Vampire Fever's


Wesley wrapped his arms around his teddy bear. Sampson was only a little bear, but his paws still managed to grip onto him and hold him tight when he hugged him to his chest. Sampson was golden brown and had soft fur and velvety ears. Wesley liked to stroke his fingers over the ears when Sampson rode about in the pocket of his dressing gown.

Sampson was his best friend. The only one he told everything to; all of his dreams and fears and wishes. He even told Sampson his biggest and darkest secret. The one where he wished he wasn't destined to be a Watcher, the one where he wished he didn't have to learn Latin and spells and how to recognise a vampire, the one where he didn't keep making mistakes.

He felt safe talking to Sampson because he knew Sampson wouldn't tell anyone else. He also knew Sampson felt the same as well. That Sampson would prefer to belong to a boy who had a bicycle and played with other children. He knew that's what Sampson wanted because Sampson was frightened. He was trembling and trying not to cry. Wesley held him tighter to his chest and told him to be brave. He was also terrified of being locked in the cupboard. He knew it was cold and dark and scary, but they would survive it, as long as they had each other.






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