"Xander?" Spike entered the apartment without knocking. He didn't really see a need to, his invitation was apparently still good, so he still considered it half his place too. Looking around, the vampire was surprised to find that Xander wasn't home. It was the middle of the night, after all. "Hey, Whelp. You home?"

When Xander still failed to answer, Spike assumed that the boy was out somewhere and decided to sit and wait for him. He needed blood and, in order to get it, he needed money; but instead of waiting for Spike to come around, that damnable Watcher had given his 'allowance' to Xander. So here he was, the Big Bad, sitting around waiting for the Slayer's pet human to come home and bring him his money.

Flinging himself onto the sofa, Spike began flipping through channels on the television. It didn't keep him entertained for very long though, owing to the fact that Xander had apparently decided to get rid of his cable. This was bad. With nothing to do, boredom would settle in fairly quickly. So Spike got off the sofa and went looking for something to do. He checked out the kitchen, but since he didn't live there anymore, Xander had no reason to keep blood on hand.

Slamming the refrigerator door, Spike spun around and left the kitchen. The apartment wasn't really that big, so all that was left was the bathroom and the bedroom. Deciding that knowing what kind of shampoo Xander used wouldn't really offer much in the way of something to do, Spike headed for the bedroom.

When he entered the room, he almost believed he'd walked out of Xander's apartment and into someone else's. First, it was bigger than he remembered, a lot bigger, the rest of the apartment could fit in this room easily. Second was the fact that no one should ever own a bed that size if they didn't have someone to share it with; in Spike's mind it was just abnormal.

He crossed over to the bed, taking in the feel of the black satin sheets, and looked around. It appeared as if the boy had set up some kind of love nest for himself. There were mirrors in every corner of the room, positioned so that you could see yourself in them from the bed. Across from the bed sat one of the biggest televisions Spike had ever seen in his life. He crossed over to it and looked it over with a feeling almost like awe. It was when he looked at the back of it, studying the hookups, that he noticed the small cable running up the wall and along the ceiling to the window. Following it, Spike leaned out the window and finally knew why the boy didn't have cable anymore.

Hanging from the ledge of the fire escape was one of those brand new, state of the art satellite dishes. Spike admitted he was shocked. He never thought the boy had it in him. After the way they lived when Spike was staying there, the vampire believed the boy liked living in semi-squalor. But this... This was like something Spike expected the witch to have.

Deciding not to waste a good thing, Spike threw himself on the bed and reached for the remote that lay on the nightstand. He pressed the button to turn on the television, and got his next shock. If he could never have pictured Xander living in a place as nice as this, then he'd have had to die again to believe the boy had it in him to do anything illegal. But the proof was right there in front of him. Xander had one of those little cards that unlocked all the channels and made it possible to get even the pay-per-views for free.

*Well, well, well. Maybe I was a good influence on the boy after all.*

Feeling a surge of satisfaction with himself, Spike started flipping through channels. Or tried to. He pushed the button again and again, but the channel stayed the same. Giving up, he tried to turn the television off, but again, it wasn't working. It took a few minutes, but finally Spike decided this wasn't the fates wanting him to watch CNN, and started looking around for a likely place to find new batteries. When his search brought him to the drawer of the nightstand, he pulled it open and stopped, staring at what he found.

*Seems there are more changes in the boy than I thought.*

Spike reached inside and pulled out the book. He read the title a few more times before he really let himself believe that he'd found what he had. But there it was, in big, bold letters: 'Going Down: A Guide to Better Oral Sex'. Spike knew what the book was, of course. He had a copy of it himself, not that he needed lessons; he'd pinched his copy for the pictures. But, still... Why would Xander have it?

Just as Spike began to open it, he heard a noise from the front of the apartment. Spike looked toward the bedroom door with an expression of guilt on his face that almost everyone who knew him would have sworn him incapable of wearing. He had just enough time to compose himself before the door was pushed open.

For whatever reason, the fact that the television was on didn't seem to catch Xander's attention, so Spike was treated to quite a view as Xander began stripping as soon as he'd shut the bedroom door. He'd just slipped out of his surprisingly brief bikini briefs, leaving him completely naked, when he turned toward the bed and started to climb onto it. It was then that he noticed his 'guest'.

"Spike!!" The terrified squeak in his voice was enough to break through the fog around Spike's brain and cause the vampire to leer at him.

"You've been very naughty, Xander."

Xander started backing away, but Spike reached out and snared his wrist. "Wh-what are you doing here, Spike?"

Spike scented the air and smirked at Xander. "I came by to get the money the Watcher gave you for me. But I think I may get a little more."

Puffing himself up, Xander shot Spike an annoyed glance before quickly looking back down. "And what do you mean by that? Let go of my arm and I'll get you your money. But that's all you're getting. I don't have anything else."

Spike released Xander's wrist, letting his fingers trail lightly down the tanned arm before looking back up at Xander's face. "Is that right? From the looks of your reading material, it looks like you're looking for lessons. Maybe I could help you."

Xander raised his eyes to meet the vampire's. And immediately started laughing. "Y-you think I need to learn how to give blow jobs? Really Spike, that's funny."

Starting to get pissed, Spike sat up on the bed and glared at the boy. "And what's so damned funny, Whelp? You've got the book right here. I'd think a live demonstration would be better."

Xander's laughter trailed off in the face of a pissed off Spike. Pulling away to put some distance between himself and the angered vampire, he pasted on one of his goofy grins. "Spike, I haven't needed that book in a while now. As a matter of fact, I'd forgotten it was still there. Come on, Spike, I saw you sniffing earlier, you know exactly what I've been doing tonight. Do you really think I still need lessons?"

Spike stopped for a moment to consider what Xander was saying. "I know what it could mean you were doing, Xander. But you could have gotten the scent of all those people on you from hanging out at the Bronze. Why don't you tell me what you've been doing tonight?"

Xander felt a flush spreading over his cheeks, but he fought it off. That'd been his curse for a while now, he could do just about anything he wanted, but when he had to talk about it, he got embarrassed. "Well, let's see...Tonight, I've given 5 blow jobs and been fucked twice. Is that what you wanted to hear? Or did you want to know how much I liked it? How I'd still be there now if I weren't so tired I can barely stand?"

Spike couldn't do anything but stare at Xander, his gaze vacant as he pictured the boy spread wide for a crowd of men. But Xander wasn't finished yet.

"See, Spike. I sort of have this addiction. I found that I really like sex, a lot. I've also found that I'm good at it. I always thought construction was what I was good at, but that's just a hobby compared to this." Slowly, Xander made his way around the bed to stand next to Spike, his naked chest rubbing against the vampire's back. "I like it just about anyway I can get it, but it didn't take long to figure out that I liked what men did for me best of all. I love lying down and having someone take me. Would you like that, Spike? Do you want to take me? I can feel it, you know, your arousal. It pours off you in waves."

Reaching around, Xander turned Spike until they were facing each other. With a subtle tilt of his head, he caught the vampire's eyes and watched as he fought to control himself. "You can have it. You can have me. All you have to do is pay."

Spike looked deep into Xander's eyes, his decision already made. The money the Watcher gave him was supposed to be for blood, and he did need it, but he'd gladly give every cent to have this boy be his even for one night. "How much?"

Xander smiled shyly, a look that was completely believable on him even with everything he'd just said to Spike. "Usually, it's $250.00 an hour. But for you, I can make a deal. I won't charge you a cent. All I want you to do is ask. I'll do anything you want all night, but you have to ask me to do it."

Spike's eyes flashed a bit, but once again, he fought and won control over himself. He set his jaw and cupped Xander's chin in his hand. "And what if I say that you'll do everything I tell you or I'll run back and tell all your little chums what you do for a living?"

Xander let out a small laugh and shook his head. "Then I'd send you home with a hard cock, blue balls, and a story to tell. They're my friends, Spike, but they don't own me. In fact, they know everything except for the part where I charge, but it wouldn't be too big of a deal if you told them. The only person I answer to, is me."

"So you don't care if they find out you're a high priced whore?" Spike quirked an eyebrow, watching for Xander's reaction. Before he knew it, he found himself standing outside of the bedroom, watching as Xander glared at him.

"I may charge people for fucking me, Spike. But I am no one's whore. Bye." Xander turned and walked back over to the bed, not watching to see if Spike left or not.

Spike turned and headed back toward the front of the apartment. He'd just opened the door, when a thought occurred to him. He slammed the door and all but flew back down the hall. Stopping just outside the bedroom, Spike watched as Xander lay on his back, staring at the ceiling. "Xander, I--uh, I'm sorry, okay. Sometimes my mouth opens before my brain can catch it. I didn't mean what I said."

A sarcastic laugh came from the figure on the bed. "But what are you more sorry about, Spike? The fact that you said it, or that you won't get to use your dick tonight?"

Reaching up to rub a finger along the side of his nose, Spike sheepishly answered, "Both?"

Xander turned onto his side, facing Spike. "Okay then, you can stay. And you might as well take your clothes off. I don't like being the only naked one in the room."

Xander lay back against his pillows and watched as Spike all but tore the clothes off his body. It was nothing he hadn't seen before, of course. He'd long ago hooked up cameras in his apartment to catch shots of the vampire naked. In fact, he still had the tapes and, occasionally, he still brought them out when he wanted to jerk off while watching Spike doing the same thing. The only thing that surprised him was the actual size of Spike. From watching the tapes, he'd expected the vampire to be big, but damn... that was big.

Spike finished undressing just in time to catch the look that crossed Xander's face. He followed the boy's eyes to find he was staring at Spike's cock. *Well, maybe the boy hasn't been around as much as he thinks he has.* "What's the matter, Xander? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Xander swallowed a few times and forced himself to meet Spike's eyes. "N-nothing's wrong. I was just thinking. So, tell me, Spike, what do you want to do? First, that is."

Spike growled low in his chest and sprang onto the bed. "First, I'd like to lay you on your back and bury my cock inside you and hear you scream my name."

Nearly losing control of his breathing, Xander gulped and felt another flush spreading over his entire body. "W-we, um.. we can do that."

Xander's words cut off in a gasp as he felt Spike's tongue lapping roughly across his shoulder. "Like that, Xan?"

"Oh God, yes." Finger's threading themselves into Spike's short, bleached hair, Xander pulled the vampire's head closer. "God, Spike. I never knew my shoulder could be an erogenous zone."

Spike pulled back and smirked at the brunette. "Then there are some lessons you can be taught, huh?"

Nodding, Xander pushed himself up on his elbow and fastened his lips onto Spike's. After a short, hard kiss, he pulled back and stared into the vampire's eyes. "I thought you wanted to fuck me?"

Eyes flashing, Spike leaned down until his mouth was just barely brushing across Xander's ear. "Don't want romance, Xan?"

Xander pressed into Spike's lips for a moment before shaking his head. "We can do romance later, just fuck me."

Spike pressed a quick kiss to Xander's lips before pulling away. "Your wish is my command." Then he turned and slid off the bed, making his way back over to his duster. Digging through the pockets, he came up with a nearly empty tube of lube and tossed it onto the bed before crawling up to lie between Xander's legs.

"You keep lube in your coat?" Xander couldn't quite stop the question from coming out. Blushing slightly, he shook his head and berated himself for asking.

Spike looked up from where his face was nearly buried in the space between Xander's thighs and smiled. "Well, when you have nothing but your hand, you have to have the supplies with you wherever you are."

The vampire didn't wait for Xander to respond. With no warning, he opened his mouth and sucked in Xander's balls at the same time as he thrust two lubed fingers into the brunet's spasming hole. Xander's raspy groan caused Spike to chuckle around his mouthful, which in turned changed Xander's groans into one low scream.

Spike inserted a third finger as he got on his knees and crawled up Xander's body. When he was in position, Spike pulled his finger's out and quickly placed the head of his cock just outside the opening. "You're still tight, Xander. All this time, and you're still tight enough for it to hurt just a little bit."

"Yes." Xander opened his eyes and looked up at Spike.

Spike read the desire in Xander's eyes and an unneeded breath caught in his throat. Leaning down, Spike trailed his tongue up Xander's face from his chin to just between his eyes. "You like that, don't you? You want it to hurt a little?"

Grabbing handfuls of Spike's hair, Xander looked into his eyes and all but begged, "Make it burn, Spike. I want to remember this."

Chuckling low in his throat, Spike pulled back. "Oh, you'll remember." Then he thrust forward, burying himself all the way to the hilt inside Xander's too hot ass.

Xander's eyes slammed shut and his mouth snapped open in a soundless scream as his first orgasm ripped through him. When Spike fell onto Xander's body and buried his face in the brunet's shoulder, Xander latched onto him, wrapping arms and legs around the vampire, and lost himself in the rhythm of thrust and scream that they built between them.

Spike pulled back out of Xander's arms, grabbed an ankle in each hand, and spread the brunet's legs wide. Slowing his thrusts, he fought to control himself enough to make this last. Leaning into the human beneath him, Spike used his whole body to slowly press into Xander, searching out that spot. He could feel it, just beyond his reach, until he changed his angle and began running the head of his cock back and forth over it.

He could feel Xander's body clenching around, hear the human's screams of pleasure, and began speeding up his thrusts again. Knowing he wasn't going to last long, Spike moved his hands down Xander's legs to grasp at the human's hips.

Pulling the human into his thrusts, Spike looked down at Xander. "Look at me, Xander. Open your eyes."

Xander fought to force his eyes open, gasping as he stared up at Spike. "Spike..(.)"

"Xander, scream for me. I need to hear you." At Xander's touch on his face, Spike vamped out and put his vampiric strength behind the force of his thrusts, pounding against the human's prostate.

Xander's eyes rolled back into his head, and he screamed as waves of pleasure coursed through his body. At first, Spike could hear nothing but a long, loud burst of gibberish, but eventually began to make out his name sprinkled in with other words he wasn't sure he knew the meaning of.

Coming closer and closer to the edge, Spike started losing the rhythm of his thrusts and threw his back his head, letting himself fall into the sensation.

As Spike spilled his seed inside Xander and let loose an inhuman roar, Xander had lost count of the number of orgasms he'd had. He could feel his own semen coating both their stomachs when Spike rolled off him, curling them both up on their sides.

Xander slowly caught his breath, gasping in large amounts of oxygen. "Wow."

Spike laughed lightly. "Don't worry, next time will be better."

Xander looked at him with wide eyes. "It gets better?"

Spike cast a questioning look at Xander. "What do you mean? With all that experience, you trying to tell me that's the best you've had? Please, I may be great, but even I'm not that good."

Xander lowered his eyes, blushing. "Um, actually...I have a confession to make. Th-that was kinda the first time."

"What?!" Spike shot up out of the bed. "What about all those other men? You told me you'd already been fucked twice tonight, not to mention getting paid for your services over the last couple of years."

With fear in his eyes, Xander climbed up on his knees. "Wait, please? I kinda wanted you to believe that. I knew that if you knew I had never been with another guy, you wouldn't even look twice at me. I mean, look at tonight. You never even thought about sleeping with me until you thought I was a whore."

Spike was suddenly in Xander's face. "First of all, you have no way of knowing what I've thought about. Second, what about the scent of all those men you had all over you? Or the fact that I was able to get inside you with almost no pain?"

"Okay, so I don't know what you thought, but if you did think of me, you never gave any indication. You could have just said something. But, tonight I decided I didn't want to wait for you anymore. I've wanted you for almost 2 years. So I paid a few men to cum on me, and I wore a butt plug almost all night. It's in the bathroom sink if you don't believe me."

Spike slowly lowered himself to sit on the side of the bed. "So you went out and got men to wank all over you, stretched yourself out with a toy, all for what? To convince me you were selling yourself to people?"

Xander knelt down before Spike, looking up into the vampire's eyes. "Well, yeah. I figured if you thought I'd had sex before, you wouldn't mind having sex with me, too. I was actually hoping it was more than sex."

Spike gently took Xander's face in his hands and placed a kiss on his forehead. "You should have told me it was your first time. I would have been gentle, I wouldn't have just plunged in and rutted until I came."

Xander's eyes glazed over at the imagery Spike's words invoked. After a few short breaths, he smiled up at Spike. "But that's what I wanted. Remember, I said we could have romance next time. I believe I was the one that said to just fuck me."

Pulling the brunet into his lap, Spike smiled and pressed his face into Xander's neck. "So, you do want there to be a next time?"

Xander laughed. "Oh yeah, I want there to be lots of next times."

"Good, then go get a shower and get the smell of all those men off you. From now on, you only wear my scent." Standing, Spike swatted Xander on the ass and gently bit his shoulder.

With a yelp, Xander jumped away from Spike and mock-bowed to him. "Yes, Master."

Snarling, Spike used his vampiric speed to his advantage and just appeared behind Xander. He wrapped the brunet in his arms and whispered seductively in his ear, "Not yet, that comes later."





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