12 Days
by Char


Xander softly sang, ‘On the first day of Christmas…’ as he put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree.  Glancing at the clock, he was pleased to see it was just past midnight.  ‘Cool,’ he thought.  ‘December 13 has begun.  Spike is going to be so surprised.’  Xander had a series of surprises planned for his mate over the next 12 days and today was day 1.  He figured by day 3 Spike would suspect something, but he was prepared; there was nothing in the apartment for Spike to find.

Moments later Spike walked in the front door.  Spying Xander, he stalked over and grabbed his lover from behind.  As he nuzzled Xander’s neck, he noticed the tree, and asked, “What's that?"

"A Christmas tree," replied Xander.

"I know that, Git, I thought we were going to wait a few days before we got the tree.”

"I only told you that so I could surprise you."  Xander replied, turning so he could wrap his arms around Spike, "Do you like?"

Still holding Xander, Spike pulled them away from the tree so he could get a better view.  Looking closely, he saw among the traditional ornaments, a few non-traditional additions.  When his eyes reach the top he laughed.  The angel was the Loony Tunes Tasmanian Devil dressed in an angel's white gown wearing his leather jacket, topped with a slightly crooked halo.

Lowering his head to Xander's neck, Spike whispered, "I like very much."  Grabbing Xander's hand, he went closer to the tree - he wanted a better look at some of the ornaments.  Xander followed Spike, wondering if Spike would find the special ornament.

Moments later Spike was pulling out a small, craved ornament.  It was a small tree with a bird in it.  "Just like that silly song you were singing before I came in."


"It's beautiful, Xan," and Spike carefully replacing the ornament.  Turning to Xander he asked, "Why?"

"This is our first true Christmas together.  The first one where we aren’t hiding anything from anyone and I just wanted it to be special."

"You’re special," and Spike lead him to the bedroom to show Xander just how special he was.




'On the second day of Christmas....' Xander hummed as he walked up Buffy's front steps and knocked on her door.  "Hey, Dawnie," he greeted when the door opened.  "Is Buffy home?"

"Yeah, she's in the kitchen attempting to make cookies," Dawn replied, giving Xander a hug.

"Thanks.” He returned her hug and when she released him, headed for the kitchen.  "Hey, Buffy, the flour works better if you leave it in the bowl," he said as he reached over and turned off the mixer.  When the white cloud finally settled down, Xander bit back his initial laughter at the sight of the white Slayer.  "I'd give you a hug, but I’d really rather not go home covered in flour." 

Buffy just gave him a baleful look, which only caused the laughter Xander had been holding back to spring forth. 

"Do you have it?" he asked when he could finally talk again.

"Yeah," Buffy grinned at him, not really mad that he had laughed, knowing how she must look, and she pointed to two flour covered lumps on the counter.

Carefully lifting them up and dusting them off, Xander said, "Thanks, I really appreciate this."

"I’m only doing it because you asked.” Buffy replied and Xander understood it was probably the only time she would, barring an emergency.  This was her way of showing she accepted them.

“Thanks,” and he gave her a hug. They parted and it was Buffy’s turn to laugh at the amount of flour that now clung to Xander.

“So, are you ready for the holidays?” asked Dawn, as she bounced into the kitchen.

“Yeah, been ready for a while,” replied Xander

“Cool, what did you get me?” asked the teen.

“You’ll just have to come over on Christmas to find out, won’t you?” said Xander, giving her a very Spike-like smirk.  “You both will be there?”

“We’ll be there bright and early,” said Buffy. 

“Cool, going to spend all day?” asked Xander.

“Plan on it,” was the chorused rely.  “Have you heard from Willow?” asked Buffy.

“Yeah, she and Tara should be back on the 20th.”  Glancing at his watch, Xander said “Gotta run, Spike’s expecting me home soon.” 

Minutes later, Xander was walking through his front door.  Spike lounged in front of the TV apparently oblivious to the fact Xander was home.

Xander wasn’t fooled.  “Have you eaten?” he asked.

“No, was planning to go out in a bit and grab something,” was the reply.

“How about I entice you to stay in tonight with two special pints?” Xander asked as he handed Spike a brightly wrapped package.

Raising an eyebrow in query, Spike asked, “What’s this?”

“Why don’t you open it and find out,” was Xander’s only reply.

Opening the box carefully, Spike first pulled a small ornament from the box.  “Two doves?”  Xander just ducked his head, and Spike continued, “They’re beautiful, Luv.  You do beautiful work”

“Thanks,” Xander answered softly.

Carefully setting the ornament aside, Spike pulled the other items out of the box.  “Blood?”

“Yeah, a type you’ve only had once before.”

Spike gave him a puzzled look as he walked to the kitchen to heat the blood up.  Opening the packet Spike understood and queried,  “How?”

“I asked, just this once, to make Christmas extra special.” Xander replied.

When the microwave dinged Spike pulled the mug out and drank the elixir down.  Xander immediately saw the change in Spike’s stance, and a fire lit in his eyes.  When the second packet was gone, Xander grinned as Spike stalked toward him; he knew it was going to be a long night.  Giggling, Xander gave a false shriek and ran from the kitchen.

Grinning wildly and shifting to game face, Spike gave chase.  Catching his mate just outside their bedroom, he gently flung Xander onto the bed.  Still grinning Spike stalked into the room as Xander watched.  Carefully slitting his wrist, Spike offered his blood to Xander.  “Drink, you’re going to need your strength tonight.”

Xander did as Spike bid. With Spike still chipped, they didn’t share blood very often; they didn’t want Spike in pain.  Spike would sometime give Xander a little blood after an especially active round of sex.  For Spike to offer Xander blood before anything had started, told Xander this night was going to last a long time and he was looking forward to it.

Spike was high and it was all he could not to jump Xander right now.  The slayer’s blood was an aphrodisiac he had not had in a long time.  Grabbing the well-used tube of lube from the nightstand he hastily prepared his love.  For his part Xander seemed to be relaxed and ready for Spike.  Preparing him as best he could in his haste, Spike entered Xander in one swift motion.  Xander’s breath hitched at the sudden penetration but gave no indication of pain.  Using the hand that had prepared Xander, Spike grabbed Xander’s erection and pulled in time to his rough thrusts.  Quickly he had them both coming, taking the keen edge of arousal off them both.  Still remaining in Xander, Spike slowed his strokes to a much gentler pace and leaned in to kiss the boy.

“You are so amazing,” he whispered.  “Going to keep this up alllll night.”  He timed his words to hit Xander’s prostate, earning an agreeing grunt from Xander.

Twenty minutes later, the slow strokes had Xander on the edge of need again and he began to beg Spike to bring him off.  “Please, Spike, need more, need faster, anything, please, love you.  Love you, love you.”

Spike grinned as the words poured from Xander and he began to stroke faster, making sure to hit that special place on each stroke.  Soon both were coming for a second time and Spike still showed no signs of slowing down.  Slowly pulling his still hard erection from its warm haven, Spike contemplated what to ask for next.  The decision was taken from him when Xander wrapped his warm hand around him.  Carefully wiping the vampire clean, he began to suck on the cock in front of him.  “Cor, you have a sweet mouth.  Going to bring me off again?  Think you can handle it?”  Spike asked with a gentle thrust of his hips. 

Xander just grinned and hummed around the cock in his mouth.  He needed some recovery time and figured this would be the best way to achieve it.  He knew Spike had meant it when he said they were going to do this all night.  Feeling Spike’s fingers in his hair, Xander hummed some more, knowing the vibrations would tantalize the vampire.

Spike groaned and tried to control his actions.  He wanted to thrust harder down that warm throat but didn’t want to hurt Xander either.  Soon all thought was lost as Xander took him to the root and swallowed.   Gripping Xander’s head in his hands Spike began to control his thrusts, when Xander didn’t protest, he moved more quickly.   Soon Spike was coming and Xander swallowed all he gave.

Xander lay back on the bed, his erection renewed.  Spike grinned at the boy; he knew what he wanted to do next.  Before Xander could suspect anything, Spike swallowed him whole.  Spike glanced up at Xander, saw his eyes had closed and took the opportunity to prepare himself.  When he had stretched his hole as much as he wanted, he released Xander’s erection, and while Xander watched, slowly lowered himself onto the boy. 

Xander gasped.  They hadn’t done it like this before.  As a Master Vampire, Xander knew that Spike shouldn’t bottom and had never asked - and in a way he wasn’t the bottom now.  Spike was very much in control of what was going on.  Xander gripped Spike’s thighs as the vampire moved himself on Xander.  Soon Xander was thrusting up to meet the vampire’s down strokes and from Spike’s expression had found the special place within.   With a roar, Spike came, coating Xander's chest with his release, pulling Xander’s orgasm from him as well. 

Spike watched as Xander’s eyes crossed and then Xander passed out.  Smiling, Spike slowly stood up, his own erection finally dying.  Going to the bathroom, he grabbed a warm wet cloth and came back to clean Xander off.   Xander never woke during Spike ministrations and when Spike crawled into bed with him, Xander just curled into him.




On the third day of Christmas…

Xander came in quietly through the front door.  Peeking into their bedroom, Xander saw that Spike was apparently still asleep.  Grinning, he made his way to the kitchen to fix dinner.  He was a bit sore from last night but nothing bad and he did feel rested, despite having had just a few hours of sleep, which was good considering he’d had to work today.  Setting the brightly colored package on the kitchen table, he wondered how long it would be before he saw his mate.   Just as he finished fixing dinner, Spike appeared in the doorway, looking very sleepy.  Placing a mug in the microwave for Spike, Xander turned and asked, “How are you doing?”

“Not bad, feel like I’ve got a hangover.  Slept all day,” was the barely audible reply.  Sitting down at the table, Spike saw the package.  “What’s this?”

“Open it and find out.” Xander replied as he fixed a plate for himself and one for Spike.

Spike threw Xander a puzzled look - which Xander didn’t see, and opened the gift.  He pulled the carved ornament, three French hens, from the box and then pulled two small matching knives.

“Xander, these are great,” said Spike as he handled the knives, “Very well balanced.”

“Knew you would like them.  Thought you could carry them in you duster, they have small scabbards that we should be able to attach to the lining of your duster.”

“Okay, Xander, what’s going on?”  Spike wasn’t upset; he just wanted to understand.

“You know the song, ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’?” and at Spike’s nod, continued, “I thought I’d make this year extra-special, so I got you something for each.  Just like the song but not the quantities.  Because as much as I love you, I don’t have that much money.”

“So, you’re going to give me something for the next 9 days?”

“Yep,” Xander replied as he put a plate in front of Spike.

“And you don’t expect anything from me?”

“Nope,” putting the mug down as well.  Before Xander could sit down, Spike grabbed him and pulled him into his lap.

“You are amazing.  Glad you’re mine.”  Spike purred in Xander’s ear.  “Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve.”




On the fourth day of Christmas…

Spike was prowling the apartment; looking for clues to the gifts Xander had gotten him.  He already suspected there would be an ornament in each box; Xander had given him three so far.  Growling at the fact he couldn’t figure out where the gift was he flopped into the chair and turned on the TV.  Maybe a little mindless distraction would help.

When Xander finally arrived home it was all Spike could do not to pounce the boy.  “Where is it?” he all but growled.

“Where have you looked?” Xander expected this, and had taken precautions.

“Everywhere,” was the reply.

“Couldn’t have looked everywhere if you didn’t find it,” Xander retorted.  “Want some help?”

“Bedroom or kitchen?” Spike asked.

“Kitchen.”  Xander grinned and then followed Spike as he immediately went to resume his hunt.

Spike began to check again, this time he even looked in the oven.  He started to close the door when he did a double take.  There on the middle rack was the package he had spent all day looking for.  “That wasn’t there the first time I checked!” protested Spike, knowing Xander wouldn’t know he hadn’t checked earlier.

“I know, it was spelled to appear when I got home,” Xander replied, laughing as the vampire gave him a pout.

“Not fair, how can I cheat if you don’t play fair,” Spike muttered as he grabbed his prize and carried it into the living room, Spike tore open the package as he sat down on the couch.  Pulling the fourth ornament out of the wrapping – four carved calling birds dyed black - out first he admired Xander’s workmanship before getting to the main gift.  Looking inside, he raised an eyebrow at Xander and watched him turn an interesting shade of red. 

“How long did it take you to buy these?” asked Spike, pulling one of the four tubes of flavored lube from the box.

“About two days, once I finally decided to go in.”  Xander answered sheepishly, still blushing profusely, and Spike took pity on him and pulled him close.  “Which one do you want to try first?”




On the fifth day of Christmas…

Xander raced home.  He was having so much fun giving the gifts to Spike.  As he walked in the door, Spike greeted him and held out his hands.  After yesterday’s fruitless search, he had decided to wait for Xander rather than work himself up.  Patience wasn’t his strong point, but he knew Xander, how he got when he set his mind to something, and knew searching would be pointless.  Xander grinned and again turned red as he handed the fifth box to Spike. 

Spike noticed his reaction and tore the wrapping off eagerly.  Inside were two boxes.  He opened the top one, pulling out the ornament; five interlocking rings.  He again admired the craftsmanship of his mate, then placed the ornament aside and opened the other box.  Inside were four small rings and one larger one.  Xander’s blush today, made his reaction from yesterday seem pale.  “I would loved to have been there when you got these.” Spike said.  “Do you really want to pierce your nipples or are they for something else?”

“I thought we’d try piercing our nipples first, maybe other things later,” Xander stammered.  “The girl behind the counter said they can make you even more sensitive.”

“Come on, then, the sun’s down – we can get it done tonight,” said Spike pulling Xander out the door.  Spike led him to the same shop Xander had bought the rings from.  Pulling Xander inside, he said, “Is Marty around?”

The girl behind the counter looked up and said in a bored tone, “Yeah, he’s in back,” and went back to the magazine she was reading.

“Think you could get him for us?” asked Spike, a slight growl in his voice.

The girl just rolled her eyes as she got up from her chair and went into the back.

“Is that the girl you bought these from?” asked Spike, wondering how Xander could have bought anything from that bint.

“No, the other girl who works here is much nicer and better looking,” replied Xander.

Further conversation was temporarily halted as a big man followed the counter girl into the front of the shop.  “Hey, Spike, what brings you here?”

“Got time to do a couple of piercings?” asked Spike holding out the box that held the nipple rings in it.  The cock ring had been removed for use later. 

Marty glanced in the box and then at Xander, who was turning bright red again.  “Yeah, come on back,” and led the way to a small, private room.  As they walked down the hall, they passed another girl. 

“Did your friend like the gift?” she asked Xander by way of greeting.

“He did,” replied Spike before Xander could say anything, flashing a grin at the girl as he continued following Marty. 

Xander grinned as she flashed him a grin and a thumbs up behind Spike’s departing back.  Following Spike into the room, Xander was pleased to see the sterile atmosphere. 

“Would you like a healing spell as well?” asked Marty as he pulled his instruments from the sterilizer.

“For the whelp, yeah, want him to have some fun tonight, but I won’t need one,” replied Spike.




On the sixth day of Christmas…

Spike was asleep on the couch when Xander got home.  He’d been doing some last minute shopping for his company’s Christmas party and he had finally found the right outfit for Spike.  Setting the wrapped box on the coffee table, Xander went to take a shower and get ready for the party that night.

A few moments later the shower door opened and Spike joined him.  “Mmmm, warm Xander. My favorite,” he said as he nipped Xander’s ear.

“Did you open it?” asked Xander, turning around to kiss his mate. 

“No, wanted to wait for you,” Spike replied as he grabbed the soap and began to wash Xander.

“You waiting to open a pressie, I’m surprised, I figured you’d have it open by now.”

“Git, had other things on my mind,” replied Spike as he nipped Xander’s ear again.

“Are you sure you want me to go to this party?” Spike asked a few minutes later.

“Yes, I’m sure,” replied Xander.  “Everyone at the site knows you and most know about us.  Those that don’t choose not to see and I don’t care what they think anyway.  I want to be seen with you.”

Spike didn’t reply, just leaned in and kissed Xander, letting his hand stroke over his lover’s familiar frame.  Carefully he prepared Xander, playing with him and building his excitement to a fever pitch.  Hands braced on the shower wall as Spike prepared him, Xander was soon panting with want and anticipation.  When Spike slowly entered him, he groaned appreciatively.  He loved the feel of Spike entering his body and the thrusting that soon would begin. 

Knowing they didn’t have that much time, Spike sped up his strokes and reached around to fist Xander in time with his thrusts.  He soon had Xander painting the shower wall as he filled his love.  With a groan he pulled out of Xander and finished cleaning them up.

As they dried each other off, Xander said, “Don’t get dressed just yet.  Want you to open your gift first.”  Cocking his eyebrow, Spike did as he was asked and followed Xander naked into the living room.  Handing the present to Spike, Xander sat down on the couch to watch.

Spike slowly opened the gift, mostly to torment Xander.  Feeling around inside the box, his hand clasped the ornament he knew was inside.  The carved ornament was no bigger than the first five had been but Spike could see all six geese easily.  If Xander kept this up…he couldn’t wait to see the drummers.  Feeling Xander’s frustration, Spike tore off the top of the box and stopped, stunned.  Inside was a suit. Slowly, Spike lifted the jacket from the box.  The soft silk was black with a subtle stripe of gray and he knew it would drape just right.  Setting the box on the table, he stood up and put the jacket on.  He wanted to feel it against his skin.  Removing the pants, he put them on as well.  Spike had been absorbed in the feel of the jacket and pants against his skin he hadn’t missed Xander until he returned, carrying his own suit.

Xander pulled the shirt from the box, a deep red to complement the black of the jacket and pants.  “Put this on, I want to see the full effect,” whispered Xander.  Spike complied and was please to see the shirt fit him snugly.

Seeing the look in Xander’s eyes Spike smirked, preened a bit, and said, “You sure you want to go out?”

Xander thought about it for a moment, then sighed, “No.  But, yeah, we need to get going.  I promised Hilda you would be there.”  Spike rolled his eyes.  Hilda was the office worker on the site, one sweet lady and a dear friend to them both.  “And she’s going to love you in that outfit.”

“She’s going to love your outfit just as much,” Spike stroked the soft blue silk of the jacket Xander wore.  The shirt was a steel gray and the tones match well with what Spike wore and Spike wasn’t sure he wanted anyone else to see Xander looking this good.




On the seventh day of Christmas…

Sunday morning found Xander cuddling in bed with Spike.  Spike had been a big hit with the ladies the night before.  Hilda had taken one look at him and not let go all night.  Spike and Xander had grinned at each other over her antics the entire evening.  They loved her like the grandmother she was and allowed her to indulge herself if she was so inclined, knowing she loved them both for who they were. 

When Xander had first started working on this site, he had been leery of being the new guy.  One of the other workers had taken advantage of that, teasing Xander relentlessly and almost causing Xander to make a costly mistake.  Hilda had seen it and quietly intervened.  Using her grandmotherly magic on Xander, she had put him at ease and helped him to gain the confidence he needed to deal with the nasty co-worker.  When Xander had told Spike what had happened, his mate had had the expected reaction; first wanting to tear the man limb from limb, because he had caused Xander pain, then wanting to meet Hilda for helping.  When they finally had met, Hilda had known exactly what Spike was the first time she saw him.  “Lived on the Hellmouth too long not to,” was the only reply they got when they asked her how she knew.

Xander watched Spike sleep; or at least he thought Spike was sleeping.  It was hard to tell since his mate didn’t need to breathe.  Gradually Spike opened one eye.  “Can feel you watching me,” he mumbled.

“Would you rather feel me do this?” wrapping his hand around Spike’s cock.  Spike didn’t answer, just shifted to allow Xander better access.

When Xander had Spike nice and hard, he shifted around to straddle his lover.  Leisurely, he sank down onto Spike’s erection, enjoying the groans he was eliciting from him.  Starting out slow and hitting his prostrate with each down stroke, Xander was enjoying himself.  Suddenly he was expertly flipped over onto his back, and Spike was above him, increasing the pace.  With a roar Spike came, Xander’s orgasm following Spike’s seconds later. 

Glancing at the clock beside the bed, Xander slapped Spike on his ass.   “Race you to the shower!”

The words were barely out of his mouth when Spike was up and in the bathroom, water running.  Laughing, Xander joined Spike in the already-warm water. 

Clean and dry, lounging in front of the TV, Spike finally turned to Xander and said, “Okay, where is it?”

Xander grinned.  He’d been waiting, wondering how long it would take Spike to ask.  Going back to the bedroom, he retrieved the box he had hidden in the closet.  Placing the ornament on top, he carried it back to where Spike waited for him, none too patiently, on the couch. 

Spike reached for the box and looked at the ornament first.  Seven swans swimming, and he could even make out the water of the pond they swam on.  Unlike the other gifts, this box was not wrapped – the box itself was a beautiful hand-craved wood and Spike could see Xander’s craftsmanship in the scrollwork on the lid.  Lovingly he opened the box and was surprised to see seven stakes of various sizes and types of wood. 

“This is one of the few I actually had a chance to spend some time working on, and with you in the house, it was kind of hard to find time and places,” said Xander as Spike reverently stroked some of the stakes.  “I managed to do most of the work on my lunch hour at work.”

“All different types of wood?” he asked.

“Yeah, some of them will even work on certain types of demons.  I’ve been planning this gift a while.  You would have gotten it this Christmas, no matter what, even if I hadn’t been able to do the rest of the gifts.”

“Thanks, Luv,” was all Spike said as he pulled Xander close and just held him. 




On the eighth day of Christmas…

Xander woke with a groan.  He didn’t want to leave his warm bed and go to work today, he wanted more cuddle time with his vampire, his still-sleeping vampire.  Sighing, he got out of bed and went to work anyway. 

Spike watched unobserved as Xander got ready and left for work.  He had finally decided how he was going to surprise Xander Christmas morning, but needed some help getting things together.  Grinning, he made a phone call.

Xander came home exhausted.  This was going to be a short week at work and the crew was working harder to make up the time.  Sighing heavily as he opened the door and was surprised to see Willow and Tara on the couch with Spike; he had forgotten they were arriving today.   “Ladies,” he greeted as he was enveloped in a hug from them.  “How have you been?  Has Spike been playing nicely?”

“S-Spike’s been telling us about his Christmas, so far,” Tara replied with a shy smile.

“Yeah, we even managed to get him to model the suit for us,” said Willow.

“We’re surprised you allowed him out of the house wearing it,” grinned Tara.

“Did he tell you about Hilda?” asked Xander, and Spike rolled his eyes.  “Guess not to judge by the look he’s giving me,” and Xander launched into the story of how Hilda wouldn’t leave Spike alone all night.

“And you let her?” asked Willow, looking at Spike.

“Kind of hard to tell Hilda no,” was all he would say.

“You have to understand, Hilda is a grandmother to everyone on the site and no one tells her no when she really wants something, and Spike loves her just as much as the rest of us.”

“Oi! Do not!” the vampire protested more out of a habit to protect his ‘Big Bad’ image than anything else.  “Okay, I’ve been patient enough, where is it?” asked Spike.

Grinning, Xander again went to the bedroom closet and pulled a wrapped box from it.  Going back into the living room he handed the brightly colored package to Spike.

Tearing off the paper quickly, Spike opened the box and pulled out the ornament first – eight maids a milking.  This one was the largest of the group but still not that big for all the detail Xander had put into it.  Handing the ornament to Willow and Tara to look at, he looked further into the box and whooped.  In a frame lay eight railroad spikes.  Each spike was slightly different from one another and all had an S/X intertwined somewhere on them.  Touching them, Spike realized that these were not just decorative.  Xander had set it up so that if they needed one, they could be easily removed and used.  He also realized that a couple of them were not iron. 

Later that night, after they had bid Willow and Tara good night, Spike showed Xander just how much he loved his gift.




On the ninth day of Christmas…

As Xander left for work that morning, he left a package on the table for Spike.  He wanted Spike to have this one early and didn’t mind not being around when he opened it.  The site was winding down and he hoped he would be home early.

Spike rose at noon and saw the gift; he knew Xander had left it for him to open and debated on waiting for him…for all of about 30 seconds.  Ten minutes later, Spike was enjoying one of the movies that had been in the box.  Now he understood why Xander had left it for him.  Some of the movies were, in Spike mind, bloody great but he knew Xander wouldn’t want to watch them.

Xander came home to the blaring music of the Sex Pistols.  He grinned and shook his head; glad it was still early in the evening.  Wondering how long Spike had been blasting out the eardrums of their neighbors he opened the door and turned down the stereo a bit.

“Oi, I was listening to that,” protested Spike.

“I know, I heard it down the street and I think our neighbors two streets over can hear it too.”  Flopping down on the couch next to the vampire, Xander asked, “Did you enjoy the movies?”

“Oh yeah, Luv.” and Spike pulled Xander in for a kiss.  “But the ornament wasn’t there.”

“I know.  I wanted to give it to you personally.” Xander replied and he handed Spike the ornament.

Spike whistled – beautifully carved in dark wood nine tiny but amazingly individual ladies danced in elegant, flowing gowns.  “I think this is your best one yet,” Spike said turning the ornament around in his hands.

Xander smiled at the praise from the vampire and kissed him gently.




On the tenth day of Christmas…

As Xander was preparing to leave the construction site that night, Hilda stopped him.  “Do you have your gift for Spike yet?” she asked. 

“I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure.  He may not want to be reminded of his past.”

“Here, include this, and all will be okay,” and she handed him a small book.

Xander looked at the book, then back to Hilda.  She just grinned and went back into the trailer.  As he made his way home, Xander still wondered about his choice for tonight’s gift.  It was a reminder of Spike’s past that he hadn’t seen much of.  The man he was before he became the vampire.  Sighing, Xander opened the door and searched for Spike.  It didn’t take long - the apartment wasn’t that big. 

He found Spike in the tub, enjoying a total submersion in steaming water.  Stripping down, Xander joined him in the huge tub.  Sighing, he settled down as Spike made room for him between his legs. 

Sensing something was bothering Xander, Spike just held him until the water started to cool.  Pulling Xander from the tub, he dried him off and led him to the living room.  “What’s wrong?” he asked as he pulled Xander down next to him on the couch.

“Nothing really, I’m just not sure about your gift for today.  I mean, when I first got the idea I had all these different gifts lined up and I even rejected some of the ideas as too corny, even for me, but in the beginning this one seemed right.  At least it did until tonight.”

Spike tried not to grin as he listened to Xander in a now-rare moment of babble-mode.  “Why don’t you let me decide and I promise not to laugh.”

“It’s not your laughter I’m afraid of,” replied Xander as he handed Spike the small box.

As usual Spike examined the ornament first - ten lords all with a leg raised in an imitation of Las Vegas showgirls – and couldn’t suppress a grin at the fancifulness of it.  With each ornament Spike could see how much Xander’s skill was improving.  The size didn’t increase by much, but the detail improved immensely on each one.  When Spike finally opened the box, he understood why Xander had been hesitant about giving it to him.  Inside was the very thing the poet in him loved.  Pens, paper and a journal to keep them in, “Oh, Xan, these are great.”

“Hilda gave me this to give to you as well,” and Xander handed him a small book.

Spike took the book and flipped it open.  “Xander, did you look at this before you gave it to me?”

“No, why?”

Spike just handed the book back to Xander and when Xander really looked at it, he began to laugh.  The book Hilda had given him was a book of really bad poetry.  “This makes the stuff I used to try and write seem pretty good,” Spike said as he took the book back.  In a falsetto voice, Spike began to read one of the poems.  He had Xander rolling in a few minutes.

Later that night he showed Xander just how much the gift meant.  Pulling Xander into the bedroom he undressed his love and kissed each piece of skin he exposed.  He recited lines from various poems he knew.  Matching lines to movement, he reduced Xander to a needy mass of flesh.  Xander didn’t know where all the poems were coming from, but he loved the sound of Spike’s voice as he recited them.  The hard gutter accent he usually adopted had disappeared as he spoke, becoming more refined and Xander could see the man he had once been. 

As Spike prepared Xander, he spoke of many things, many lines of poetry flowed from his lips and Xander reached up to touch the face of the man he loved.  As Spike entered him, the flow faltered and the heat of his love enveloped him.  He would never get tired of this and intended to show Xander just how precious he was.




On the eleventh day of Christmas…

Xander walked with Willow into a sword shop just two days before Christmas.

“Why are we here again?” asked Willow.

“I need you to check something out for me, before I get it for Spike,” replied Xander as he led her over to a display case.

As Willow looked at the knives and swords on display, she noticed a gap in the middle, about the size of a short sword.  “They must have sold one recently,” she commented to Xander, pointing out the gap.

“You don’t see it?” questioned Xander.

“I see the gap,” replied Willow.

Motioning to the shopkeeper, Xander pointed to the gap and he nodded his head.  Reaching into the display case, the shopkeeper wrapped his hand around the space were the hilt would be and Willow gasped, “Goddess.”  In his hand, a short sword had appeared.  “Spike will love that.”

“I know, but I need you to check out the magic.  I don’t want to give him anything that will harm him,” answered Xander.

“The shopkeeper doesn’t mind?” Willow wondered as she looked at the man.

“No, I expect it,” the man replied.  “Come.  I will show you a room where you won’t be disturbed and you can test the sword.”

Twenty minutes later, Willow was satisfied that the only magicks on the sword were to protect the owner and that Xander could safely give it to Spike.

Giving Willow a hug as they left the store, Xander asked, “You and Tara are coming for Christmas dinner, right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Willow replied returning his hug, and she headed in the opposite direction.

Xander placed the box down just inside the door as he entered the apartment.  He could hear Spike in the kitchen cooking dinner, singing along to the music that played loudly on the radio, though thankfully not as loud as the other day.  Going into the kitchen he wrapped his arms around Spike.

“Evening, Luv,” said Spike as he stirred the sauce.  “Dinner will be ready soon.”

Kissing the back of Spike’s neck, Xander replied, “Smells good.  What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion, just felt like cooking.”

“I’ll go wash up,” and Xander left the kitchen.  When he returned Spike had dinner on the table and his gift in front of him and the ornament in his hands. 

“This box is heavier than the others,” he said without looking up from his examination of the ornament - eleven pipers; he could almost hear them playing.

Xander helped himself to dinner while Spike opened the box.  Hopefully, Spike would see the sword.  A moment later, Spike was lifting it out of the box.  “This is great Xander.  How did you find it?” 

“Not really sure, I think it found me.  I got it at the same shop I got the throwing knives from.  The shopkeeper said not everyone could see or use that sword and he knew I wasn’t getting it for me.”

“Know where we can display this,” said Spike as he stood up to wield the sword and test the balance.  “Make it easy to grab when we need it and show it off when we don’t.”

“It’ll make for an interesting display, since not everyone is going to be able to see it.”

“I know, that’s why I want to display it,” replied Spike, taking a practice swing with the weapon.

Xander watched as Spike danced with the blade, his natural grace flowing.  Finishing his dinner, he joined Spike in the living room.  “What to patrol tonight?  May find something nasty to test it on.”

Spike just gave Xander a toothy grin.  Laughing, Xander grabbed his coat and followed Spike out the door.




On the twelfth day of Christmas…

Spike woke first the morning of Christmas Eve, wondering why he was still warm so late in the morning.  Looking next to him he realized Xander was still in bed.  “Xander,” he purred in the boy’s ear.  “What time do you work today?”

“Don’t have to work,” was the sleepy reply.  “Holiday.”

“Great, can I have my pressie now?” and Spike prodding the sleeping form next to him.

“No, now let me sleep some more or you won’t get it at all,” Xander cracked one eye open to glare at the bouncing vampire.

Spike debated about pestering Xander more, then debated about pestering him in a far more erotic way, but eventually he got up and made his way to the living room, he knew better than to push his sleeping lover.  Turning on the TV, he settled on watching some mindless shows and maybe sleeping some more before Passions came on.

Hours later, Xander made his way into the kitchen, bypassing the vampire sleeping on the couch.  Grinning at the sight of Spike curled and sleep-tousled, Xander grabbed a mug to fix some coffee.  By the time the coffeemaker had finished brewing, Spike had joined Xander in the kitchen.  Grabbing his own mug and filling it with blood to place in the microwave, he kissed Xander as he passed.  “So when do I get my gift?” he asked again.

“After sunset.  This was one I couldn’t wrap, but if you’re awake enough I’ll give you the ornament.”

“Later, going back to bed, really should be asleep during the day,” was the groggy response and Spike went back to bed forgetting about the mug he had put in the microwave.

Xander just watched, bemused, as his lover stumbled back to bed; he still wasn’t sure why Spike had gotten out of bed that morning in the first place.  He knew the vampire would be up just before sunset and debated whether to crawl back in to bed with him or watch some TV.  No contest there.  Going back to the bedroom, he crawled in beside Spike and pulled him close, drifting in and out of sleep holding his love.

Hours later, Spike woke for the third time that day.  This time he woke Xander as well.  “Come on luv, want my pressie,” said Spike as he bounced on the bed.

Xander just groaned, “Can’t, have to wait until the sun is down.  Couldn’t bring it into the apartment and you can’t go out in the sun.”

“Okay, how ‘bout a distraction then?” and Spike proceeded to show Xander what kind of distraction he was looking for.  Rubbing his hands down the length of Xander’s body, he proceeded to wake him completely up. 

Finally the sun had set and Xander took Spike to the construction site.  “What are we doing here?” asked Spike.

“I was talking it over with Hilda and she suggested a way to get rid of the chip.  I thought we’d give it a try,” replied Xander.

“What are you going to do?” asked Spike.

“Going to turn on the electro magnet near you and if all goes well it will knock out that chip, making you fully functional again.”

“What’s to keep me from going back to my old ways?” asked Spike, wonder what the boy was after.

“Nothing, I’m doing this for you with no strings attached,” replied Xander.  “I’ve worried about you sometimes when you’ve gone out and couldn’t defend yourself against humans.  This way I know you’ll be as safe as one can be in this town.  I love you,” and he gave Spike a kiss.

Spike was stunned; this wasn’t something he had even remotely expected.  Returning Xander’s kiss fervently, he then said, “Let’s do this…and I still want the ornament,” as he pulled Xander into the site.

Ten minutes later they were in a bar just outside of town.  A rough place with a rougher reputation, it was a place Xander would never have gone to normally but he knew Spike would want to test himself against some humans.  Starting a game of pool on an empty table, Xander knew it wouldn’t be long before someone tried something.  He was right; not even five minutes had passed before someone tried to take their table away.  Xander stepped back and let Spike have his fun. 

Later that night, a weary but ecstatic Spike took Xander home.  He had fought a few humans that night without any pain, well no blinding headache type pain, anyway.  Tucking Xander into bed, he made he way back out into the night.  He had one last thing to do before the morning.




Christmas morning dawned bright and clear and Xander woke alone.  The twelfth ornament still sat on his dresser apparently untouched.  There was even a box to store all the ornaments in.  Xander sighed; he had kind of expected this but had hoped he would be wrong.  He had hoped Spike would say good-bye before he left.  He hadn’t expected to wake alone.

Spike grinned as he raced through the sewers, he hadn’t expected to be quite this long but it was going to make the night all that sweeter.  He figured Xander would be waking up right about now and a little depressed at finding himself alone.  Xander didn’t know he wasn’t going to stay alone.  Spike planned to be with the boy for a long time. 

Moments later he was under the apartment building, waiting for Buffy and Dawn to arrive first.  He wanted to sneak back into the apartment and was hoping to use them as a distraction.  Fortunately the wait wasn’t long, Buffy and Dawn had arrived early.

Quietly following the girls, he watched as they entered the apartment, and just after Xander closed the door, Spike eased it open again.  Checking to see that Xander and the girls were in the kitchen unloading the dishes Buffy had brought, Spike quietly slipped into the bedroom.  “Where’s Spike?” he heard Dawn ask Xander.

“Still asleep,” answered Xander, not wanting to tell the others he woke up alone.

“Not any more, kind of hard to sleep through the noise you lot were making,” mumbled a sleepy-sounding vampire, enjoying the startled look on Xander face.  Going over to him, he grabbed him in a hard embrace and whispered, “Not leaving you, now or ever.”

Xander shuddered, loving the implication in that statement. 

“Hey, what’d you get me?” asked Dawn, pulling the two men apart and leading Spike into the living room. 

“I think we should wait for Willow and Tara,” said Buffy, stopping her sister from dragging Spike into the living room.  Dawn’s protest was stopped by a knock on the door.

Hurrying to open it, Dawn greeted not just Willow and Tara, but Giles as well.

After all the gifts had been exchanged, and everyone had eaten more than they should have, the good-byes were said and Xander and Spike found themselves alone once again.

“Where did you go last night?” asked Xander, when the last of the cleanup had been taken care of.

“Had something to take care of.  Now that the chip is not a problem I wanted to ask Angel something and needed to do it in person.”

“So you went to LA?”

“Not to LA, met him halfway.”

“Halfway, why did you have to meet Deadboy at all?”

“Now that I’m chipless I can Claim you and I needed the permission of my sire.  Since Dru isn’t here, Angel’s the next in line.”

“Claim?  You want to Claim me?  I mean, I know we talked about it, but are you sure?” asked Xander, “Cause if you're sure, I want you to,” he said in a rush, fearing Spike might mistake his meaning.

“I want you, wanted to make you mine for a long time now.  Was working with Angel to figure out a way around the chip.  Wanted to Claim you tonight any way I could.  Angel was going to help, but your little surprise last night made that unnecessary and he gave me his permission after extracting a promise from me.”

“What promise?” Xander wanted to know.

“That the innocents of Sunnydale and the world will be safe from William the Bloody.”

“What did you tell him?” Xander held Spike very close, waiting for his answer.

“Gave him my word, didn’t I? That for as long as I have you, I would be a White Hat,” Spike replied with a touch of ruefulness in his voice.

“Thank-you Spike, that means a lot to me.  You mean the world to me,” and Xander kissed him.

“Merry Christmas, Xander.”

“Merry Christmas, Spike.”





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