Vampire Fever


…in My Ear

He punched in the number, sat back in his chair and listened to the phone ring. When Giles answered, Wesley quietly asked.

"Where are you?"


"Okay. Leave Xander sitting on the sofa and go and sit at your desk."

"Are you there? Good. Now I want you to do everything I say. Do you understand? That's just a yes or a no answer Giles.
Alright, good."

I've been remembering our last encounter, when I had you on your knees with my cock buried deep in your lovely arse. Do you recall that Giles?"

"That's good to know. I particularly remember the feel of your hot shaft in my hand as I let you fuck my fist in time with my slow, hard thrusts inside you. I want to feel you in my hand again Giles, but because I can't be there myself, you'll have to do it for me."

"I don't care about Xander. He's watching the television with his back to you. Ignore him. Now spread your legs and run your fingers over your cock. Are you hard?"

"I would've been very disappointed if you hadn't been. I want you to pull down the zip of your jeans and to take your shaft in your hand."

"Don't argue, just do it."

"Now I want you to imagine it's my hand gripping you, pulling you,
sliding my palm up and down your foreskin so that the swollen head of your cock is revealed with each jerk."

"Is the tip wet Giles? Would you like my mouth on you, lapping up each pearly drop with my tongue?"

"Please what, Giles? Do you want me to speed up my hand? Do you want me to allow you to come?"

"I like the sound of that. Say 'yes Wesley' again."

Lovely, so obedient. As a reward I want you to coat your hand with your pre-come so that you can hear a subtle squelching sound as you strip your prick ever faster."

"When we next meet Giles, I'm going to have you naked on your leather chair. I'm going to make you rub your hands over your body, touching your nipples, pinching them, making them hard, ready for my mouth. I'm going to watch as you cup your balls in the palm of your hand and massage them together. I'm going to wait for you to use your fingers to prepare yourself for my prick. Watching as you stretch yourself open, begging for me to touch your neglected cock and to fuck you until we're both covered with your hot sperm."

"Was that a groan Giles? Did you just come all over your hand?"

"Don't you think you should thank me?"

"I don't care what Xander thinks, say it out loud."

"You're welcome. Remember you're not to touch yourself again unless I give you permission. Good night Giles."

Wesley replaced the receiver and lifted his own wet hand to his mouth, imagining he could taste Giles as he licked his fingers clean.


…in the Dark

Wesley wandered out of the bathroom and sat down on the sofa to listen to his phone messages. The sound of Giles' voice had his hand reaching down to stroke his twitching cock.

"Hello Wesley, I've been thinking of you. Thinking about what you made me do the other day when Xander was visiting. Remembering how I had to refasten my jeans with drops of my come still glistening on my stomach and sprinkled in the hair around my softening prick."

"Do you know how hard that makes me? Do you know how much I wish I were there with you? Do you want to know what I'm currently fantasizing about?"

"I imagine you sitting naked on your sofa. Your blue eyes completely focused on me as I walk over to stand in front of you. I sink slowly to my knees between your open thighs. Leaning forward I nuzzle into the soft skin over the crease of your hip, inhaling your musky scent, letting it imprint itself on my mind."

"I move my head a little, swiping my tongue over your weeping slit before licking a path down to your balls. Your cock is hard and taught against your stomach. I can feel you about to put your hands in my hair to guide my mouth back over to the dripping head, but I stop you with a piercing glare. Your body is mine to play with, please remember you have no say in the matter."

"I ignore your whimper and resume my exploration of your balls.
Tonguing them, sucking them into my mouth one at a time. Mmm, do you know how wonderful you taste Wesley? With great reluctance, I release them from my mouth and continue to trace a path down to your tight hole."

"I gently lick over your puckered opening before closing my lips around the fluttering muscles.
Sucking you, eating you, slipping my tongue into your loosening passage. I can feel you trembling. I adore how your body responds to my every touch, it's so deliciously erotic."

"I reach for some lube, slicking up my fingers and then pressing them inside you. With a little twist, my knuckle brushes against your prostate. I love the sound of you groaning my name as I massage against the sensitive spot. What is it you want Wesley? Do you want to feel me pressing against your hole? Do you want to feel your muscles stretching? Do you want the head of my cock to breach your opening and sink inside of you, until all you can feel is my dick splitting you in two?"

"Let me hear you say it out loud, Wesley. Tell me, do you want me to fill your arse, fuck you until my come is dripping down your thighs. Do you Wesley?"

"God yes, Giles!
Always." Gasped Wesley as he came, his seed splattering over his chest from the force of his orgasm.

The machine quietly clicked off to the sound of Giles' ragged breathing.






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