Bliss Took Hold 29
by Danielle


Spike had killed everything he came upon for the past few minutes, but he’d lost track of where Xander was. He looked around after slicing his last victim in half and saw Riley and Buffy being zapped by a demon. They didn’t look like they could handle it, so he barreled into it, embedding his blade in its head.


Still no Xander to be found, but when the vampire saw Willow about to be mauled by one of the demons, he attacked it. The bluish bolt of lightning hit him right between the eyes, and through the pain he smelled the distinct scent of flesh burning. A sick buzzing sound pulsed through his head, and he felt like his skull was breaking in two as he and the demon fell. Weapon gone, the vampire ripped its throat out with his teeth, spitting out the foul taste and rolling a few feet through the long grass. Writhing in pain and twitching from the shock, he trembled as he got up. Something stuck him as he rose, and he pulled a giant caterpillar like creature off of his shoulder.  The blue thing was about eight inches long and covered in three-inch long spines. As he watched, the needles in his shoulder wilted and scattered like dust.


Tearing it in half, he yelled, ”Bugger! Not these again!”


Angel stood near him, ripping caterpillars to shreds as they attacked.


Buffy’s voice called his attention as a larger Ghorlock zapped her. The vampire knocked into her, pulling her out of the path of the electricity and setting off his chip at the same time.


Howling, he struggled to keep his footing as the creature tried to attack him. Spike grappled with the creature, but it sunk its nails into his ribcage and threw him down.  He was up in an instant, although wobbling, but he had to get a hold of it. The hulking creature raised its hand and sent a bolt of electricity at his temple. Screaming in agony, Spike forced himself to keep stepping toward it. //Just like walking against the wind--if the wind was trying to flash fry your brain!//  The crackling, buzzing sound grew louder, flashes going off behind his eyelids.  He stumbled into it, finally grabbing the beast’s head and snapping its neck.  The vampire lay convulsing and straining to keep consciousness until he heard Xander’s weary voice.


“It’s okay...I just...landed in...cactus or something...”


Suddenly knowing what had happened, the vampire used his arms to do a sort of army crawl towards the sound of the boy. Lights and shadows danced before his eyes, and the thought of raising his head was too much of a feat, but he had to get to the human before it was too late. His stomach lurched with every effort to move.


“Xander!” he called, but Giles got to him first.


“Dear Lord, Spike! We have to get you--” The watcher took in his singed appearance.


“Bugger that, Watcher! Xander’s been stuck by a Harub--you know what that is?” Spike shook his head, trying to clear the darkness that was closing in on him. The world was spinning and making him want to retch.


“Well, er--”


“It’s *poison*, Watcher! O-only vampire...blood can save him...” Spike gasped out, being helped halfway to his feet by Giles and dragged to the boy. He was still shuddering and twitching from the shock, and the vampire hung off of Giles weakly. The pain was excruciating, but he pushed through it--for the boy.  “One would kill him in a day...a pint of vamp’s blood per puncture. many times was he stuck?”


“He’s right in front of you, and you can’t see? You’re in no condition to give blood...but he has at least ten. Possibly more.”


The truth hit him like a knife in the chest and Spike hung his head, grimacing to hold back a sob. He faced the watcher with new resolve and grabbed his shoulders. “Listen, Watcher, and listen good: no matter what you see, do *not* take me away from him!”


With that, he pulled away from Giles. He took the watcher’s dagger and dropped to where he heard the boy’s faint heartbeat. He strained to see the boy with his damaged eyes, clenching his teeth at the throbbing ache in his head and heart. Spike could barely make out the dim image of Xander’s face.


It was mist and blur, but still the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. The guileless eyes and angelic lips drew him in, as always.


“H-hey...Spike...” the human gasped out as his soulful brown eyes looked up at the vampire.


Spike stroked the smooth, warm cheek, savoring the feel.


“I have to tell you something, pet--” Spike’s voice broke on the last word, and he maneuvered himself until he was hovering directly over Xander.


“So...tired...” The eyelids fluttered closed and with effort, Xander opened his eyes again.


As Spike watched, mottled grey veins sprouted from beneath the human’s shirt and began crawling up his neck.


“I love you.” His tears landed on the frail human, and he shuddered again from another sudden jolt through his temple. “Hear that? I. Love. You. Xander.” He leaned down and kissed him gently.


Xander’s face lit up, dazedly registering the words. His breathing was labored now. “I, Spike...”


The sting of the dagger in his own neck barely registered when compared to the agony that threatened to make his head explode.


“Drink.” Spike ordered in a raspy breath, placing the wound to Xander’s lips.  The puzzled human kissed and licked before sucking furiously. Both figures bucked at the sudden sensation. The vampire soared between pleasure and pain for what felt like hours before drifting into unconsciousness by his beautiful boy. Before he drifted into oblivion, Spike whispered the name of his love, softly as though in prayer, “Xander.”








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