Title: Beyond The End

Author: AngstPuppy

E-mail: tshaw@mdvl.net

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Rating: various PG-NC17

Pairing: Spike/Xander/Giles, other pairings as we merrily roll along

Series: One big story, several dozen teeny little chapters

Spoilers: Starts out after Buffy ends (thus the title…), flashbacks start at the end of Buffy Season Two, and then it runs, nay flees from cannon like a scared virgin at a frat party.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Joss and Mutant Enemy and others who I am not, own all. I merely use them and put them back, mostly.

Summary: Oh, one of those…huh. Instead of just torturing Giles in "Becoming II," Angelus does the unthinkable. Yup there be Vamp!Giles here.

Warnings: Well, Vamp!Giles, blatant disregard of cannon, bloodplay (Cause…you know, vampires…)and probably copious amounts of sex and violence, violent sex, sexy violence…um, you get the idea.

Notes: Thank you Lazuli for giving this baby a home, you’re the best!

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