Spike walked into the Magic Box, duster folded over one arm. He whistled quietly as he stopped just inside the door and surveyed the group. "'Ello luvs, miss me?"


Looking over at the vampire, Xander raised one eyebrow (yes, he'd finally learned that trick) and snorted. "How can we miss you if you won't go away?"


"Awww, pet. Don't be like that. Now, come 'ere and give Spikey a kiss." Spike stood a few feet away, his arms thrown wide open to embrace the confused brunette.


Xander gaped at the display before him, unsure whether he were in his own reality or not. "Um, Spike? Since when do we kiss?"


Spike dropped his arms to his sides as a wounded pout came over his face. "You don't wanna kiss me?"


Xander smiled wickedly. "I didn't say I wouldn't, I just wondered when we started in the first place."


At these words, a huge grin grew on Spike's face. "Okay, you'll kiss me. But will ya shag me?"


Xander stopped to consider the vampire's strange request. After a few minutes thought, he shrugged. "Sure, why not. Just one condition tho."


"And what's that, Pet?"


"Once you fuck me, you can never be with anyone else, ever again."




The group watched as the two men linked arms and walked out of the Magic Box. Finally, after several long moments, Dawn broke the silence. "Just how long are they going to keep doing that? They've been together forever and they still do that every single night."


Willow looked over and smiled. "Yeah, but it's still cute."








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