Bliss Took Hold 6
by Danielle


Spike pulled a lighter from his pocket and lit a few of the dripping cathedral candles. Xander could barely make out half of a worn couch in the scattered debris. With a satisfied look, he scooped Xander into his arms and carried him the rest of the way to the hatch door. He set him down and handed him one of the less decrepit candles to carry down. He then let the human climb the ladder down to the better part of his home.

“Bit of a mess, but the place just got raided. The bottom floor’s still intact, though,” Spike apologized as he ran around lighting candles. When he was done, he returned the lighter to his pocket and lit a cigarette.  As each candle was lit, Xander saw more and more of the open, spacious room. The front area was mostly bare except for a worn recliner and a TV. The vampire pulled Xander to the depths of the crypt, an intent look relaxing his face to a seductive half-smile.

“Rest here if you like, build up strength before goin’ home. And by all means,” Spike paused to rake his eyes down Xander’s body, “keep the clothes.” They were at an impasse, and both knew it. If Xander stepped further, there would be no going back.

The blonde’s eyes caught the meager light, blue and clear as he took a lazy drag off his cigarette. Smoke billowed around him, and he turned to light the ancient candelabra that rested on a TV tray.  Xander followed him and a wrought iron bed came into view.  The slightly rumpled bedclothes were haphazardly piled in soft, inviting layers of comfort. All were in solid, dark bruise colors. In the increasing candle light, he could make out old and new sheets and blankets in navy, black, maroon, deep purples, and shades of grey in a myriad of textures. Xander sat, drawn to the silks, flannels and velvet. He sank into it, reaching out for Spike’s arm as he did.

That was all it took for Spike to tumble in after him and they cuddled up together over the blankets. A mountain of pillows loomed near the headboard, but both lay across the bed, ignoring them.  They faced each other, legs intertwined, and just appreciated the moment.

“Remember what I said in the shower?” the human murmured as he ran his fingers through Spike’s unkempt curls.

Spike snorted.  

Lot was said in the shower, luv,” he patiently reasoned in the tone he usually reserved for Dru.

“You know, about paying you back. Well, I have the energy now. I really am feeling better.” As if to prove it, he sat up and took off his shirt, pushing the compliant vampire on to his back and straddled him. They wrestled Spike’s shirt off together, as he was still lying down. Xander dove at the vampire’s mouth, invading his mouth and then dipping his head to lavish his neck with attention. Spike threw his head back and moaned, eyes opening just enough so he could see the brown head of hair follow a trail down his chest.

“Never done this with a guy before, but I want to with you,” the human warned as he kissed his way down Spike’s stomach.

Spike shuddered and heaved great, unneeded breaths. With all of the night’s groping and petting, he still hadn’t gotten off and he was losing control fast.

The vampire clenched his teeth as Xander kissed the way to his jeans, and then unbuttoned them with surprising ease.

Spike’s cock sprang from the material and the human pounced on it, licking the tip and teasing him. Spike growled and morphed back and forth from human to demon, trying not to come on the spot.  His fingers dug into the mattress, body tense as he gave himself over to this surprising boy.

Harmony’s unicorns, Angelus in a kilt, Mother’s corsets…Spike’s mind ran through all the images to keep him from losing it completely.  The pressure eased up a bit.

Right then, Xander swallowed him whole. Spike was in ecstasy, watching himself disappear into that soft, hot mouth.

“Xaaander…” he groaned in a voice that almost turned to a whimper. White, hot ripples coursed through his body as the vampire purred and brought a hand to the human’s shoulder. That expert mouth brought release bubbling to the surface.

“Bloody hell, you’re so good at this,” he whispered. The rest was incoherent as he soared toward his climax.  Points of light appeared in his vision as the orgasm ripped through him.  The human swallowed the cold seed and licked the vampire clean.

Spike lay panting in the afterglow as Xander adjusted his clothes and lay next to him. The dazed vampire turned his head to face him.  The human slipped closer and lay half on top of the blonde.

“I meant for you to rest, luv…not that I’m complaining, mind you.” Spike was ready to pass out. One arm snaked out to grab a black down pillow to share. Both lay in silence, perfectly comfortable until Xander glanced at his watch. 


“Ah no… I need to be at work in an hour. No sleep for the Xan--man today I guess.” He slid off the bed and started looking for his shirt. 

“Just skip it.” The muffled groan from the vampire, whose face was buried in the pillow.

“Unless you’ve got a phone I didn’t know about, I’m gonna have to head home to call anyway. Plus, there’s the bone to pick with the gang for just leaving me in the dump.” Xander finally located the black shirt Spike had given him and started to pull it over his head.

“You coming back?” A small voice that was barely recognizable as coming from the Big Bad himself. 

The human paused, the t-shirt covering his face. Then he got moving again and turned to look at the figure on the bed.

Spike was peeking at him with one eye, the rest of his face buried in the pillow. His hair fell in a mess of loose locks around his head and he looked so boyish and embarrassed just then that Xander had to go to him.

“Of course I am, Spike.” He grabbed the vampire’s hand, trying to convey the honesty there. “I’ll always come back--this isn’t just some fling, you know. I want to see where this takes us.”

“And what about the Superfriends? You’re not worried about them?” Spike sat up.

“If I had to accept Buffy and Deadboy together, they deal with this. Look. I’ll be back tonight, ok? I promise.” They kissed tenderly then, and Xander headed for the door. Spike laid back down, content to sleep until the human returned.







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