by Vampire Fever




“Pet wake up.”


Xander slowly opened his eyes as he felt his vampire licking a path down his neck to nibble at his collarbone.


“Mmm morning Spike,” he mumbled and went to hug the blonde to his chest.


“What the hell?” fully awake now and staring the grinning vamp in the eyes, he tugged on the chains that bound his arms to the iron bed frame behind his head.


Spike snickered down at the warm boy beneath him, as he sat with his legs either side of the naked wriggling thighs.


“Keep that up pet, the friction is delicious.”


Xander wondered why he was so surprised at waking up to find himself in bondage. Having a master vampire as a lover was guaranteed to add a little spice to what passed for ‘normal’, living over the Hellmouth. Not that he was going to let Spike get away with this without a nominal show of resistance – where would the fun be in that?


“You are so dead you.. mmfph” His words cut off as a tongue swept inside his mouth and devoured him in a searing luscious kiss. He couldn’t help but respond, as the feel of Spike’s tongue entwining with his, flooded his being with pleasure.


Spike reluctantly pulled back from the taste of his boy, licking his lips to savour the lingering flavour of sunshine and chocolate that was his Xander.


“I need you to be quiet pet and listen to me.”


Xander opened his mouth to protest, when his eyes bulged in stunned horror at the gag Spike was now waving above him.


“Just one word pet and I will be forced to use this, would you prefer that?”


Xander bit down on his tongue to prevent the sarcastic comeback that was dancing to get free, but his eyes told Spike that he would be paying for this later, which in turn caused Spike to grin in anticipation.


“See pet, I couldn’t sleep last night and I got to thinking. My birthday is coming up and I’ve decided on what I want you to give me for a present.”


“Suppose you couldn’t just drop hints and tell me in a sane, non psychotic fashion, and since when do you celebrate your birthday anyhow, bleach boy?”


“Tut tut now, I am evil remember! And chained up little boys shouldn’t forget who’s in charge here. Not if they don’t want to find themselves gagged and taught some lessons on the right way to respond to their master’s explicit instructions – hmm pet?” Spike said as he waggled his expressive eyebrows.


Xander looked up at his lover and felt the blood rush to his cock. Spike in a masterful mood was just too darned hot and as the reality of the situation hit him - Spike had complete control of his body - he almost came right there and then as the lust roared through him.


Spike grinned at the rush of pheromones the boy gave off and watched the hard evidence of his pet’s desire twitch against his abdomen. Lovely, the boy never ceased to amaze him. His pretty kitten obviously had a few kinks they had yet to explore.


“So as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I have decided what you can do for me to celebrate my birthday. Which I have decided this year is due for a revival, as it must be at least 150 years since I was born – almost a bloody bicentennial, should be a national holiday!”


Spike ignored the laughter bubbling in his lover’s eyes at that comment and continued unfazed


“And the normal sort of birthday gifts, you know like Dru used to get me, succulent young virgins, tasty well muscled footmen, although very yummy at the time, were not what you would call a lasting memento of the special occasion. So I’ve decided I want you to give me a gift that I’ll have forever, and last night I decided what that was to be. Are you curious pet?”


“Spill it out then fang boy, the suspense is killing me, or is that just me losing all feelings in my arms?”


“I can see we may have to start lessons in respecting your elders and betters, Xanpet” Spike whispered as his fingers found Xander’s nipples and began alternately stroking and pinching the sensitive nubs until Xander was writhing and groaning as the friction sent shock waves straight to his twitching erection.


“Spike, oh god please..” Xander moaned, bucking his hips, desperate for some contact on his cock. Spike’s fingers stopped pinching and he leant down and licked and then sucked at the reddening buds before gently blowing his cool breath over them. He then sat up, never once touching Xander’s straining penis. His own cock was equally hard and dripping pre cum down on Xander’s thighs but he ignored it as he brushed Xander’s lovely long hair away from his eyes.


“Shh pet, calm down, I’m just getting to the good bit. Don’t you want to know what my present is going to be?”


Xander gasped, as before he could answer, Spike had cupped his balls and was gently caressing them as he waited, looking into Xander’s eyes with his head tilted to one side, for Xander to reply.


Too aroused to think clearly anymore, Xander groaned, “Yes please Spike, anything you want, please, anything.”


“Mmm, what I want?” mused Spike, looking down at the lovely picture his boy made deep in the throws of his arousal.


“Well right now I think I want a little bit of this.” He moved down Xander’s legs until his head was level with his muscled abdomen, <thank the gods of construction work for that nummy development> and he started lapping at the sensitive skin in the curve of Xander’s hip.


Xander groaned and then gasped as Spike moved his head to lick along the taut column of his penis. Spike grinned at the sound of his pet’s pleasure and then took the head of Xander’s cock into his mouth, sucking gently as his tongue dipped into the weeping slit. His lover’s mindless babble was music to his ears, as he relaxed his throat and sucked Xander down to the root, his nose brushing the dark hair at the base. The pure nectar taste and heat of his pet was completely intoxicating to his heightened senses.


Xander was in heaven. The hand massaging his balls, the feel of the cool mouth surrounding him, that wonderful tongue working its magic, tracing up and down his vein and ‘Oh my god’ the clever finger now entering him and rubbing his prostate! He was in ecstasy, the pleasure was too perfect to sustain and Xander came, moaning incoherently as Spike swallowed every drop of his hot seed.


As Xander slowly drifted back to reality, he lifted his head to see Spike, sitting back astride his thighs, running his tongue over his lips to catch any lingering evidence of Xander’s essence. His pupils dilated as he noticed Spike was still hard, his cock still dripping pre cum onto Xander’s thighs.




“Shh precious, that was delicious but I got sidetracked by the sight of you so prettily chained up for me. I still haven’t told you what I want for my birthday present.”


“Spike you crazy vampire, untie me now. I’ll give you anything you want, but untie me now – pleeease” He moaned, his lower lip quivering in an adorable pout.


“Patience pet”, Spike crooned as he smiled down at his Xanpet. His love for this boy was so intense it sometimes felt like it could make his undead heart beat again. His desire for him had Spike about to cum without a single touch to his body. His big bad image was so shot! He held out his hand and ran his fingertips over Xander’s face, stroking his hair and looking into his deep chocolate eyes.


“You’ll give me anything I want hmm?”


Xander nodded. “Even if it’s something really expensive so that I’ll have to work loads of extra hours to be able to buy it for you.” He paused and bit his lip. “I wont have to will I? Cause no vamp loving if I’m always out working.”


Spike put his finger over Xander’s mouth to stop the babble and kept it there.


“No I don’t want you working yourself ragged for me. What I want is so valuable no amount of money, however large, could possibly buy it.”


Seeing Xander’s bemused expression, Spike continued.


“What I want, the only thing I want, I want to have totally, utterly and unreservedly. I want it forever and it will be the only thing that I will keep with me ‘till the day I’m dust.”


Xander’s tongue flicked out and tasted the finger placed over his lips. Spike hissed with desire. Blue and brown eyes locked together in an intense gaze.


“You Xander – I want you forever. I want you to be mine, to be my mate, my consort, my lover for all eternity. Can you give me that? Can you give yourself to me for now and for always?”


Xander continued to gaze into Spike’s eyes as he gently sucked the vampire’s finger. Spike slowly withdrew his finger from the warmth of the boy’s mouth. He didn’t speak as the two lovers continued to stare into each other’s eyes.


Xander licked his lips and then released a long sigh.


“Spike, I can’t give you that for your birthday.”


Spike felt paralysed as the pain ripped through him. How could he have forgotten that he was a vampire, a demon, a monster that no one could ever truly love. As Spike’s heart started to crumble and anguish rushed in to take its place, he almost missed Xander’s next words.


“I can’t give myself to you for your birthday, Spike cause you’ve had me since the first time we kissed. I’m already yours – now and forever. Even if you decide you don’t want me anymore, I will still be yours for as long as I exist.”


Blue eyes, blurry with tears, looked down at his grinning lover.


“How about I get you cufflinks?”


As happiness quickly replaced the pain, Spike bit back a smile and playfully growled at the boy beneath him. He quickly unlocked the chains and rolled over hugging his Xanpet to his chest.


“I pledge my undying love to you. I ask you to marry me and all you can offer me are cufflinks?”


Xander laughed, “Oh okay, how about I make it handcuffs?”


Any further words were silenced as Spike caught Xander’s mouth in a long heated kiss. He rolled their bodies until he was once again lying on top of Xander, their erections rubbing against each other. Spike broke the kiss and looked down into his pet’s eyes, as he started rocking his hips to increase the delicious friction between their cocks.


Xander felt his passion building as he gazed up at the glorious creature above him. He thanked the gods that someone so beautiful should fall for him, the zeppo, the doughnut boy.


He began to rock his own hips, thrusting up so that their cocks were sliding against each other in a steady rhythm, his stomach now slick with their mingled pre cum. Xander lifted his hand and softly stroked his fingertips over the sharp cheek bones of his lover, awed by their perfection.


“Spike I love you. I love you so much it hurts to imagine being without you. I want to be your mate and your consort. I want you to mark me and I want to mark you so that the world knows that I’m yours and you are mine.”


Spike’s eyes glowed yellow as his pet’s words pushed him over the edge and he came, his cold seed mingling with hot, as Xander gasped out his own release beneath him.


Moments later Xander looked up at the grinning vamp, whose cool frame was still draped on top of him.


“You didn’t bite me!”


“It’s not my birthday yet pet”


Xander laughed, “You know you’re evil?”




“I could still decide to get you cufflinks instead.”


“I could still use that gag on you.”


“This is gonna be a weird engagement.”


“Romance is my middle name.”


“I thought it was ‘the’.”


Spike raised an eyebrow in query.


“You know as in ‘William the Bloody”


“Definitely using the gag”, he snickered as his arm reached out to pick it up from the bedside table.







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