Vampire Fever's

You remember that scene in Angel: 4.02 'Ground State', where Angel's talking to Lilah as they watch Connor sleeping rough and his parting line to her is:

"What I find interesting? The fact that I can smell you and Wesley all over each other."

..well you just know she went and told Wesley that little piece of news.


The door closed behind Lilah, her presence already forgotten. Wesley lay sprawled on the musky sheets of the rumpled bed. He knew, of course, that Angel's sense of smell was capable of scenting out the most intimate of details. What he asked himself was, had he subconsciously made sure traces of Lilah's scent were still detectable when he'd guessed that Angel was going to engineer that meeting?

His hand strayed down his body to stroke his semi-hard cock. Was Angel's awareness of his affair with Lilah an intricate component to his enjoyment of it?

His hand began to slowly pull at the hardening shaft. Did he want Angel to lie in his own bed imagining what he and Lilah were doing? Did the idea of Angel getting turned on by the thought of Wesley in bed with his archenemy get him hot?

His fingers swiped over the tip of his cock and coated his hand with the clear fluid now leaking copiously from the slit. Would Angel get hard at conjured images of him sinking into the hot and willing body of Lilah Morgan? Did Wesley want him to?

His hand was now pulling on his cock with ever increasing speed, his thumb massaging the sensitive head with each stroke. Whose name did Angel call out when he brought himself off in his lonely hotel room? Did Wesley want it to be his?

Wesley gasped as his orgasm hit, hot splashes of come coating his hand and landing on his quivering stomach. He decided against taking a shower. As his seed began to dry on his skin, he wondered if his scent would now overpower Lilah's? Before he fell asleep Wesley mused, if he had Angel's enhanced senses would he be able to smell the trace of Angel's dried come at their next meeting?

He didn't ask himself if he wanted to, he already knew the answer.






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