by Vampire Fever



Giles stood in the kitchen doorway, watching Spike, who was sprawled over his sofa drinking blood from his ‘Kiss the Librarian’ mug. As the mug made yet another blood ring on his coffee table, Giles suppressed an evil Ripper-like grin and strode purposefully forward, to stand directly in front of the lounging vampire. It was time to have some fun.


“That’s it, I’ve had enough of you showing no respect whatever for my rules and my property. Get up.”


“Who’s rattled your cage then Rupert?”  Spike looked up to see Giles staring down at him with a hard impenetrable gaze. A ripple of excitement flashed through him. Giles looked dangerous, and this was looking interesting. Spike couldn’t resist a little extra prod.


“Run out of tea and crumpets have you?”


Giles held Spike’s gaze, his voice precise and measured.


“I said get up and I expect you to obey me instantly. If I hear another word out of you, you will regret each and every one.”


“Bloody hell, Watcher…”


He stopped talking as Giles held up 3 fingers and waited.  Spike sighed and stood up. Giles moved around him and sat down in the place that Spike had vacated, as Spike turned around to watch him. Their positions, of a few seconds earlier, now reversed.


“Are you going to tell me …?”


Giles now held up 9 fingers as a smile lifted the corners of his mouth. His eyes still focused on the vampire standing before him.


“One more word and it will be a round 10.”


Spike snapped his mouth shut. Giles had shed the fuddy librarian persona like a lizard sheds his skin. He didn’t know what this was about, but the masterful tone the Watcher was using was making him hard. He thrust his hips forward so that the outline of his cock was plainly visible through the tight jeans. However, although Giles’ eyes were on a level with this blatant display, the Watcher’s gaze stayed focused on Spike’s face.


Spike quirked his eyebrow and waited.


Giles lowered his eyes as he lazily glanced over Spike’s belligerent pose. Then he slowly mused, “Hmm, those trousers look like they must be uncomfortable. I think you would feel better if you took your t-shirt and trousers off.”


“Right!” Spike snorted


“That’s 10, and I gave you an order, I expect you to obey me – NOW.”


Not even thinking about why he felt compelled to follow the instructions, Spike quickly shed his clothing and stood, naked and hard, in front of the man sitting unperturbed before him.


“That’s very good Spike. I’m impressed that you learn quickly when you realise it’s in your own best interests. Now come over here and position yourself over my lap, so that your arse is easily accessible for my hand.”


Wondering if all his borrowed blood had left his brain and headed south to his cock, Spike numbly did as was asked and draped himself over Giles’ lap. The soft denim of Giles’ jeans rubbed his now throbbing erection, as it lay trapped against the Watcher’s thighs. Giles rested one hand on Spike’s exposed arse and the other on the back of his neck, his fingers sifting through the soft hair at the nape.


“Now Spike, as I punish you for each of the words you uttered when I told you not to speak, I want you to contemplate why I was so annoyed in the first place. Oh and if you come before I say so, there will be repercussions.”


With that, Giles raised his hand and brought his palm down hard on Spike’s left cheek.




The pain was quick and sharp. Spike couldn’t withhold a gasp as pleasure rushed through his body, his cock leaking pre-come on Giles’ jeans.








With each blow, Spike arched his back trying to keep Giles’ hand in contact with his skin for a fraction longer. The exquisite pain and the friction against his cock were making him lose all resistance - his mind set free to enjoy this crazy turn of events.






Giles paused and gently trailed the pads of his fingertips over the sensitised skin of Spike’s arse. He leant down and blew cool breath over the area. Spike whimpered as the cool air contrasted with the burn, the sensation causing him to shudder with pleasure.


The blows resumed.






Giles’ other hand had wormed its way between Spike’s legs and was skilfully caressing his balls. Spike didn’t think he could hold out much longer.



Spike was almost delirious with the need to come.




“Spike turn over and sit up, I want to see you come now.”


Spike was so hard and so close to coming, that the pain in his cock was as bad as the pain of the spanking. He groaned loudly as he got up and sat down on Giles’ lap.


“Please Rupert, may I touch myself?”


Giles shook his head and reached down and grasped Spike’s rigid cock in his hand. The feel of Giles’ heat around him was the only stimulus he needed and he groaned as his climax hit him. His seed pumping over Giles’ hand until he was milked dry. His head fell back so that he was leaning against the Watcher’s shoulder. As his senses slowly returned, he sat up and looked Giles in the eye.


“What was this all about Rupert?”


Giles smiled, “You were a bad boy and let blood rings from your mug mark my coffee table.”


Spike blinked, “I did?”


Giles nodded. Spike picked up Giles’ hand and began licking his seed from the Watcher’s fingers.


“I trust you’ve learned your lesson, and that you won’t be making a mess in the apartment again.”


Spike shrugged and smiled, and wiggled his sore arse against the rigid cock trapped in the Watcher’s jeans.


“What do you think Rupert?”






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