A Very Bad Plot Bunny
Jem's Bird

Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who didn’t live in the Hundred Akre Wood at all, but rather in a nice house in London, was a very, very, smart man; not only did he know how to spell difficult words like Wednesday, but he could also tell all sorts of things just from looking at How a Person’s Bootlaces were Done and other clever things like that.


Rabbit, being the cleverest person in the Hundred Akre Wood, or at least as clever as Owl, who also knew how to spell Wednesday (or at least well enough so that you knew it wasn’t Whipping), had decided to come to Mr. Sherlock Holmes about his Problem. Of course, he certainly couldn’t tell Just Anyone about his Problem, because Kanga would tell everyone, and Pooh, being a Bear of Very Little –




Holmes’ eyes glinted as he passed me the carcass. “Tell Mrs. Hudson to skin and dress it,” he said. “With luck, we can get three pies from this one.”




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