Bliss Took Hold 32
by Danielle


Two days passed without much improvement. Angel rocked and babbled nonsensically, clawing at himself and trying to throw himself into the daylight. Finally, they tied the dark vampire to a chair to keep him from dusting himself.


Xander roamed around the house fuming. He had tried to go to work, but was sent home from the site with severe sunburn after only an hour. The human had told his boss that it was a reaction to some medication, and he’d gotten a few days off with pay. Now, the brunette was stuck in the house, pacing and glowering. Giles and Olivia were busy researching Harubs and Angel’s strange behavior.


 Spike had not woken up.




//Why is everything on daytime TV so fucking lame?!?// Xander jabbed buttons on the remote as he got up and paced the room.  


Spike’s continued unconsciousness was an ever present weight in his heart. It did nothing for Xander’s new, uncontrollable demeanor. He saw himself being a prick to the people he loved but could do nothing to control it.


White hot rage could hit at any moment, and he was sensitive on every level of his being. Light hurt, sounds hurt, his heart hurt for Spike, and people annoyed him. At first, the thought he’d been turned, but crosses didn’t do anything. Then the sunburn from Hell kicked in, and now the human was just confused. And Pissed.


//Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike…// was a constant mantra in his head. He was drawn to the vampire, who had been laid out in Joyce’s bedroom. Willow and Tara were up there right now performing a powerful healing spell on him. Xander had been banished from the room and they threatened magical violence if he came back.


//You punch one *little* hole in the wall…// he thought as he stretched and entered the kitchen.


Riley sat at the table next to a tied-up Angel.


“—gone, gone, gone, alone, alone…” Angel’s hollow eyes regarded Xander. “Link’s gone. No one. Alone.”


Riley just looked like a deer caught in the headlights.


“How’s Sane-boy doing?” The brunette wrenched the fridge door open and grabbed a pack of hot dogs Willow had gotten for him. He ripped the plastic and attacked his meal.


“No change…” Riley looked utterly helpless.


Xander stuffed his face and thought for a moment. “Empty nest syndrome!” he shouted, mouth full. 







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