by Roxy


Xander’s sitting at the table flipping through Willow’s art book as he waits for her and Oz to come back with lunch. ‘Not looking for bare breasts …no …just looking, and art, so educational, not porn or….’ He stops on a page and the taut little smirk on his face relaxes as he looks at a painting of a young man in profile whose legs are drawn up to his chest, arms cradling them. His face is hidden, his head bowed to the top of his knees. All his muscles are pulled into relief by the pose. Without really realizing it, Xander traces the curve of the young man’s back with one finger. ‘Oh wow…so….’   He snatches his finger back from the page and Xander is suddenly aware (as a slow wash of shock and horror starts at his toes and rolls up to his chest and clenches there) he is deeply and profoundly turned on.


His breath releases in a little gasp and he can feel his whole body burning and knows he must be so red he’s practically glowing. Suddenly those Hellmouth reflexes kick in and he’s aware of his surroundings again, aware of movement towards him. He slams the book shut and pastes a grin on his face; sure it must be more of a grimace of … Embarrassment? Shame?….as he looks up to stare at Willow and not at all at Oz.


“Xander! You’re looking at the nudes again! Geez, you’re so…whatever!”


Xander worries that he is.




Xander’s wandering across the campus, trying not to look at …guys. Did there have to be so many of them? They were all over, and he was sure a big neon sign over his head was flashing “Newly Gay” to all. If not that, it was the damn blush every time he accidentally met some guy’s eye. Guh! Why couldn’t he have gone on pretending he was blind in the locker room? Though the fish guy thing and the steam room, that had fueled some spectacular makeout sessions with Cordelia….’ God, I’m so gay. I need a mentor. A big gay mentor. I need a Larry. To talk to! Just talk!’


It’s amazing how the guys tend to kind of skitter away while Xander waits for Larry to come out of the locker room. “Hey, Harris!” Larry smiles at him genially and reaches up to pat his shoulder. Xander’s body, remembering Larry’s former hobby of kicking his ass almost daily, tries to jerk away, but “Brain” grabs control over “Body” and lets Larry plant a heavy hand on his shoulder. “What can I do for you, buddy?”


Xander almost squeaks at the instant and mortifying images that flash through his brain.


“Xander? You ok?” Larry asks, his wide brow crinkling with concern. ‘How cute’ Xander thinks and ‘No! What is *wrong* with me?’


“I need help! He gasps out. “Help?”


Larry looks confused for a moment and then realization dawns. “Xander!” He beams.  “You’ve finally decided to come out!”


“Yee…es?” Xander gives a pained parody of a smile.




The next evening, Xander has some books that Larry gave him. “What If Someone I Know Is Gay”   Wow. There were whole books written about The Gay.’ He looks at the other book Larry gave him. “Am I Blue.Hmm.This is a *lot* of reading. Aren’t there Cliff Notes of Gayness, a practical tutorial, maybe?’   Xander blushes at the thought and the vague pictures that stumble through his head. ‘This would all be easier if I knew what …Hey! The Internet.Yeees. Wonder if Willow would let me look up gay porn….’




“Hello, snack.” A thin streamer of smoke trails past Xander’s ear and a pale black nailed hand reaches over Xander’s shoulder and flicks at the pages of the book. “Well. What’s this then? New hobby?”


Xander’s frozen like a rabbit in a wolf’s den. He turns his head slightly and looks right into the eyes of ‘Death! Leather clad death! Compact, muscular Death….’


“Xaaaander,” Spike breathed, low and raspy into his ear. “Where are all your little playmates? Left you out all by your,” he presses his tongue to the back of Xander’s neck, and licks from shoulder to hairline, “Sweet *lick* tasty *lick* little self?”   Xander shivers in a wave from head to toe ’Gah! Evil, evil, evil dick!’   He’s fairly certain he’s about to die, and he’s never even had carnal knowledge of anything except his hand, he’s still having some skin issues and his DICK can *not* get it through it’s head that they were about to *die*, not fuck. ‘Oh god! I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, Wow!’   “ Hands! Hands are in places…why are… oh. Oh! Oh gosh….’ I’m gay *and* a masochist! Death and Sex. It’s like a fucking Swedish movie!’   In a moment, he’s grinding back against Spike like a man possessed.


Spike’s a bit…surprised to say the least. It was rare that dinner came with such interesting entertainment. Friction and a refreshing lack of ethical concerns work their magic, and Spike figures there was no reason dinner couldn’t be desert, and whips Xander around. The boy’s eyes are tightly shut and he’s panting like a sprinter. Every time Spike’s grip moves on his body Xander gasps and moans. Little Xander jumps happily at each gasp and Xander tries to figure out if the bite or the embarrassment is going to kill him. Xander Jr. doesn’t give a good goddamn; he just wants to make friends. ‘What the fuck, I’m going to die anyway!’   Xander groans to himself.


Spike has to admit this… enthusiasm… on the part of the slayer’s mouth-breather is quite stiffening. The brat smells delicious. He inhales deeply, mouth open, to enjoy the complex flavors. Fear, anger, arousal…ah! Better than any wine! He was so going to enjoy…everything. He licks at Xander’s neck again, and the boy jumps and whines. He grabs at Spike’s head and tries to move it up towards his face.


“Hey! Watch the ears, you. They’re very attached.” He smacks Xander’s hands away and yanks his head back, darts in to bite and …stops. Looks. Really looks, at wet lips parted slightly, deep brown eyes, so liquid and full of, yes, fear but also lust. When Xander’s eyes close again the thick lashes, so dark, lay against his cheek, just begging to be kissed…. ‘What the bloody hell! This was dinner. Humans were to eat. Well,’ he thinks as he tracks the tip of Xander’s tongue as it slides along his lip ‘Something to be said for playing with your food a bit.’   He cups the boy’s crotch and squeezes, smiles when Xander jumps and tries to ride his palm.


‘Gotta admit, this is affecting me more than I thought. The kid’s making noises that would make a dead man rise,’ In fact is doing so, making him groan right back, into that smooth and delicious neck. Makes him even harder when Xander’s hands come up to grip his waist and he whispers


“Don’t kill me, please.”


‘Stupid boy. Vampires want you to beg! Of course I’m going to kill you. But first….’ He presses down on Xander’s shoulders, almost tenderly, pushing him to his knees. “So convince me not to. Give me a reason. Hmm?”


‘Oh shit, oh shit! My life comes down to this? Suck or die?’   His dick practically leaps in his jeans. ‘Oh you fucking traitor, you bastard!’   He reaches down to strangle his treacherous dick. ‘Oh! God, bad move!’ He groans long and loud. Spike’s impressed and frankly quite turned on. It’s been a long time…too long by far.


He’s being unzipped. ’Good boy Xander. Ow. Points off for the dismount. Oh. Oh, hot umm, good and hello?’ “Stopping? *Why*…erhm...Hey you! Happy Meal. You are not pleasing me.”


donnowhadado ” Xander mumbled.




“I’ve never done this before!” Xander shouts.


Spike rolls his eyes. “Heard you.” Gestures at his ears. “Vampire hearing, git. I meant, what do you mean ‘I’ve never done this?’   So what? Look at me! Does this look like I care how much of a pro you are?” He grins at Xander, and strokes the boy’s cheek. “ You can’t help but make me feel good, you’re just that sexy….”


What!’   echoes in two minds. ‘I must be insane,’ Spike roars internally.


Xander swallows Spike like he’s the last Creamsicle in the box.Wow! He thinks I’m sexy!’   He’s surprised by how nice it feels, smooth as velvet, but hard, not at all as cold as he thought it might be, and what would happen if I put my tongue right here? Oh! Ok, do more of that…all conscious thought flies as Xander concentrates on giving the blowjob of his life.


‘Holy sh…Oh My…Guh! Ouch! Oh, so good, eep! A little toothy, but aaah! Quick study this one!’ Spike grabs at Xander’s head and tries not to push in, is angry that he even cares enough not to, but when Xander sucks right on the head of his dick, following his hand up and down and making little groany sounds like he loves doing it, it’s over for Spike. A white-hot wave rides him, squeezes him, twists him up and blows him out through his dick. “FUUUUCK! ”


Spike slumps over Xander’s head, hiding the enormous goofy grin plastered across his sweaty face.


‘Wow! I did that! I made Spike scream.’   He swallows, considers. ’Not bad’. He lets Spike go reluctantly, and *not*solely to keep him from killing him. It was an amazing experience, marred only by his impending death. He sighs deeply, and rocks back on his heels. When he looks up Spike is staring down at him, an unreadable expression on his face.’ Hunh! Spike is beautiful. I wish….’


Spike speaks, his voice low and still a little strained, Xander thinks it sounds sexy, and smacks himself mentally.Come on you suicidal idiot! Isn’t this like falling in love with the electric chair?’


“Xander, do you…I could…” Spike frowns mightily and scrubs his hand across his hair. If he continues to embarrass himself he’ll have to kill the kid to save face. In that instant he knew he was doomed. No*way* could he kill him. ‘Damnit! Fuck all! Please, please, don’t notice’ he begs silently.


Xander blushes a violent red, and gestures towards his uncomfortably damp crotch. “Um, teenager…hot fantasy sex… I’m kinda, y’know…done?”


Damn! Now Spike’s gonna kill me. I’m such an asshole. But, he doesn’t look all grr and killy face….’


“Run! Run as fast as you can!” Spike yanks Xander to his feet and pushes him. Xander looks at him, mouth slack with shock. Spike pushes him again and hisses “Run, and pray I don’t change my mind!”


Xander grabs Spike’s face, cupping his jaw briefly before whirling and running like mad down the street. ‘I…I think maybe he likes me…liked it, Hey! I blew a vampire! A master vampire! I blew Spike! And next time…’


Spike watches him run, and curses himself for letting his Scoobie Snack get away. Well, he’ll just have to correct that little mistake, Master Vampire after all. He’ll see that boy again. Because he’s EVIL. And he has Xander’s books.




The books:
What If Someone I know Is Gay by Eric Marcus
Am I Blue by Marion Dane Bauer


The painting:
Nude Male Seated by Hippolyte Flanderin







“So this guy I met last night, I think he has your books,” Xander tells Larry earnestly. “Don’t worry though, ‘cause I’ll get them back, I swear!” Larry’s looking at Xander with his brow a little furrowed. Xander’s a nice kid, but he’s a little…weird. The way he flinches every time he gets a little close. Maybe he needs to let Xander know he’s not his type?


“Anyway, when I find this guy with your books, I’ll bring them to you and ah, thanks….”


Xander trails off because Larry’s not looking at him any more. In fact, he’s looking kind of stunned.


“Holy crap! Xander, is that the guy you met last night?”  He turns an admiring look on Xander, the kind of look winners get when they score big. Or, when they score. Big.


“Damn. Xander! Way to not waste time!”


Xander turns around slowly, pretty sure of what he’s going to see. Yep. Sex on a stick.


Spike’s standing under a street lamp, perfectly aware of how amazing he looks, the shadows throwing his cheek bones into relief and making his platinum hair blaze in the icy-blue light. He’s holding a very wrinkled grocery bag. Xander can see a carton of cigarettes, chips, strangely a bag of kitty litter and the books. There are a lot of dark stains on the outside of the bag. Not even going to see that. Totally not, He basks for a moment in the warm glow of Larry’s envy, and then notices Spike cock an eyebrow at him.


“Um, Larry, let me get your books,” Xander nearly whispers. Larry whispers back, “OK.” Whispering, because looking at Xander’s guy was almost a religious experience. Any way, Larry knew he was feeling *something* deeply.


Xander holds out his hand for the books when he gets close to Spike. 


“Thanks for bringing them back, I….”


“Right. I didn’t come across town like the fuckin’ lending library for Ta and a pat. Come on.” He tosses everything except the cigarettes and the books, whips around and starts to stalk off when he realizes, Xander’s not following.


“Bloody hell!” He tosses the books at Xander and struggles to keep out of game face. Why bloody why am I not eating this twat right now?


Xander runs up to Larry, grinning like a loon. “Larry, thank you*so*much for the books!” Larry wishes they had brought him as much joy as they obviously brought Xander. Maybe he should ask Xander for tips?




Spike and Xander walk farther into the shadows, it’s totally dark now and not many folk are about. It’s the Zero hour; time that only the self-preservationally challenged are out and about. Xander feels weirdly safe, because he knew Death wasn’t going to leap out of the bushes at him, ‘cause, hey, walking next to him.


Spike cuts a glance at Xander, takes in the grin, and wonders idly if the boy has brain damage. He’s seen those Slayer- Lites get knocked around pretty bad, and it wouldn’t surprise him. He stops and grabs the boy’s face, looks deep into his eyes. Hmm, no insanity here, quite intimate with that! Just warm, brown eyes, so dark and deep, like pools of melted choco…Aw shit! Stake me now!


“Eerf!” Xander’s lips are mashed into a tight pucker as Spike’s fingers suddenly spasm. Does this mean kisses or pulping time? Xander’s eyes close while he waits for Spike to decide, and Spike growls and clutches Xander’s shirt, pulls him close and kisses him.


Kisses the boy, tastes him. Feels his lips give beneath the pressure, alternating between soft and hard, feels little gusts of warm moist air as Xander groans into his mouth and presses himself against him. Ah, can’t stand it! Came to eat him I did… now I just want to fu- ” Yeow!”


Xander staggers when Spike lets him go suddenly and pushes him away. He’s shocked to see a small spot on Spike’s chest smoking.


“What the hell?” Spike’s in game face now, snarling and slapping at his chest. “Bloody*hell*! What the fuck is this, some kind of joke?”


Xander looks at his own chest, grabs at the St. Christopher’s medal he’d bought once on a whim. Or a hope. “But it’s not a cross! I’m not even Catholic!’


“Religious symbol, daft twat! You always fry yer boyfriends?” he snarls. He looks up at Xander, who’s looking back with a fishlike expression. Oh shit. Well, hell. No way I can pretend that wasn’t said out loud. Distract him, there’s a plan….


Xander has a momentary sensation of flying and finds himself on his back, a pair of ice blue eyes staring into his, and the sexiest smirk in the world blowing all intelligent thought out of his head. Well, except for the one running in circles and shrieking He said boyfriend!


“You said boyfriend!”


“Did not!”


“You so did! Boyfriend! Boyfriend, boyfriend!”


“Said boy*pants*, and is teasing the evil undead the smart thing to d…never mind.” Spike runs his hands under the ruins of Xander’s shirt. Warm, I love how warm they are, so good, so…. Spike pulls off Xander’s shirt, yanking it up hard and bouncing his head of the ground with the force. Oops! Forget how fragile these humans are…*not* that I care. Grrr… Oh! He’s crying! Crap!


Xander’s eyes fill with tears as the pain of the bump smacks him between the eyes Shit! That smarts, damn… Why is he stopping? Xander rubs the back of his head and looks at Spike, who is trying not to look concerned and is entirely too cute. “For a Big Bad, you seem kind of, not so much.” Spike vamps out and lunges at Xander, clenches his throat in his teeth. Shakes very carefully.


“Hunh yu lim enuh?”


Huu..Whaaa…” Xander shudders from head to toe. This is *really* getting disturbing. What does it say about me that I like this so much? And just what the hell did he say?




Spike jerks upright, staring at Xander. Could I be wrong? Maybe he *is* brain-damaged…“I said, how do you like me…Xander! You drive me bloody nuts! Why the hell don’t I just… *fuck* you and eat you?”


Ooo! That would be fun, with the fu… and the eating, and oh, EAT, not eat… “ Um, ‘cause I’m warm and stupid, and really, really want to have a happy with the Evil Undead?”


Spike stares at him, searching for …what? Shrugs his shoulders. “Ok.” And leaps on Xander again, because he loves that little squeak of fear the boy can’t help. Loves the way it’s followed by a wave of lust and smell, good, good smell.


Xander stretches under Spike, his back flat on the ground, momentary worry about bugs,ugh, crawly things…oh! Oh yes!  is quickly chased away when Spike’s hand slips into his jeans, pulls them down, and frees the eager teen from his Bullwinkle shorts.


And now Spike is confronted with …a problem. Does he? Or does he not? Is it wise to set a precedent of reciprocity? After all, Master Vampires are all about *being* served, not serving. They pitch; they do not catch. As one day he intends to demonstrate with vigor to Angelus, bloody wanker. He looks down at Xander. Got to say, he is pretty. Smooth and warm, and if I just touch my tongue here, just a bit, friendly like….


Xander lurches up so hard Spike is startled, and jerks back. The loud whine Xander lets out goes straight to his dick. Wow! That’s …good. Want to make that happen again. He leans over the kid, who’s panting so hard that his breath is coming in big gulping groans, a noise that’s familiar and arousing to Spike, though generally, it’s a noise that signal’s dinner is almost over.


Strange how close, ‘I’m gonna come,’ and ‘I’m gonna die’ sound…Tsk! Listen to me, Mr. Philosophy!


Xander feels the air he’s dragging in like great jagged lumps burning his throat and not really providing him with any oxygen. His pulse is pounding in his ears and somewhere some idiot is making an annoying whining sound, crap, someone make them stop. He draws in air to complain and hey, it stopped thank god and now ooo! Spike, holy, Spike!


Spike’s watching Xander shudder and shake as he strokes him, decides it’s not enough and pulls


Xander up, twists him around and ends up with him in his lap, jeans down to his knees, and bare back pressed against his chest. He presses his mouth to the back of Xander’s neck, licks once, twice, and relishes the wave of desire sweeping off Xander, filling his nose, his mouth…


His hand is joined by Xander’s as he jacks him slowly, and savors the heat, the pulse of blood, the boy’ steadily escalating moans, the feel of muscle jerking in the flat plain of Xander’s stomach.


Ah! This is mine, and this, He nips at Xander’s neck, will be mine. He groans in spite of himself and feels a chuckle rumble in Xander’s chest, then feels that sharp intake of breath that he already knows mean the boy’s about to come. Revels in the heat that flows over his hand and presses his teeth hard against the back of Xander’s neck, Oh!Oh, hell….


God bless art and God bless Larry, Xander grins up at the stars. And the best part? There’s more! The thought of different possibilities make little Xander twitch in …anticipation and Xander’s feeling very much in tune with Mr.Xand-man, right now.


“ Xaaander . Still a vamp. Still hungry…and you smell sooo good.”


“Ok, ok, I’m leaving now.” He staggers to his feet and hitches his pants back up. “What about you, Spike?” He holds out a hand to him, but Spike waves it away, fishes around in his pocket, knocks a bright shiny new tube of lube, and some gaily colored condoms out onto the grass, and Xander could swear it seems as though Spike were blushing Can they do that? as he sweeps them quickly back into the duster pocket and jams a slightly wilted cig between his lips.


Spike jerks his coat closed and wraps his arms about himself. I’m fine, just lovely, Ta very much, run along now, there’s a good pup…


“Beat it,” he snarls aloud. He looks up at the boy, expecting to see hurt or anger, but certainly not tolerant fondness, the kind of look that says ‘sure, you cute little asshole’, and makes a spot in his chest warm up and loosen. Xander leans over and kisses him on the nose. “Tomorrow then. Maybe you should eat before you come.” Xander stops, looks a little stunned at himself so going to hell and trots off before an equally stunned Spike can reply.


I am the Big Bad, William the fuckin’ Bloody. Spike, soul-less killer…NOT falling for the bloody entrée… He watches Xander move away as he stands and looks down at himself and growls, And definitely did not come on me self.  He stalks away with all the dignity a Master Vampire in damp trousers can muster.







Spike’s hands are in the waistband of Xander’s jeans and Xander’s whimpers are words now. “Lower, lower, evil, oh my God, evil man, vamp , whatever….”


The scent, the heat nearly overpowers Spike. He presses the boy harder into the grass and stretches along Xander’s body, tucks his face into his neck and inhales. Enjoys the smell of lust and fear


*Good to know he’s not a complete idiot, even if he wants me… and why? Why would he want me so suddenly?*


“What ? You’re stopping? What?” Xander rises up on his elbows and looks at Spike. He’s feeling a little confused; his lust-addled brain trying to process the fact fun was not being had. “What is it with you and the stopping all the time?” The look on Spike’s face was decidedly unsettling, but *Remember, he’s not Angelus, Spike doesn’t play stupid gross games before dinner… Evil, not psycho*


“You’re using me.”


“Whaa...hunh? Using? I’m using you. I’m using you?” *I’m using him for what…Oh! Aw.Jeez! I’m trying to screw the Evil Undead, and I’m still getting the “You’re Using Me “ speech ? Does this make Spike the girl? And how suicidal would I have to be to laugh out loud right now*


“Spike, if I just wanted sex, which, don’t get me wrong, I really really do, I could have gone somewhere much safer, like any truck stop on the highway, or that weird little bar downtown. I want *you*. You. For whatever weird reason, it’s you.” Xander lies back down and stares at the stars so he doesn’t have to look at Spike’s eyes. “I don’t know why. I just know it’s true” He feels Spike lie down next to him and then a cool hand strokes over his heart. Spike presses his face hard into his neck and Xander barely hears him mumble something “mabeliduclin”


Spike . What did you say?”


The vampire scowls at him.


“I said, maybe it’s like ducklings…y’know….’


“Um, ooo-kay. So, you’re saying I came out of my,” and Xander makes air-quotes, “ *Shell of Straightness* saw you and,” more air-quotes, “*Imprinted, * as they say on the Discovery Channel.” He’s looking at Spike and biting his trembling lips.


“You do know that if you so much as breathe hard, I’ll kill you, yes?”


“Oh , God, yes!” Xander gasps from the effort of holding in the laughter.


Spike wonders at what point he lost all control of the situation. *Right. Lost it at blowjob* He rolls to his side and looks his…Xander up and down. *Could do worse, I suppose. He really is…something. Kind of the best parts of certain people without the psychosis. All ways had a thing for brunettes*


Xander turns his head toward Spike.” What are you thinking about? And can it be the same thing I’m thinking about?”


“Mmm.Thinking about eating you, love.”


*Yay! Me too…no, wait, ….’ * “And you er, decided…”


Spike takes a moment to enjoy the cute way Xander still goes pale after all this time. Vampire, after all.


“I don’t want you gone. I don’t want you different. So, no, no eating, not now, not ever. Promise.”


Xander lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding “Ok. Got it. You love me.”


“I did *not* fuckin’ say that.”


“Oh, I know. Sex, now?”


*This boy, he’s a lot like a vampire already. Don’t think the world would be ready for a Xander –Vamp* A Xander who was at the moment working the zipper of a very tight pair of jeans down, and doing his best to become one with Spike’ body.


*Aah.The semi-virginal, so enthusiastic, so willing. *


He pushes Xander flat on his back and takes the lube out of his duster pocket. *Finally! Going to use this damn thing, oh yeah…* He shrugs out of the duster, pulls his tee off and flops back on Xander.


“Oof! I’m begging you Spike, please don’t crush anything I might need another day!”


Mmm! Begging. Xander begging him…on his knees or ooo! Bent over some convenient object * This must come to be*, Spike thinks. He pulls the kid back to his feet, and moves over to a lovely big crypt.


“Geez , Spike pick a place and stay put will you! I’m getting dizzy with the too-ing and fro-ing”!




Xander knows this tone, this sweet wheedling tone that means ‘I’m thinking of killing you.’


“Xander, love, put your hands here. Let me undo these for you.” Spike places Xander’s hands against the crypt wall, pulls his jeans down, and Xander sucks in a long shaky breath. He moans softly, so quietly only Spike could hear, as he skins the t-shirt up over Xander’s shoulders.


“I think it’s time for more. You too?” Spike murmurs into Xander’s neck.


‘Yes. Hell! Yes!’ Xander presses back against Spike, jumps a little as he feels something cold and slick against his ass.* Finally using that lube, wow, it’s kind of cold. OoH! Better now, much, oh, much better now!*   He’s lifted a bit off his feet as Spike kind of curls in and pushes slowly, slowly until he’s pressed against Xander’s back and stills, waits for him to stop shivering.


Spike just knows he’s about to burst into flames, because no one could be this hot and turned on and live. It’s like bathing in fire, and the excitement makes him breathe. He leans over Xander’s back and licks between his shoulder blades as he moves slowly, precisely, because Xander’s pleasure is foremost in his mind. He’s not even ashamed to admit it to himself anymore. ’Course lightening fry him crispy if he should ever admit it to Nummys here.


Xander breathes in a deep shuddery breath, and sinks into the drag and burn as Spike slowly maddeningly fucks him stupid. When he pushes in, all the air around him shudders with the heat, makes him sweat. When Spike pulls out it’s like he pulls the breath out of him, and all Xander can do is groan and plead for more, more air, more dick, more, God, more electric fireworks boiling through his body, more of everything because it all says one thing: Spike is in love with Xander….


“Tell me!” Xander groans.


“ What , how hot you are? How you make me ache? How much I want to do this forever?”


“No! Yes, but tell me!”


Spike snorts into Xander’s neck and thrusts harder, deeper and Xander begins to pant harder, and wail almost below the level of vampire hearing,” Tell me tell me tell me tell…” Spike begins thrusting in time to Xander’s cries, matching rhythms without thinking.


He’s reaching the point of not being able to think, Xander’s nearly screaming tell me and it’s too much, too much, and Spike is coming, Xander’s coming and Spike ‘s screaming “I love you!”


Xander, when he regains the ability of coherent thought, has to ask. He can feel Spike cringing as he opens his mouth, but the vampire doesn’t say a word, doesn’t move away from what is definitely an embrace. His hand barely hesitates as he strokes and rubs Xander’ s hips.


“So,” Xander says. “ Pizza ?”


*Oh! * An odd feeling of disappointment sweeps over Spike before he replies. “Ahhh, yeah, yeah, sounds good.”


*Unh hunh. * “Ok. Let me up then, Mr. The Bloody.” He twists in Spike’s embrace and kisses the tip of Spike’s nose, adjusts himself and saunters away. “You coming?” He calls over his shoulder.


Spike grins; roll his shoulders and strolls after.* Ha. He is so completely mine, poor git*.


“You luurve me” Xander croons.


I say again! Do not! And fuck you!”


“Did. And you looove meee….”








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