Bliss Took Hold 37
by Danielle


“Okay, everyone.” The Slayer looked uncomfortable as she cleared her throat and spoke. Xander couldn’t help but be amused by the formal looks on their faces. Riley had explained to Xander that they didn’t want to do anything drastic until Spike was mobile again. They hadn’t even broken the news of the claiming to Giles, Dawn, or the witches yet. Lance sat in their midst, waiting to take Dawn on a date after the meeting.

“We’ve been trying to find ways to fix Angel and Xander and--” Riley began stiffly.

“So you’re claiming him, then? Good!” Spike interjected before the mortal could finish. Giddy and drunk with the magick medicine in his system,
the vampire was grateful to be mobile again.

The Slayer deflated a bit as her thunder was stolen, but she also looked incredibly relieved. The uproar of voices in the room was sudden. The mingled arguments were silenced by Spike standing up. He crossed the room and grabbed Dawn’s hand.


“Say we’re standing on a tightrope, holding on to each other for support.” He pointed to Willow. “Now say I wanted to let go of you and help her keep her balance.” With a yank, he violently wrenched his hand from hers and pulled the redhead to him with the same ferocity, easing both girls to the ground in a calculated fall. “See what happens when it’s not done properly? We all lose our balance and fall. S’what happened in the sire/childe link. It’s what happened to Angel and Xander.”

Giles clutched the bridge of his nose
. “So when you nearly sacrificed yourself to save Xander, the bond was closed down between yourself and Angel, so he went mad...and Xander was claimed too quickly, causing his current instability." Giles put his hand down and raised his eyebrows with a jerk. “Makes sense actually.”

Xander growled audibly at the remark about him but was ignored.

“In the sense that it doesn’t
.” Lance looked around after his outburst. “Don’t look at me, I’m still getting used to the fact that two people in this room don’t have a pulse. Someone explain this bondage thing again?” Dawn shook her head and helped him up.

"On that note, we’re heading to the movie, see you guys!”

The teenagers made a quick exit, and the meeting continued.

“It’s bonding, not bondage, stupid git.” Spike rolled his eyes and continued
, “When Darla and Penn were dusted, Angel and I felt them ripped away. The same happened when Xander nearly drained me, only amplified because Xander was being claimed in the process.” At this, Spike crawled over to the spot on the couch where his human sat and sat at his feet. “A few good claims should do the trick, and since Peaches is the only one who knows the Latin to finish my claim with the whelp, you’ll have to get started soon.” He finished with a lascivious grin and hopped to his feet. “Speaking of which...” With a flourish, he tossed Xander over his shoulder and headed downstairs to the basement. The rest of the room sat in silence, processing what they'd heard.




The vampire laid Xander down gingerly on the training mat, sprawling over him and moving in for a kiss. The brunette turned his head when he tried, and Spike swooped down to nibble on his neck.

As the human's responses waned, the blonde whispered, "The light bothering you again or something?"


Spike sighed, "It's that sodding poof's fault for not teaching me the Latin...if I could get your head on straight again I would--"

Xander interrupted him, "You sure you can't just make something up? Like Gramen artificiosum odi..."

"That about answers it, since you just said something about hating Astroturf," the vampire chuckled
. "I doubt the fates would be impressed-"

“We need a first time.” The human's voice was quiet as he said it.

Spike rubbed their cheeks together and nuzzled sweetly, wondering about the change in subject.

“In case you didn’t notice, we *had* a first time.” Spike grinned as Xander's arms wrapped around his torso. Taking this as a sign of encouragement Spike brought his legs around to straddle the boy and thrusting their groins together. This time a blast of
pheromones hit him and he knew he was getting somewhere.

“No, we need one without demonic rituals, spells, beer, or Angelus...”

"Oh, *that* kind of first time...okay--you mind if our first time's in the rutting training room?" The light that danced in the blonde's eyes was so clear that Xander was mesmerized.




"I, um...suppose you three should, er-get started then," Giles stammered towards his Slayer as he left the living room. Angel noticed that the watcher couldn't look her in the eye--the tied-up vampire was crazy, not blind.

Buffy and Riley
reverently removed the chains and Angel looked around. As he was led up the stairs, he thought that things just might be improving.




Xander moaned into the kiss, savoring the taste and sensations flooding through him. He was ready to burst, begging Spike to just take him already. The vampire was truly evil, taking his time in preparing the human. Cool fingers slid in and out of him as Spike's lips moved over his body and his face.

"Please, Spi-i-ike! It's been forever since we did this!" the brunette whimpered pitifully.

The vampire in question chuckled, "Shhh, luv....not on a time limit, are we?" He continued to explore the human's mouth with his tongue as he tortured him with pleasure.

The impatience was like a tangible thing, and Xander was sure that part of it was the botched claim. That fact did nothing to cut the driving need to have this man //demon// inside of him. With all the self control he could gather, the brunette forced himself to stay still and not pounce.

More kisses along his jaw line as another finger was added and he was panting desperately. Finally, the fingers withdrew and he felt Spike at his entrance as the vampire raised his head to look at him. Eyes locked, they moved together as Xander was slowly impaled.







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