Bliss Took Hold 20
by Danielle


Xander opened his eyes long enough to see Angel walk up to Spike and start feeling him up. The full feeling of pure ecstasy was more than he could handle for the moment. He just got more turned on as he watched Spike try to divide his attention between the two of them.


Angel had been there for a few minutes, and then suddenly, he was taking Spike from behind, while Spike took Xander!  A bear claw of a hand snaked out from behind the blonde and the human gasped as Angel took hold of his throbbing erection. He cried out as he was pulled spiraling toward the edge.




Spike was thrusting at a frantic pace when he felt his sire’s cool hands settle on his body. He struggled to control himself as he was thoroughly worked over by an eager mouth and urgent hands. With no preamble, Angel thrust two fingers into him as he bit and sucked on the younger vampire’s neck and back. 


He was putty in his sire’s hands, having learned at this man’s feet. The mind-blowing elation of fucking Xander was only enhanced by Angel’s ministrations. Spike cried out as he drove himself into the human and then the older vampire entered him and he gave himself over.




Angel blinked and looked down at the two men he was on top of. He moved in and out of Spike, and the tightness there was incredible. He looked over his childe’s shoulder at Xander, who was spread wantonly for the two vampires. His hand was moving over the human’s erection.


Without thinking, he leaned in and bit Spike. He let the cool blood fill his mouth as his childe came hard, shuddering and purring in contentment.




Spike was in heaven. Waves of white-hot release pulsating through him and he almost passed out. He was picked up and set next to the boy, who looked equally dazed and sated. They kissed deeply, Xander climbing onto Spike to get closer.




The human looked down at Spike as the vampire maneuvered them. His ankles over Xander’s shoulders, the blonde thrust up, impaling himself. Shuddering and groaning, Xander slipped into the cool tightness.

He felt the other vampire kissing and sucking on his neck.


Angel entered him quickly, and Xander had one thought //He’s thicker than Spike!// before losing himself between the vampires.




Feeling achy and bemused, Spike frowned at the dazed human in his arms.


“Enjoy that, luv?” he said as he disengaged himself from Xander.


“Mmmm, yeah, but--um...I just had a threesome with you and Deadboy...kinda in shock here.”


“Foursome.” Angel’s quiet voice echoed through the living room. He picked up Spike’s cigarettes, lit one and tossed the pack and lighter to Spike.


“That’d be an orgy, mate...” The blonde lit his cigarette and threw a puzzled glance at his sire.


“No, there were just the three of us--” Xander started.


“Angelus. The stuff we inhaled brought him back. Went away when the effects wore off though.”  Something was bothering him. “We weren’t supposed to do that.”


“Thank you, Captain Obvious!” Xander announced.


“No, I’m talking about aside from that. A sire’s not supposed to let his childe take him...”


Spike slapped his hand over his eyes and flinched. “Ah cripes! It bollocks up the lineage and seniority.” He turned to Xander. “It’s vampire stuff. All it means is that we’re now equals. Still *technically* sire and childe, but now our demons are all confused as hell. It’s more like a taboo, like a kid callin’ his da by his first name or putting his mother in the corner. It ruins the sire’s authority, like it did between me and Dru--sorry, Angel.”


Angel brooded while he picked up his shirt pieces. “The first time was because a vial broke, and I came across the remnants of the second broken vial in the bathroom... Angelus wanted you dead, but Rayne’s potion worked on him, luckily, so all he did was screw your brains out instead.”


“Lucky us,” Xander muttered as he fingered the fresh bite marks on his neck and shoulders.


“Speaking of which, we need to talk, whelp.” Spike stood up and gave the boy a hard look. “I mean it this time. It’s not. Bloody. Happening. Again.”




“We’re not doing this anymore, mate. I’m not here to be your sodding sex toy, and neither is Peaches for that matter. Angel? What the hell are we doin’ for clothes? I’d go starkers if it weren’t for the bites and scrapes covering me...”


The human tried to argue, but he was interrupted.


“Um...There *is* something we can change into, but you’re not going to like it...” The brown-haired vampire looked down, sheepish. They dressed quickly and headed to Buffy’s house.








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