Vampire Fever's


The light from the full moon cast a silver glow over the bed. Giles propped his head up on his arm and stared down at the man lying sleeping beside him. He let his gaze travel up the lightly furred chest; lingering for a second on the swirls of hair that covered the sensitive nipples; remembering how they felt under his fingertips when he stroked and pinched the nubs to aching hardness. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a smile at the memory of the groans those very actions had caused earlier in the evening.

He let his eyes move from the man's chest, up over the collarbone, to focus on the deep red scar that marred the strong neck. He couldn't help lifting his free hand to gently stroke his fingers over the angry mark. The strength and fortitude it represented and the hardships that were endured in its creation both angered and humbled Giles. He felt the puckered skin under his fingertips and acknowledged to himself how unbearably sexy he found this badge of courage to be.

He let his knuckle gently stroke over the stubble on the man's jaw line, loving how the man turned his cheek into the caress, even in his sleep. Long dark lashes rested on soft skin and fluttered as Giles leant forward to drop a gentle kiss on first one, and then the other closed eyelid. He drew back as they opened to reveal brilliant blue eyes staring back at him. Giles loved the way they crinkled in the corners when he smiled.

"Do you know how beautiful you are, Wesley?" Giles murmured.

Wesley hmmphed and pulled Giles down so that their lips met in a gentle kiss. As they parted, Wesley sleepily muttered. "I love you Rupert, even though your eyesight is seriously impaired."

Giles sunk down into the bed and spooned himself behind Wesley; skin pressed against skin "I've never seen anything more clearly in my life." He whispered, as his lover fell back to sleep, wrapped in his arms.

Giles listened to Wesley's gentle breathing and, lulled by the strong rhythm of his heart, he too fell asleep, bathed in the silver light of the full moon.






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