by Vampire Fever



Spike wandered aimlessly through the Wolfram and Hart building. As he neared the boardroom he stopped, as the sound of a familiar heartbeat caught and drew him in like a siren’s song.


He stood in the doorway and watched the man lost in his work. One hand held up a document, so that the reader could make out the small print. The other hand was gripping a pen and writing; the script neat and flowing. Spike moved closer and studied the fingers as they moved up and down the barrel of the pen.


He knew the feel of those fingers, his skin had memorised their touch as they had stroked over his face, his chest and the curve of his hip. Then sweeping lower, those fingers had gently caressed the length of his cock. He imagined he could still feel the tips swirling over the head, coating themselves in his leaking juices. The strength of that hand as it gripped him in a tight fist, bringing him to the edge, as the fingers from the other hand massaged his balls and danced over the sensitive skin of his puckered hole. Then the ecstasy as two fingers had entered him, rubbing over the magic spot, as his cock was pumped to orgasm. He ran his tongue over his lips, as if he could still taste his own essence from holding those hands and licking the fingers clean.


Wes turned around and caught him staring at him, two pairs of piercing blue eyes locked together for an instant. Spike smiled, blew him a kiss, turned and left the room.


Wes smiled to himself and then turned back to his work. But his concentration was shot. He picked up the phone, “Security, this is Wyndam-Price, can you send someone to find Spike and bring him to see me. I am in the boardroom. Thank you.”


 He sat back in his chair and waited.


A few minutes later Spike arrived, flanked by 2 security guards.


“Missing me already, pet?”


“Please take a seat Spike.” Wes dismissed the guards with a wave of his hand and moved the chair next to him so that they would be sitting facing each other.


Intrigued, Spike sat as instructed. He loved the way Wes could throw him off guard at any given moment. He could never predict the workings of this man’s mind, and after nearly two centuries of existence, this ability to surprise him was an intoxicating factor in his unlife.


“Spike I’ve been thinking...”


Spike interrupted him, “Do you ever NOT think pet? Is that brain of yours ever switched off? Although if you count those times when I have you writhing underneath me, panting and gasping my name..”


Wes suppressed a grin. He treasured the fact that Spike could make him smile, regardless of the seriousness of the situation or how busy he may be, but he knew better than to encourage him, “Spike, please be quiet for a moment, I have an important proposition for you.”


That firm tone of voice always had the same rousing effect on his body; Spike tried not to squirm.


Wes locked his fingers together, twirling his thumbs as he spoke, “Its all well and good that you go out and help Angel fight demons and the like, but that doesn’t really occupy your time to any sufficient degree. I think it would be a good idea if you had a job here at Wolfram and Hart. I propose that you use that well hidden mind of yours and join my department so that we can utilise your amazing language skills.”


Spike’s eyes were focused on Wesley’s hands as the thumbs moved back and forth. His gaze travelled up the lightly haired forearms revealed by the rolled up sleeves of Wesley’s shirt. He imagined stroking his finger up and down the arm, and having Wesley wrap them around him as he was drawn into a hot luscious kiss.


“Achmm” coughed Wesley. Spike jerked his eyes back up to meet those of his lover.


“Spike did you hear anything I just said?”


Rolling his shoulders back with his trademark belligerence and patented smirk, “Yes pet, of course.”


“That’s good, I’ll give personnel a call and get you set up with your own office.”


Wes counted silently; one, two, …


“You’ll get me ‘WHAT’?”


Wes just smiled and raised an eyebrow.


Just a little thrown but trying not to show it, Spike aimed for his usual snark, “Bloody hell Wes, you can just get that idea right out of your head now. No way am I getting a job, and an office, that’s just plain evil. Next you’ll be expecting me to wear a suit!”


Wes paused to consider the suggestion, “Well now that you come to mention it, that sounds like a jolly good idea.”


Spike put his palm against Wes’ forehead. “You’re delirious, or possessed, I’ll call a doctor.”


Laughing, Wes lifted Spike’s hand off of his forehead, placing a kiss in the palm before letting it drop. “Relax Spike, I was only having a little fun at your expense. Although, I wasn’t joking about you helping me, when you can, with some translations. Your knowledge of demon languages is most impressive and you’re much more fluent than I am with some of the rarer dialects.”


“Is that so?”




“Uh huh, and how much you gonna pay me for this ‘help’?”  Spike leant back in his chair; his eyes slowly undressing Wes as he moved his gaze leisurely up his body, until their eyes met and heat blazed between them.


Wes mirrored Spike’s pose, one shoulder slightly hooked over the back of the chair.


“That depends.”


“Oh yeah, on what?”


“How good a service you will be giving me.”


“I’ve never had any complaints before.”


“Your previous ‘clients’ may not have been as exacting as I. My standards are very high. Do you think you will be able to satisfy me?”


“Only one way to find out pet..”


A slow smile spread over Wes’ face. He turned to the desk, straightened up his papers, stood and started walking toward the door, as Spike’s eyes followed every movement.


Just before he left the room, Wes turned his head and said over his shoulder, “I’ll get my secretary to call you to set up an appointment, make sure you’re not late.”


The door shut behind him.




Spike paced the floor of his quarters, and paused to check the time again. ‘Had the sodding clock stopped, it couldn’t still be an hour before the time of his meeting with Wesley?’ The anticipation was killing him. This game Wes was playing with him, had him permanently hard. He thanked the gods for vampire recovery time, because he had rubbed himself raw, jerking off every time he thought of the human’s expression as he had walked out of the office yesterday.


‘Fuck this for a game of soldiers, I’m gonna go see him now, can’t have him thinking he’s got me under his thumb.’ Having made his decision, Spike marched down to Wesley’s department.


He reached Wes’ office, and raised his hand to knock, then checked himself, ‘Bleedin’ hell, he’s got me acting like one of Angel’s lackeys already.’  He straightened up, took an unnecessary deep breath and opened the door to the office.


Wes was sitting behind a big desk, head down, reading a number of books spread over the mahogany surface. Spike walked up to the front edge of the desk and stopped.


Without looking up to see who was there, Wes said, “Please take a seat Spike, I’ll be with you in a moment,” and without a pause, continued working.


Spike threw himself into a chair in front of Wes’ desk and sprawled out; one leg hooked over the arm of the chair, his elbow on the other arm of the chair, his head resting on his fist.


He stared at Wes’ head bent over the books, and waited. He watched Wes flip the pages of the books, noticing how the strong fingers gently held the delicate paper. But after 5 minutes of silence, he was ready to kill something.


“It was your idea to have this bleedin’ meeting, have you changed your mind pet?”


Wesley slowly closed the book he was reading, and finally lifted his head to look at Spike. He put both elbows on the desk and rested his chin on his clenched hands.


“I distinctly remember the meeting being at 3, should I fire my secretary for telling you the wrong time Spike?”


“Yeah you do that, pet.” Then reminding himself he wasn’t evil anymore, “Nah, couldn’t wait another soddin’ moment. Was getting bored and decided to see what you’ve got planned for this afternoon.”


Wesley’s lips twitched as he suppressed a tiny smile. “As I recall Spike, we were going to test the worth of the services you have to offer me.”


Spike shifted his leg so that he was sitting upright, and leant forward, his gaze fixed on Wesley’s brilliant blue eyes, “Any time pet, any time.”


“Good.” Wes moved one of the opened books in front of him so that it was facing Spike.

“This passage is in Fraulek, could you translate it for me, please?” He pushed a pen and some paper toward the vampire.


“You’re kidding me right?”


“Not at all. This passage has been puzzling me all day. There’s a ritual I need to do with an employee and this section holds the key to how we must perform the rites, for the outcome to be successful. Your help would be invaluable.”


Wes sat back in his chair, picked up his pen and started twirling it between his fingers, as he waited for Spike’s response.


Wes was so fucking hot, sitting there all bossy and in charge. He didn’t know what Wesley was up to, but excitement was coursing through his body and he just had to see where this was going. Spike grabbed the book and scanned the passage. His Fraulekian must be rustier than he thought, because he couldn’t believe what he had just read. He slowly reread the passage again. He lifted his head to look at Wesley, a slow smile lifting the corners of his mouth.


“You’re going to enact this passage with an employee as part of a ritual?”


“Yes, I think I mentioned that already.”


“Uh huh, you do know this is a description of a mating ceremony?”


Wesley’s expression remained fixed, the pen twirling in and out of his fingers, “Yes Spike, I was aware of that.”


Slightly unsure if Wes was serious, Spike reread the passage for a third time. “One of you has to be on your hands and knees and the other has to insert a …’starl’, I can’t translate that word, into the ‘orla’ of the kneeling participant.”


“Know what ‘orla’ means Wes? asked a grinning Spike.


“I believe I do, and for your information, a ‘starl’ is a hard implement.” Wes continued to stare across at Spike, no hint of a smile crossing his face.


“And you’re going to do this with an employee?”


“Yes, that’s my plan.” The pen glinted silver as it caught the light on each rotation through Wes’ fingers.


“And you want me to work for you?”


Wesley raised an eyebrow and tapped the pen against his lip, “Well you couldn’t translate ‘starl’, so I’m reconsidering.”


In a blur of vampiric speed, Spike was standing, his hands on the edge of the desk, his face as close to Wes’ as the expanse of mahogany allowed, growling, “You’re mine and if you think I’m letting you do this ritual with anyone else, you are sadly mistaken.”


Completely unperturbed by the vampire snarling in his face, Wesley paused to think, the pen held horizontally between his two forefingers. With a slight shrug and a glitter in his eye, Wesley relented.


“Okay Spike, you can come and work for me, but in this office you are mine. I’m your boss. You take orders from me, understand?”


With a heated look at the commanding man, who excited him beyond belief and managed to push every one of his buttons, Spike laughed, “As if that will be a problem for me pet.  I’ve been dreaming of you inside of me for days.”


Wes carefully laid the pen back on the desk, stood up and moved around to take Spike in his arms. He rocked his hips against Spike’s so that they could feel each others arousal, lifted his head and gently kissed him. He moved his mouth so that his lips brushed softly against Spike’s ear and whispered,


“To be completely accurate, ‘starl’ actually means pen.”




Wesley walked into his weekly departmental meeting and looked at his team seated around the big boardroom table.  There was one empty chair and one missing vampire.  With a small arch of an eyebrow, he sat down and started the proceedings.


As the meeting drew to an end, Wesley turned to his secretary and told her to cancel all of his appointments for the rest of the day. He gathered his papers together and left the room. He took the lift up to the residential quarters and stopped outside of Spike’s rooms. He knocked and opened the door, walking into the big open plan living room. Spike was sprawled out on the sofa in his sweats, paper strewn all around him as he sat flipping through the channels on the big, widescreen television.


He looked up as Wesley entered and pouted, “I know what you’re going to say love, but don’t bother. I’ve decided I don’t want to work for you after all.”


Wes walked round till he was standing in front of Spike, his hands on his hips. “Hmm, is that so? And what reason have you got for changing your mind before you’ve even worked a single day?”


Spike turned off the television and threw the remote onto the side table and hung his arm over the back of the sofa. “I have my reasons pet, lets leave it at that.”


“Lets not.  In fact I want you dressed and downstairs within half an hour. Did you get the package I sent you?” Wesley looked around.


“No” mumbled Spike.


Wesley caught the glint of the shiny wrapping paper from the open door of the bedroom. “I can see it Spike, what …Oh I see what this is all about now. Please tell me I’m wrong. Please don’t let this little tantrum be about my gift.”


He eyed the pouting vampire. His expression stern, hands still on his hips.


Spike jumped up and started pacing backwards and forwards, his gaze focused on the carpet, avoiding the look in Wes’ eyes. “Listen pet, I may have agreed to work for you, but I don’t remember having agreed to wear that”, Spike waved towards the bedroom, “fancy dress costume. I’m William the Bloody, the Big Bad, I’ve got a reputation to keep. Someone sees me wearing that soddin’ outfit, I’ll be the laughing stock of the demon world.”


Wesley grabbed hold of Spike’s shoulders, stopped him pacing and turned him so they were facing each other. “I’m more inclined to worry about the Big Bad being afraid of a suit, Spike. Are you crazy, you’d refuse to work for me because of a gift?”


“I’m not frightened,” mumbled Spike.


With a quick kiss to Spike’s forehead, Wes let Spike go and moved away to the door.


“Good, then I expect to see you downstairs in my office in 30 minutes.”


“Oy wait” shouted Spike. But the door had already closed behind him.


Grumbling and muttering under his breath, ‘jumped up ex-watchers who, just because they held him in their arms as they slept, believed they could just ride roughshod over every aspect of his life, and if they thought he was going to just take it without putting up a fight, well they could just think again’, Spike went to get dressed.




Half an hour later, Spike stormed into Wesley’s office and threw himself into the chair in front of the desk, dropping a briefcase next to the chair as he growled at Wes. “I can’t believe you’ve got me wearing this monkey suit. I look like a dogs dinner.”


Wesley looked up from his laptop and took a deep breath to steady his racing pulse. If Spike knew just how gorgeous he looked right now, he’d never hear the end of it. 


“Hardly, I think you look very smart and professional, although you could have worn the tie.”


Spike grinned and purred, “Only smart, pet, then why is your heart beating double time? If you’d told me you have a suit fetish then we could have avoided all the fuss. I am more than willing to indulge you in any little.. um.. games you wish to play.”


He left the chair and perched on the edge of Wesley’s desk, his fingers stroking back and forth on the mahogany surface.


Wesley pulled his chair in tight and dragged his eyes away from Spike’s fingers.


“Really Spike.” Wesley tried to inject a degree of authority into his wavering voice. “This is a place of work and we have some important prophecies to translate.”


“Uh huh, that so, pet? You’re looking a little hot under the collar there, should I loosen your tie? Its much more comfortable without one.”


He leant over, tilted Wes’ head and brushed his lips across Wes’ mouth, whilst he tugged the offending item of clothing off the bemused man.


“As I remember it Wesley,” Spike whispered as he ghosted soft kisses over Wes’ lips, eyes and cheeks, “We haven’t yet finalised what you are going to pay me for this job. I think we should discuss this before we go any further.”


He sat back up so that he was once again perched on the edge of the desk and casually crossed his arms, waiting for a reply.


“Oh and by the way, whatever you were going to pay me, double it for making me wear the bloody suit.”


Wesley, regaining his equilibrium, considered this for a moment and sighed.


“Spike the budget for this department has already been fixed. I can’t afford to double your salary, you’d better take the suit off.”


With a tiny quirk of his eyebrow, he started drumming his fingers on the desk and looked up at Spike. “Well please don’t just sit there Spike, give me back the suit.”


“Okay fine, never pegged Wolfram & Hart as skin flints.”


Spike hopped off the desk, faced Wesley and casually slipped off his jacket.


“You know you still haven’t told me what you’re gonna pay me.”


“Haven’t I?” murmured Wesley, motioning with a wave of his hand for Spike to continue. “Didn’t you get the letter?”


Slowly undoing a button of his shirt with one hand, Spike replied, “No. Did you send it to Spike or William the Bloody?”


Another button popped open, the shirt parting to reveal the washboard muscles of Spike’s abs.


Wesley blinked, swallowed and said softly, ”Hmm, William the Bloody.”


Spike pulled the shirt free from his trousers and undid the final button. “That’ll be it then, everyone round here knows me as Spike. Letter’s probably still in the postroom.”


Spike’s right hand rubbed over the skin of his stomach. Wesley’s eyes following every movement, as Spike’s fingers drifted to the waistband of his trousers and flicked the button.


“So then, what are you going to pay me, pet? I’m not working here for nothing.”


Meeting Spike’s eyes, Wesley replied, “I can’t remember precisely, but it was a generous financial package with the usual benefits.”


Spike held Wesley’s gaze, as the sound of the zip being lowered filled the room. “Doesn’t sound good enough to me pet, what do I need with life insurance and health care? I think we need to negotiate some specific benefits. Come to an arrangement.”


Wesley moved his eyes away from Spike’s penetrating gaze and took in the picture the vampire made, standing with his shirt hanging open, his trousers hanging precariously from his slim hips and the tip of his hard cock visible between the folds of the loosened material.


“Have you got something in mind Spike? And please don’t stand there like you’re auditioning for a porn film, I want the shirt and trousers off.”


Getting even harder at Wes’ commanding voice, Spike shrugged out of the shirt, toed off his shoes and stepped out of the trousers as they fell to the floor.


Standing in all his naked glory, Spike put his hands behind his back, tilted his head to one side and answered Wesley’s question, “Yeah, I know what benefits package I would like. It includes a weekly, no – daily, one on one, hands-on, employer/employee interactive conference. Preferably in this office, using this desk and maybe your chair.”


Wes pursed his lips and crossed his arms. Then slowly and deliberately let his eyes travel up Spike’s legs, his thighs, his jutting arousal, over the 6-pack of his stomach, across his pink nipples and finally settled on Spike’s baby blues.


“That’s an interesting proposition, Spike. However, there is one major factor you seem to have forgotten. Before you are entitled to any benefits, you must first do the job for which you were employed. And do it well.”


He raised a quizzical eyebrow at the naked vampire. “Seems to me, that you’re going to be waiting a long time before you qualify for any job related perks.”


Spike turned around and picked up the briefcase he had dropped by the chair, placed it on Wes’ desk and opened it. Taking out the papers that had earlier been strewn around the sofa, Spike handed over the neatly bound document to Wesley.


“I think you’ll find in there, the full translation of the prophecy you were blabbing on about last night, pet.” Spike tried to hold back a smirk, but failed miserably.


Wesley flicked through the file, pausing now and then to read the odd paragraph. With a look of amazement on his face, Wes stared at Spike.


“This is incredible. You’ve translated the whole set of parchments. When, how? My god Spike, I didn’t know you were this proficient in such obscure languages.


“Yeah, yeah, fine pet. Are we ready to discuss the benefits you now owe me?”


Wes pushed his chair back, away from the desk and stood.


“Yes Spike, I think we can say, you’ve earned a little bonus.”


He walked around the desk and stopped in front of Spike. He gently stroked the back of his hand along Spike’s jaw line, dropped a kiss on the end of his nose and then slowly sank to his knees. He nuzzled at the curly hair, inhaling the intoxicating smell, before moving his head to trace his mouth along the length of Spike’s weeping erection. His hand came up to grasp the thick cock at the base, whilst his tongue tasted the beads of pre-cum coating the tip.


Spike’s hands rested in Wes’ hair. He had to fight the impulse to thrust deep into the warm mouth currently teasing his senses. He wanted to savour every second of this. He never seemed to be able to get enough of Wesley and he didn’t want to rush things now.


Wes was lost in the moment. He loved the taste and feel of Spike, his mouth pulling the head of the thick penis into its warm recesses. He sucked gently on the tip, swirling his tongue around and around and then dipping into the thin slit to tease further. Spike’s fingers curled into his scalp as he heard the vampire groan and his hips start to jut forward, trying to thrust himself deeper into Wesley’s mouth.


Wesley relaxed and swallowed, so that the hard cock was hitting the back of his throat and his nose was buried in the wiry hair. He hummed as he sucked, the vibrations making Spike take a loud unnecessary breath. Wes’ hands fondled Spike’s balls, stretching them and then rubbing them together in their velvety sack. They were so hard and sensitive that Spike let out a soft moan, his hips rising up, fucking into the deep sucking. As his need reached a fever pitch, Spike rode into Wes’ mouth. Humping himself into the willing cavern, plundering its treasures, rubbing himself over the soft lips before plunging back down into the warm depths. Trying to hold back only made the orgasm harder, and with a gasp Spike flooded Wesley’s mouth and throat with his cum.


Wesley swallowed every drop and then gently cleaned Spike off, before raising his head to look at the panting vampire. Spike pulled him to his feet and kissed Wes deeply. Tasting himself as his tongue swept Wes’ mouth, their tongues duelling in a passionate embrace.


Spike’s hand reached down and released Wes’ cock from his trousers. He slipped a hand around the hard length and fisted him. Wes, so close to coming, moaned at the pleasure from Spike’s skilled hand. He joined his hand to Spike’s and pumped his hips, riding with the movement. Gasping as Spike’s fingers grazed over the sensitive tip, flooding his body with intense joy. He swayed slightly as, on the verge of his climax, Spike let him go and sank to his knees, taking him into his mouth as Wes pumped his release. His legs gave out and he dropped to the floor, Spike pulling him into his arms, as he slowly came back to his senses.


Combing his fingers through Wes’ hair, Spike chuckled, “Bloody hell pet, I’m gonna like working for you.”


Wes grinned and stroked the bare leg of the vampire, “Indeed. But you’ll have to put the suit back on.”


Spike looked down at the smiling man in his arms, “I thought we’d already sorted that pet?”


Wes sat up and turned to face Spike, “You’ve got nothing else to wear, and you are not leaving this office naked.”


Reclining back on his elbows, so that Wes got an unrestricted view of his body, Spike replied, “Uh, huh. Well it seems as if we’ll have to negotiate some more beneficial payment terms if you want me back in the monkey suit.”


Wes smiled serenely, and stood up. He straightened his clothing, raised an eyebrow at the vampire still lounging at his feet, and moved back behind the desk.


“I suggest we start negotiations with a demonstration of the most appropriate use for this chair.”







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