The 2005 Spander Christmas Album

Father Christmas
by piratepurple aka Luminosity



            Xander couldn’t believe he was working for the council, and he still had to work as a department store Santa over the holidays. No, it wasn’t for the money. Some Santa-impersonating demon had been snatching children, and Xander was “investigating the situation.” He sighed. Saving the world should get Christmas Eve off, at least. Xander was sweating under the lights as he took a picture with a crying three-year-old. Ugh, now there was snot on his mitten. Xander surreptitiously wiped it off on the chair.

            Next in line was a twelve-year-old boy. A little older than the norm, but Xander opened his arms in welcome anyway. Only to promptly be socked in the stones by said boy. When Xander doubled over in pain, the boy snatched Xander’s wallet from his back pocket and took off into the crowd.

            Spike came out from behind a giant candy cane and helped him up. But not without laughing. “Gotta watch for those London boys, Xan. They’re rough.”

            Xander could only groan.

Father Christmas ~ The Kinks








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