by Trixx


The nights seemed to bleed together, from one to the next, until an undifferentiated amount of time, days to nights and back again, seemed to pass in a blur of speed.  That is… until the night the skies opened up, spewing down a form of sweet salvation in the fat heavy raindrops that caressed the cement below.

It started with an ominous rumbling, spreading through the darkened streets, rolling over buildings and people in its path, soft and threatening, dark clouds blanketing the starry skyline above.
  Darkness lending the town a shroud of solitude as the moon was blocked from view, the air thick and heavy, the scent of rain overpowering in the still night air.

The residents of the town, stopped, time standing still as the first raindrops fell to earth, tracing their startled features, caressing down their bodies, soaking into their skin like a lost lovers touch.
  Eyes fell closed in pleasure at the soothing feel of love in every, single drop.

Thunder rumbled out of the night sky, the sounds of pleasure waking the residents from their stupor, drawing them in, pulling them out, reaching to touch the nearest available body, clutching at the silken skin beneath their hands, stroking, loving, memorizing every contour beneath their seeking fingertips.
  Need in its purest form washed over them with the first flash of lightening in the night sky.

Xander stood in the middle of a field, surrounded by clover, rain, need, and desire; overwhelmed by it, taken over by it.
  His thick black hair, swept off his forehead by the streaming rivulets of water making their way through the soft curls.  Head thrown back in wild abandon, eyes closed savoring every splash upon his skin, mouth open to cherish the feel of it sliding across his tongue and down his throat.  His arms spread wide, welcoming the kiss of the rain upon his body, soaking into his clothes; feet moving in slow steps, turning him in a slow circle as he openly grasped the pleasure coursing through his rain kissed body.

He needed… Xander needed to touch, to reach out and clutch the nearest person to him, letting go of his inhibitions, wanting, taking, needing to let this immense feeling wash over him and into his lover.
  Sinking to his knees in supplication, head still thrown back, his mouth opened in a silent wail of frustration, his fingers scrabbling at his own skin, his own clothes, tearing them frantically away from his own body, wanting the contact, needing to feel the silky glide of skin on skin.

His clothes lay in a discarded heap on the ground next to him, eyes still closed, hands roaming across the smooth expanse of his broad chest, twisting his nipples into stiff hard peaks, until he was gasping with pleasure.
  Xander let his hands travel south, across his abdomen, around his navel, to the silky curls below.  Fingers burrowing, seeking, cupping his sack in his hands, squeezing ever so gently, before dancing his fingers up his over-sensitized manhood.  A breathy moan escaping his lips, hitching in his throat as his thick callused fingers encircled the head of his throbbing shaft, sending fires of pleasure cascading out through his entire body.  Writhing in need as the plump raindrops continued to memorize the contours of his skin, wanting, needing something more substantial than his own hands on his skin, unknowing of his enthralled audience.

The short blond man stood a short distance away, entranced by the sight before him.
  Water ran down his face, leaving his spikey hair plastered to his face, clothes soaked, clinging to every dip and hollow of his muscled frame, blue eyes glowing hot in the darkened night.  Need coursed through his body, making it throb with longing, longing to possess the wicked creature writhing on the ground before him.

His feet began to move forward, small hesitant steps as if propelled forward by an unseen invisible hand, only stopping when he stood over the trembling young man.
  Hesitant fingers reached out, touching rain soaked skin, gliding softly, caressing the flesh that quivered beneath his fingers, watching as Xander’s eyes slit open, falling to his knees at the heat reflected back at him.

Leaning forward over the prone body, Spike pressed his lips to Xander’s, consumed in the feeling of the rain pouring down on them, the crash of thunder tickling their skin, and the intermittent flashes of light illuminating the sun kissed skin beneath him.
  Tongues tangled, meshed, swirling around each other, seeking the taste of passion on the other’s lips.  Hands stroking, seeking the sensitive hollows of hidden treasures.  Spike’s clothes soon disappeared beneath Xander’s impatient fingers, thrown to the side, forgotten in the impatience to feel hot skin sliding against cool.

Xander moaned deep in his throat at the first contact of the cooler flesh sliding slick and taught against his own.
  Fingers fumbling to find the rock hard evidence of the others arousal, tugging firmly, roughly, wanting more than the gentle contact, wanting to possess, claim, and drown in the man before him.

Spikes fingers moved deftly across golden skin, seeking and finding the hidden entrance to Xander’s body, pressing gently against it, past the slight resistance, and finally managing to burrow deep within the hidden depths.
  Slowing stroking in and out, curling his finger to nudge at the swollen bundle of nerves buried deep within the inferno surrounding his finger.  Breathy sighs and grunts of pleasure floated up and away from the entwined pair as Spike added a second finger, scissoring them gently as Xander bucked against his hand, pulling him in deeper.  A third finger quickly joined the second, stretching, filling, preparing him for the rolling pleasure taking over every nerve and muscle in his body.

Moving between the firmly muscled thighs before removing his fingers, Spike sank deeply within the confines of Xander’s body, settling in, still as stone as Xander bucked and came, spewing his milky essence upon his abdomen, watching as it quickly slid away absorbed by the rain cascading down upon them.
  Then Spike began to move.

Slowly, achingly slow, Xander arched up to meet his thrusts pulling him in closer, deeper, pulling Spike’s head down to fuse their mouths together once more.
  Consumed by need, want, desire burning through their bodies like a raging forest fire, begging to be allowed to rage out of control, and still… Spike moved torturously slow, watching the man beneath him, watching Xander’s head thrash from side to side, the whispered pleas falling from his lips, waiting for a sign, a clue that it was time.

Xander’s body arched, clenching impossibly tight around Spike’s hard shaft, trembling at the urgency of his limbs as he urged Spike to move faster, deeper within him, wanting more, needing more, wanting to be burned alive by the feel of Spike’s body coming together with his own.
  Wanting Spike.  Xander’s mouth fell open as Spike finally complied with the demands of his body, moving faster, deeper within him, stroking that sensitive bundle of nerves with every thrust, touching a spot deeper within him, a spot he never knew existed.

Gasping for breath, bathed in soft light, warm raindrops, touched by the distant rumble of thunder the pair arched together, mouths meshing silently as they both climaxed, trembling around each other, clinging to the solidness surrounding them.
  Collapsing into the others arms, the held on in the aftermath, looking deep into the others eyes, losing themselves all over again, as once more, their mouths met, held, and danced.

The rain stopped as suddenly as it had started, lovers parting on the wave of peacefulness overtaking the small town.
  Slick with rain and sweat, mouths met, fused, and parted on a sweet parting kiss.

The moon full in the sky illuminated the lovers still intimately locked together, bathing them in a soft silver glow.
  Blue eyes hesitantly met brown ones, seeking the truth in the direct gaze.  Xander reached up kissing Spike softly on the lips before rocking his hips up pulling him deeper within him, wanting more.  He’d always want more.





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