You might say this is some time during Season 7 when Xander and Spike were sharing the apartment,
but it really could happen at any time.  I got to thinking what would they have in their junk drawer?


Spike puts on his best pout for his Nummy, and looks at him from under his eyelashes. Of course the look is completely wasted on the younger man, who studiously ignores the look. Spike sighs and takes a step closer to Xander. He reaches out a hand to lay a hand on his shoulder. "Pet, come on..."

Xander turns his head and glares at Spike, but doesn't shake off the touch. Progress. Spike quickly glances away. He directs his attention to the shocked witch standing frozen in front of the drawer, holding a rusty spike in one hand and a pair of handcuffs in the other. He crosses his arms over his chest and mutters sulkily, "Well, she shouldn't 'ave brought it. Of all the bloody things... Master vampire 'ere! Should know better."

Xander snorts at that. "Yeah, yeah. You're the Big Bad." Spike lets out a low growl at that comment. Xander just rolls his eyes and continues, "But did you have to show her the everything drawer? I'm sure she didn't mean any harm by bringing the wine."

Spike looks at Xander incredulously and exclaims, "Pet, you did see the name of the wine? Angel's Gate Chardonnay? She had it coming." Xander just sighed in defeat. He should know better than to argue with the annoyed vampire. He takes a step closer to Willow and gently removes the items from her hands. He reaches in the drawer and grabs the corkscrew she'd been sent retrieve, then takes the stunned young woman by the hand and leads her back into the living room. Next time he would just have to leave the gadget out on the counter before she comes for a visit.






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