Title: Nobody

Author: Trixx

E-mail: nefra2@shaw.ca

Archive: Please ask first.

Rating: R to NC-17

Pairing: Xander/OFC, Xander/OMC, X/S

Spoilers:  All of Season seven of BtVS and Season five of AtS

Disclaimer:  All I own is my computer and my pervy imagination.  Please don't sue and take either, I'd be lost without them.

Summary: Its canon up to the fight with Caleb... then vears off into au. Xander was totally blinded by Caleb, Buffy, Willow, Giles, Robin, the SITs and Spike fought the First without Xander's help.
This starts six months after Xander is blinded. The gang has moved away from Sunnydale, and Xander is dealing with his handicap.

Warnings: Some het, Mental hurt, physical hurt, abuse, eventually may contain non con






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