The last few electronic cords of synthesized voice and thumping base of Madonna’s “Cherish” was fading as Xander crossed the stainless steel threshold of Club Dignité. A silent nod to Tomay, the bouncer, and a smile to Greg, the Wednesday night bartender, and he made his way to the cocktail table in the corner of the massive space.

“Straight to…Number One” started its slow thrumming through the sound system as Xander shook the rain from his hair. He noticed some stares and smiled indulgently as he took off his jacket and placed it on the back of the bar stool. He turned to find Kate weaving through the crowd, larger than usual Wednesday nights, his
Bakkus sliding and tilting on the serving tray.

He tipped her generously, just as he’d done at least twice a week for the past few months since he’d found this place.

He sipped on the sweet tart of the drink as he surveyed the pulsing crowd. Each person bounced and shook and spun in unique tranquility, transformed and transfixed by the swirling violet and blue lights. Slightly rolling and lilting, the patterned lights swept the floor, the wall, the ceiling, on him. Slow and hypnotic the music fueled this untapped energy. Rhythmic march of boots and slippers and sandals on the floor clapped out their steady worship to the music that swelled and breathed like a living being.

A couple songs and the bottom of his drink later, Xander felt the nervousness and pressure of the day slip away from him. He felt that melting changing sensation take hold of him, starting with his chest and working outward. Like a candle consumed with flame he slinked from the chair. Slow and thick as molasses he made his way through men and women that ebbed and streaked by him like star fields long forgotten.

He could see nothing but the thrashing beams of scarlet and amber, the evanescent churning of the mirrored disco light. He felt the hypnosis take over him, flushing the pain away and filling it with such sweet simplicity. Lyrics filled his head and the music filled his beaten soul as the DJ launched into some teen diva hyped up on Red Bull and silicone.

Xander didn’t care what the music was, as long as it never stopped. He could feel his heart slow to a snail’s pace even as his blood fumed through his veins. His head pounded with the base and the high-pitched whining of this month’s latest teen superstar.

His hips started their meandering journey, finding no destination as they circled and slipped from side to side. His thighs followed, synching and finding the steady rhythm of the music. His feet tapped and toed the gritty hard wood beneath them even as his chest and arms found their own place in the flow of things.
Slow tilt of the head rolling and snapping in time and in pace with the delicious melody that spun like silk from the magic man’s vinyl.

The lights seem to fade and the music swell like an aching bruise as Xander let his eyes dim and close. Reality slipped away, and it was only him in this world of darkness and sweet churning notes and
escape. His eyes folded open as the music changed, faces and lights a blur of color and motion, devoid of detail and unwarranting of attention.

Xander let the voluptuous velvet cacophony caress him as he gave himself over to this pleasuring beast. Alone at last and feeling the freedom that darkness gave to him, he cared not that his steps were uneven and his arms unbalanced. He knew only
this and now as everything before and everything after slipped away from him; as everyone faded from memory and he was left to his own devices, his own release.

A multitude of songs and scores of lyrics slipped in and out of his consciousness and when he next opened his eyes, the crowd had thinned to less than half before and the lights swept less violently through the room.

He felt the strong hands on his hips before the scent of musk and earth, spice and darkness, found its way to his searching nose. He didn’t need to see who it was; he knew through the touch and the scent that it was
him, Spike.

Closing his eyes once more, he leaned back into the swirling embrace, resting against the strength of a man that had supported him for months. Dancing and moving with motion as liquid and dangerous as a morning tide. He let himself be taken in and swallowed within the arms that clasped tight to his chest. Felt the fluid grind of pelvis as it moved in time with his.

He lost himself to the touch and the movement as the music rolled through him once more, the sharp talons sweeping and clawing at every memory, every thought,
every doubt that resided within him.

They slowed to match the pace of the changing music.
Cher came singing soft and low through the system, followed the guitars and keyboard as she sang of moonlight and chanced touches.

Xander turned slowly in the embrace, bringing his own arms around that back knotted with well preserved muscles. Felt the change between them as the cold of the pale man stole away the heat that churned from Xander’s own burning body. He could feel it from his bones as the osmosis gripped the two of them.

Felt through the drugged daze cool lips at his throat, his cheek, his mouth. Felt the iced serpent enter and explore as he swayed to the beat of drums and soft symphony of instruments of madness.

Strong hands held on tight as his mortal flesh became consumed by the flame of darkness and desire that swept through him. Only now did he roll his eyes open and gaze into the blazing blue moons of his midnight lover. Only now did he acknowledge that reality was outside of this music, outside of the lights and glitter of a hole in the wall club nearly an hour away from his home.

Those haunted and hungry eyes spoke to Xander, ‘
Ready to go, love?’. Xander only nodded as they slinked and swayed towards the table. Xander felt through the haze his jacket being wrapped around him, his arms and hands being slipped carefully through the fleece lining. Felt himself being guided towards the door, towards the desire and the darkness that lie in wait for another evening.

As they passed through the threshold,
Cher’s baritone voice faded and Xander made out the words: Just wrap your arms tight around me…And we'll stumble together…Until we learn to dance... He grinned a knowing smile as Spike wrapped a leather arm around his shoulders, leading him into the pre-dawn rain.





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