Bliss Took Hold 27
by Danielle


Xander followed Spike upstairs, clattering around the kitchen for snacks.


“Behold the vampires’ smoothness! Geez, Spike, you’re lucky Dawn’s boyfriend is so gullible!”


“What, because he thinks Peaches is anorexic? Nibblet’s a genius for that by the way…” The blonde had set the mugs in the sink and was leaning against the counter, watching Xander.


“And what you did before you left to get the blood you conspicuously brought back. When you glared at them, your eyes went all yellow. You can’t do that, Spike! Riley made something up about special contact lenses!”


Spike chuckled. “What the poor sod must be thinking right now!”


The brunette closed the distance between them for a brief kiss. Cool lips met his own and the vampire’s body was pliable for all of two seconds. Then Spike nudged him away gently.




“Slowly, remember?” He needed time to fully trust Xander again. Caring for the boy and wanting him weren’t the problem. Spike had already given his heart to Xander and been destroyed because of it. 


Xander pulled away, grinning. “Witness ‘slow guy’: master of slow.”


The vampire went back to watching him slice carrots and celery for the teenagers, then rinsed the silverware he’d used. The brunette spoke as he worked.


Willow’s coming by with a ton of pot roast. She said it’d be mean subjecting us to Buffy’s cooking twice this week. The Buffster really should be home by now--Ow!”


The smell of the blood brought Spike to Xander’s side in a blind panic. It was just a small cut on the index finger, but he hated seeing his boy hurt at all.


“It’s okay, barely a half inch long…” The human looked from the cut to the concerned look on Spike’s face and raised his hand to the blonde’s mouth.


“Xan, no…you’re hurt…” He was starting to breathe heavily, the heady scent making him ache with need.


“It’s okay. I want you to. Pleeeaase?” his finger brushed Spike’s bottom lip and the vampire opened his mouth a bit as his true face emerged. Gently, he took the boy’s digit into his mouth and started sucking.


Spike was lost in the sweet rich taste of the boy’s blood. Xander moaned and he sucked harder, pulling the boy to him. It was invigorating…intoxicating…


He let go of the human’s hand and kissed him. Hard. The heat and arousal struck him like a physical blow. Grinding and mewling, they lost themselves in the moment. Burning hot hands reached under Spike’s shirt, scratching softly. Jolts of pleasure zinged through his body and suddenly Xander was backing away. The vampire snapped out of it, opening his eyes.


“Taking it slow... remember?” With a wicked smile Xander turned, ready to walk away.


Taking a chance that the chip might fire, the blonde roughly grabbed his shoulder, spinning him around until they were embracing again.


“Thought I’d let you know that Peaches is teaching me how to claim a consort...” With a tilt of the head and a smirk, he let the implications sink in before continuing, “We do this slowly, give you plenty of time to back out--”


“I’m not going to--”


Spike continued as though Xander hadn’t said anything, “And if you still want to when the time comes, I’ll claim you right and proper.”


The vampire backed off, turning and grabbing the tray of food before sauntering back to the basement.


Xander stood, stunned for a few minutes, as he tried to gauge his feelings on this. He wanted to be with Spike but consort? The human resigned himself to research and all that it entailed before making any decisions. He figured if they were going slowly, he had time to make up his mind.


That night, they were put on research duty. Buffy had come home a little worse for wear after being zapped by some random demon. She sat in front of Xander, still trying to get her hair to stop standing on end. 


“Sl--Buffy?” Spike covered his mouth to stifle a grin. “Brushing isn’t going to fix that. You’re just making it a blonde, frizzy mess!”


“Look who’s talking, helmet head!” Buffy pouted as she threw the brush at him. 


The vampire dodged, chuckling. He pulled a tiny bottle of hair product from his duster and tossed it at her.


The Slayer perked up, “Ooh! Thanks, Spike!” She poured a dab on her hand and started calming her wild locks. “I should have known to go to one of the vampires for help on hair issues...” Her green eyes lit up, and she lowered her voice, “Oh yeah! How’d things go with the B-O-Y?”


Xander started to squirm, and the blonde vampire laughed out loud. “This just in, Buffy: your sister can spell!”


“Yeah, Buffy!” Dawn slammed her book and crossed her arms, looking defiantly at her sister.


Buffy looked suitably shamed. “Hey! Raise your hand if you got electrocuted today?” Her hand went up and she looked around the room. Angel, who had been sitting beside her, leaned in and ran a hand through his Slayer’s hair.


“The little tosser’s harmless, pet. Your sister wiped the floor with him--you’d have been proud.” He smirked at Xander, rubbing the human’s leg under the table. 


“*Somebody* had a rough time with the secrecy thing, though.” Dawn had calmed down and grabbed a new book as she talked. “With all the lack of vampire tact running rampant today, we’re gonna have to get our stories straight.”


“What do you mean?”


“What it means, Buff,” Xander leaned in with a sunny smile, “is that according to Lance: Deadboy’s anorexic, Spike wears contacts, I hate tomatoes, and we’re all aspiring stunt men. You and Giles are trying to organize a Renaissance Festival here in Sunnydale, and Willow is a magician--as in pull a rabbit out of your--”


“Wait, wait. When did we enter the land of fiction?” Buffy looked genuinely confused. “What happened today?”




Lance fingered the hache he was holding nervously. “And this axe is used for...?”


“Decoration.” “Self defense.” “Bottle opener.” In the short pause after their simultaneous answer, Angel and Dawn glared at Spike incredulously.


“What?” The defensive blonde vampire pointed at the weapon in question. “That small pointy end? Pops the lid right off...”




“Oh my God, you guys scarred him for life!” Buffy shook more of the anti-frizz oil into her hair.


“He actually took it all in stride. And when all else fails, good old Sunnydale Denial kicks in.” Dawn staunchly defended them. “And he even said he’d bring by some books on eating disorders tonight...”


Angel clenched his teeth as she collapsed into giggles.


“Caffeine for everyone...Try this, Angel,” Tara said as she came in with an assortment of coffees. The dark-haired vampire gingerly took his frappuccino. He took a sip, savoring the taste thoughtfully before draining the cup.  


“These are *great*, Tara!” He looked at her with limitless gratitude and she blushed furiously.


“So Lance is a keeper, huh?” Buffy raised an eyebrow at Spike.


“For now...he still has to pass the written...” Xander cut in, stealing his vampire’s latte and taking a sip before the growling blonde could grab it back. 


“Background check came back alright, though.” Spike smirked and prepared to be smacked at by Dawn. “Record’s clean, no criminal behavior, average student, plays the clarinet, average parents with some questionable credit history...”


“What?” As expected, Dawn slapped his shoulder.


“It’s Peaches’ fault. I was just gonna pinch his records from the school, but he volunteered to call a bloke in LA. Then I had ‘the talk’ with him. Spelled out *precisely* what would happen if he hurt the Bit--”


The doorbell sent Dawn hopping up to greet Lance. Spike’s enhanced hearing picked up “You’re family’s weird, but cool. Thanks for letting me meet them...See you tomorrow?” from Lance.


“He came back...boy’s got stones.” The vampire glanced at Angel, knowing his sire had heard. Dawn came back with three books for Angel and a smile on her face.


“Found your shocking demon, Buff!” Xander announced. “It was a Ghorlock. Usually, they come out from hiding once every twelve years to feed.” Spike leaned on him to read over his shoulder. “They eat humans and lots of them--and joy, pictures...”


Spike picked up where he left off, “They have the power to harness the electricity in the area to attack their prey--at least they cook them first, whelp. Says here that other than the lightning shooting from their hands, these wankers aren’t very strong.  They also use their claws--and they can’t do any of that without arms, now can they?” A malicious grin on his face, he got up and grabbed a sword.


“I ran into it by the caves near the park. Bet that’s where they’re coming from.”


The team gathered weapons while Willow and Tara worked on a spell to short out the electricity.








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