Chapter One: An Injured Patient

Chapter Two: Fresh Wounds

Chapter Three: Responsibilities

Chapter Four: This Day Shall Gentle His Condition

Chapter Five: Banishing The Boojum

Chapter Six: Burdens

Chapter Seven: Departures

Chapter Eight: The First Return

Chapter Nine: To Know Him

Chapter Ten: Seaside Encounters

Chapter Eleven: Bewilderment

Chapter Twelve: Troubling Doubts

Chapter Thirteen: Clean Slate

Chapter Fourteen: Of Toxins And Tempers And Tales

Chapter Fifteen: Grief, Despair And Terrible Purpose

Chapter Sixteen: The Charter Of His Worth

Chapter Seventeen: Equilibrium

Chapter Eighteen: And Count The World Nothing

Chapter Nineteen: Appetite

Chapter Twenty: Like Him With Friends Possess'd

Chapter Twenty-one: But Give Thyself Unto My Sick Desires

Chapter Twenty-two: We Two Alone Will Sing

Chapter Twenty-three: What's Gone And What's Past Help

Chapter Twenty-four: He's Mad That Trusts In The Tameness Of A Wolf


This story is currently a Work in Progress.




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