"Hey Spike. What's in the bag?"


"It's a surprise."


"For me?"




"Maybe? Who else would it be for?"


"Someone else, obviously."


"Someone else? Are you cheating on me?"


"Now, pet. Don't give me that look. You know I'd never so much as look at anyone else."


"Kay, then it's my surprise?"


"Yes, alright. It's your bloody surprise."


"Ooo, can I open it?"


"Am I gonna be sleeping on the couch if I say no?"


"It's a possibility."


"Then yes, you can open it."


"Oh oh oh, what is it?"


"Xander, just open the bloody bag."


"You know, I've been meaning to ask you about that. Everything's always bloody this and bloody that. Is that an english thing, or a vampire thing? Cause Giles is english and I never hear him say it. But then again, I've never heard Angel say it either."






"Open the bag."


"Okay, okay. Don't have to be so touchy. I was just asking. Um, Spike?"


"What is it now, Xander?"


"Nothing. I was just wondering, why did you get me bananas?"


"Yeah, so? You like 'em, don't ya?"


"Yeah, I like bananas. Yellow bananas. But Spike?"


"Yes, pet?"


"I've never seen bananas this color before. I don't think I want to eat blue bananas."


"They're not for eating, git. And they're not blue, they're turquoise."


"Okay, if I'm not going to eat them, then why did you buy them?"


"That's where the surprise comes in."


"Oooooooooo yeah, I can work with that."






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