Xander watched as Spike pushed open the door to the Magic Box and crossed the room. As he went, he looked over everyone in the room, weighing and assessing them. Now that Xander had become aware of it, he could not help but notice the mantel of power and presence the vampire carried about himself. Spike settled on the steps to the balcony and turned his eyes to meet those of the human studying him.

"What is it, whelp?"

Xander stood from where he'd been slumped at the table and leaned crossed arms on the railing. "Which am I, Spike? Food, fight, or fuck?"

"Excuse me?" Spike asked.

"The way you look at everybody. It's like you're dividing them up into categories."

Spike regarded the human who stood gnawing his lip as he waited for an answer. Slowly his head tilted to one side, then his lips curled and parted in a wicked grin. "You, pet, are one of those rare few who oscillate between all three."






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