround them, but he had to know what the boy was thinking, feeling.

Had Spike spoken? Xander wasn’t sure. His eyes were Like pools of...some blue thing. He could lose himself in them. "Spike?" he rasped.

That was all the encouragement Spike needed. He ripped his jeans open and shoved them off. As soon as his feet were free, he dove into the water.

With a startled yelp, Xander moved out of the way. He watched the naked body slice the water, wishing Spike had stayed upon the rock for just a moment more so he could have looked his fill. Spike erupted from the water, blue eyes now wide with shock.

"Water’s bleedin’ cold!" he said.

"Uh, yeah," Xander said. "Spring. Under..." He made a motion to indicate under the water. "Keeps it cool, even when..." He motioned to the hot air around them. He was embarrassed that he couldn’t speak properly. Spike’s evilness...well, his nearness...combined with his evilness...or his nakedness...was having quite an effect on li’l Xan, which was turning his whole body–including his tongue, obviously–to mush.

"Right," he agreed, not really paying attention. Spike’s erection had started to fade at the shock of the cold water on his overheated skin, but the unremitting scent of Xander’s arousal quickly brought it back to full-strength. What was it about this boy that made him want him, despite the harsh words they’d traded over the years? You know what they say, he thought. Thin lines, and all that.

"So, um, I didn’t think vampires got hot," Xander said, trying to will his erection down, and bring his reaction to Spike’s na–, er, evilness, under control.

"Vampires get plenty hot, luv," Spike replied, then smirked. "Oh, you meant from the weather?"

"Uh, yeah," Xander said. "What did you...?" He saw the smirk on Spike’s face and let his mind replay the conversation they’d just had. "Oh." He swallowed hard. "Never mind."

"I don’t mind," Spike said, swimming a circle around Xander. Now that he was in the water with Xander, both of them naked and within touching distance, he was feeling a lot more confident. Of course, knowing Xander was aroused didn’t hurt.

Xander turned in the water to keep his eyes on Spike. What were they talking about? He could only seem to concentrate on one thing at a time, and right now it was Spike’s hair, which was drying into spiked curls in the hot night air. Wet, it looked darker than the bleached blond he knew it was.

"Are you hot, Xander?" Spike asked, teasing himself as much as the boy, because all he wanted to do was reach out and grab him, pull him in close, and ravage him. Kiss him until he couldn’t breathe, and didn’t want to, rub him all over, slide inside him, fucking him until he begged to come. With a muffled groan, Spike lay on his back, and floated in the water.

Xander’s groan wasn’t nearly as muffled. The sight of Spike’s erection jutting from the water had him panting and aching with a need he’d never felt before. He let one hand fall through the water until he was holding his own erection. He closed his eyes, tipped his head back, and squeezed himself tight, afraid he was going to come from just the sight of Spike’s magnificent body, the sound of his seductive voice. When he had calmed down enough, he opened his eyes, and Spike was gone. He almost went under again as he stopped treading water in his surprise. And then someone was holding him from behind.

Spike was entranced by the look of rapture on Xander’s face as he tilted his head back, the moonlight bathing his skin. The sight and scent of him was nearly enough to make him come without the slightest touch. He moved closer to the boy, tempting himself with the knowledge that Xander was close to release himself, and was struggling with his own desires. He swam around him, and saw the startled reaction when Xander realized he was no longer in front of him. He reached out and wrapped his arm around the boy’s waist just before he slid under the water.

"Good thing I came along when I did," he whispered huskily, pulling Xander back tight against his body, and nuzzling his neck. "You’ve nearly drowned twice now."

"That’s because you..." Xander bit off the rest of his comment. It wouldn’t do to let Spike know that he’d been so distracted by Spike’s na–, er, evil presence, that he’d forgotten to tread water to remain afloat. "I’m fine, now," he said, attempting to pull away.

"Are you?" Spike asked, letting Xander go, his hand sliding down the firm chest and abs and brushing his straining erection as the boy moved away.

"Spike!" Xander floundered again as he tried to brush Spike’s hand away.

"Careful there, pet," Spike said, grasping Xander’s arm and steering him towards the large rock their clothes were on. If he didn’t get to shag the boy soon, he was going to explode.

When he was close enough, Xander reached up and grabbed hold of the rock face, wishing he hadn’t chosen the deepest part of the lake to swim in. He looked up to where his clothes were lying, out of reach, and resigned himself to staying in the water until dawn when Spike would have to leave to take cover from the sunrise.

Spike wasn’t content to wait. As soon as Xander was holding onto the rock with one hand, he floated close to him, gripped his shoulder, and pulled himself in until he was chest-to-chest with the boy.

"Spike!" Xander yelped. "What are you doing?"

Without words, Spike responded by showing Xander exactly what he was doing. He wrapped his legs around the boy so their groins met, and lowered his face to his neck, then sniffed. "You smell bloody marvelous, Xander," he rasped, as he moved his hips against the boy. "Delicious," he hissed, and then sucked on Xander’s neck.

Xander shivered as Spike touched him, despite the fact that he knew he should push him away, get out of the lake and as far away from him as he could, no matter how embarrassing it would be to be seen naked by the vampire.

"Guh!" he grunted as Spike brought their groins together and buried his face in his neck. This was bad. Very bad. He shuddered as the sound of Spike’s voice went right through him, then groaned when the vampire started rubbing their cocks together and sucking on his neck. "Fuck," he moaned.

"Oh, yes," Spike growled against Xander’s neck. "Soon, my beautiful boy. Soon."

Xander let go of the rock and started to sink. Spike kept hold of his shoulder as he sank beneath the surface, then let go of him to grasp his waist and push him back up. As soon as he felt Xander steady himself on the rock once more, Spike let himself sink until Xander’s cock, bobbing in the water, was right in front of his face. With no warning, he darted in and swallowed it.

He didn’t even realize he’d let go of the rock until Spike let go of him and made sure he stayed above the water. He reached up for the rock again, and then waited for Spike to surface. Though only seconds passed, it felt like forever, especially since it was too dark to see below the surface. Was Spike all right? Not that he cared, of course. "Spike?" he called softly, then screamed as his cock was suddenly engulfed in Spike’s mouth. He hoped. No, he didn’t! Oh, Christ, he thought as he dipped his hand beneath the water and reached for Spike, it mattered not what he thought, because he was beyond the ability to think now.

Spike wondered briefly how the boy would respond as he sucked on his cock and fondled his balls. He felt Xander’s fingers in his hair, and waited for the painful tug that would pull him off the boy and to the surface. It never came. Instead, the fingers kneaded his scalp convulsively as legs wrapped around his body, pulling him in closer. Now that he knew this wasn’t going to end, Spike applied himself to the task of bringing the boy off. From the smell of him, he’d been aroused long enough that this wouldn’t take much, but he wanted it to be memorable none-the-less.

Xander tightened his hold on Spike and began to move his hips, fucking Spike’s mouth. Spike grabbed his hip with one hand to hold him still, and proceeded to give him the blow job to end all blow jobs. He sucked the head, poking his tongue into the slit, then slid his mouth over him until his nose was pressed into his pelvis and the head of his cock brushed the back of Spike’s throat. He pulled off, sucking hard, then went back down on him, all the while his talented fingers kneaded and rolled his balls. He started panting and gasping as he writhed in Spike’s mouth. He felt his hand slide, and managed to firm his grip. "Spike, please," he whispered desperately, and then his whole body stiffened as Spike swallowed around him.

Spike was as close to Heaven as he’d ever come, he figured. Xander tasted even better than he smelled, and he smelled delightful. He almost came when the boy had started to fuck his mouth, and only the fact that he wanted it to last made him stop him so that he could draw out his pleasure. He worked his lips up and down the hard flesh filling his mouth, his fingers into the soft flesh between Xander’s thighs. Spike took Xander’s cock down his throat and swallowed around it, then felt him stiffen. He moaned in anticipation of tasting Xander’s climax, and then he was coming.

Xander screamed again when he felt the vibration around his cock, and then he exploded, shooting his release into Spike’s mouth. He hunched over Spike’s head as he emptied himself. His mind closed down when his orgasm ripped through him, and he was unaware of his hand slipping off the rock as his body shuddered in the aftermath.

Spike felt Xander’s body go slack around him, and he shot to the surface, catching Xander before he could go under. "I’ve got ya," he whispered, and looked into glazed brown eyes.

"You’ve got me?" Xander asked, bewildered.

"Yeah, luv," Spike said. "I’ve got you." He leaned in and pressed his lips to Xander’s. "I’ve got you." His tongue glided over lips soft as satin while his hands moved over the silky skin of his back and down to his buttocks. "You taste so good, Xan," he moaned.

Xander couldn’t breathe, and it had nothing to do with the vampire currently trying to stick his tongue in his mouth. Well, it might have had something to do with the vampire, and ultimately, with his tongue. He couldn’t catch his breath. He couldn’t remember ever coming this hard. Xander sucked on Spike’s tongue, then pulled away. He buried his face in Spike’s neck and licked the water droplets off his shoulder. Turns out, Spike tasted good, too.

Spike tilted his head back as Xander nibbled along his shoulder and up his neck to his ear. He ached. He needed to be buried inside the boy’s tight heat, slamming into him, hearing him scream in pleasure. He groaned as the thought elicited a reaction in his groin.

"What?" Xander asked breathlessly.

"We need to get out of the water," Spike said. "Hold on." He placed Xander’s hand back on the rock. "I’ll go first." He easily clambered up the rock face, then reached down for Xander’s hand. Without releasing the rock, Xander lifted his other hand and clasped Spike’s.

With Spike’s help, Xander climbed up onto the rock, which still held some heat from the day and warmed his behind, cold from the lake water. Spike sat beside him, but Xander was afraid to look at him. He felt the soft brush of lips on his shoulder, and shivered.

Spike could tell that Xander was having second thoughts–or first thoughts. The stiffness of his shoulders would have given him a clue even if he hadn’t been able to smell the anxiety wafting off him. He lowered his lips to the boy’s shoulder, wanting to get closer to his warmth, and felt him tremble at his touch. "Xan," he whispered.

"Wh-what do you want, Spike?" Xander asked. He didn’t know how to ask what he really wanted to know, whether Spike was using him, because he wasn’t sure he could handle the answer. He’d never imagined holding Spike in his arms, kissing him, or having his surprisingly warm mouth around his cock. And now he couldn’t imagine anything else. Except maybe Spike’s cock buried in his ass. He groaned.

"Want everything, Xan," Spike admitted, trying to keep his voice low and soothing. "I want to touch you, hold you, kiss you. I want to feel you beneath me as I bury myself inside you. I want to hear you moan, and beg, and scream." Xander moaned. "That’s a start," Spike said huskily, leaning in and nipping at his neck. "What do *you* want?"

Xander felt bereft when Spike pulled away from him, and then he was back, lifting him and lowering him onto the duster he’d spread out over the rock. Xander clutched Spike’s shoulders and pulled the vampire over him, bucking up when he felt the vampire’s erection pressing into his thigh. He ran his hand to the back of Spike’s head and pulled him down. "I wanna scream."

Spike allowed Xander to draw him down, gently pressing his lips to the brunette’s as he pressed his cock into his hip, despite the fact that his words made him want to wrest control away from the boy and take him hard and fast. He’d make him scream, all right. He let his hand wander over Xander’s body, becoming intimately acquainted with all the spots that made him squirm and moan. His tongue still exploring Xander’s mouth, Spike moved his hand to the reviving flesh between his thighs.

Xander’s entire body was tingling. Spike kissed better than anyone in his limited experience. And his touch was bringing renewed life to his cock. Xander moaned again as Spike pulled at his penis, then deftly rolled his balls.

"You’re such a beautiful boy, Xan," Spike rasped in his ear, and Xander couldn’t hold back another moan as his body trembled.

Spike continued to kiss Xander as he reached for the tube he’d liberated from his pocket before laying the duster out. He squirted a dollop onto Xander’s stomach, and his eyes shot open at the cool sensation. Spike grinned. "You’ve been so good, Xan. Moaned so pretty. Now I want to hear you beg."

Xander watched wide-eyed as Spike coated his fingers and then slipped them between Xander’s thighs. Xander started to pant as Spike rubbed his fingers over his pucker. "Spike," he said, in a breathless combination of anticipation and worry. "I’ve never..."

"‘S okay," Spike soothed. "Relax. It’ll feel so good."

Spike slowly pressed one finger inside Xander. He grunted in pain and tightened around him. "Relax," Spike whispered. "I promise. It’ll be good." He watched Xander’s face as he struggled to relax, and then slid his finger the rest of the way in. He moved his finger in and out, coating and stretching Xander’s passage, and then reached for his prostate.

Xander’s eyes opened even wider, and he let out a very unmanly squeal as Spike touched something inside him. Spike smiled down at him and touched it again. He was empty for a moment, and then Spike filled him with two fingers. It burned, but not as much as the original entry, and then there was nothing but pleasure as Spike stimulated the spot inside him that sent an electric jolt directly to his cock.

Spike could barely control himself. Xander was so responsive–moaning, and clutching, and writhing beneath him–and he wanted to be inside him so badly. He scissored his fingers to stretch him, then entered him with three. Xander unconsciously pushed down on his fingers and reached for his cock. Spike slapped his hands away, and Xander begged to be allowed to come. When he judged the boy ready, Spike removed his fingers and used the remaining lube to slick his cock. He crawled to his knees between Xander’s thighs, pushing them apart and back, and placed his cockhead at the boy’s entrance.

Xander instinctively pulled his legs back, and tensed when he felt Spike’s cock nudging his hole. He wanted this at the same time he feared it.

"Relax," Spike urged softly. "It’s all good."

Xander forced himself to relax, then cried out when Spike grabbed his hips and pushed inside him. He felt as if he was being split in two.

"Push," Spike instructed. Xander did, and Spike slid all the way in, then held still, allowing him time to adust. He felt so...stretched...full. "Pet?" Spike asked, and Xander nodded. The burn was incredible, and his cock agreed. They both wanted more.

"More," he whispered.

Spike pulled out, then pushed back in, moving slowly so he didn’t lose control too soon. "You’re so tight, Xan. You feel so bloody amazing." He increased his pace, angling his hips until he found Xander’s prostate. He’d wanted this, had been teasing himself with the idea of possessing the boy for so long, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He’d been so close even before sliding into Xander’s tight passage. He wanted Xander to come with him, wanted to hear him scream. When he found the nub, he slammed into it with every thrust. And Xander screamed.

Once Spike started moving, Xander’s body stretched to accept him. It didn’t hurt anymore, but there was nothing special... Xander screamed when Spike found that spot again. Oh, fuck! Now he knew the lure of anal sex. Spike was right. It felt so fucking good. "Spike," he grunted between thrusts and his own panting cries. "So good. Don’t stop."

"Not gonna stop, luv," Spike promised. "Not gonna stop ‘til you come screaming my name." Xander’s cock perked up even more, if that was possible. He reached for it, and was batted away again. "That’s mine," Spike said. Xander whimpered, and clutched at the duster.

Spike smirked. "That’s right, Xan," he whispered huskily. "Your cock is mine. Your ass is mine. Say it," he commanded.

"Yours," Xander groaned. "Please, Spike, I need..."

"I know what you need, luv," Spike said, closing his fingers around Xander’s cock, squeezing and pulling as he continued to pound into his ass. "You need me."

"Yesss," Xander hissed.

"You need me to make you come."

"God, yes!" Xander cried.

"All right," Spike said, his hand moving in tandem with his cock. "I’m so close, luv. Want you to come with me. Come, Xander, come!" Spike roared.

Xander didn’t know which was more stimulating, Spike’s cock in his ass, his hand on his cock, or the sound of his voice telling him he was Spike’s. The combination of the three blew him away. By the time Spike ordered him to come, Xander was so close to the edge that Spike’s words were all it took to tip him over. His whole body stiffened and the world went quiet, and then sound rushed back in as a flood of semen rushed out. Above him, Spike’s face was contorted in ecstasy, his head thrown back as his body emptied into Xander.

Still shuddering, Spike lowered himself onto Xander’s twitching body, and they both lay in recovering silence. Spike didn’t like the silence. "Xan?" he whispered.

"Huhnnn?" Xander responded.

Spike lifted his head and looked down onto Xander’s closed eyes. "You still alive, luv?"

A sappy grin graced his face. "Mmmm."

Spike’s heart jerked, and he laid his head back down on Xander. If only this moment could last forever. But it couldn’t. "We should be getting you home, luv," he said.

"Come with?" Xander asked before he could stop himself. Spike stiffened. "You don’t have to," he backtracked.

"Do you want me to?" Spike asked his neck.

Xander considered this. Did he? Really? "Yeah," he whispered. "If you..."

"All right," Spike interrupted. "Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?"

Spike carefully pulled away from Xander. He dug through the clothes until he found Xander’s boxers. Leaning out over the water, he wet them.

"Hey!" Xander protested. "Those’re my boxers." Without replying, Spike wrung them out and used them to wipe the come off Xander’s stomach. Xander sucked his stomach in with a hiss of air. "Whoa, that’s cold!"

Spike grinned. He was still evil, after all. When he was done cleaning Xander, he rinsed the boxers out and wiped himself off. He gritted his teeth to keep from moaning as he touched his sensitive penis. No way was he going to admit that he was as much of a wuss as the boy. He looked up to see Xander standing with his pants in his hands, grinning at him.

"What?" he growled, as he wiped the duster lining clean.

"Good thing I’ve seen you in action, or I wouldn’t be impressed," he giggled.

Spike narrowed his eyes as he rinsed the boxers out. Instead of wringing them out, he flung the sopping wet, *cold* boxers at Xander. Water sprayed all over him, but it was worth it to see Xander standing in shock as the boxers clung to his chest, cold water running down him in rivulets.

"Spike!" he yelped.


When they were both dressed, though a little damp, Spike held his hand out. Xander stared at it for an instant, then took it in his own. He looked up at Spike with a shy smile, and Spike couldn’t help smile back. This night couldn’t have turned out more perfectly if he had planned it. Actually, had probably turned out so perfectly because he *hadn’t* planned it.

Hand-in-hand they made their way off the rock and around the lake to the path that would lead them to the parking lot. Spike looked back over his shoulder at the lake, still shining in the moonlight. He flipped the two-fingered salute at the silent shore. ‘Bet I can, too,’ he thought.






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